victor jendras?

From: ashley swendsen (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 22:47:26 PST

does anyone have a valid email address for victor jendras,
  or, concurrently,
  if victor is on this frameworks, could you please contact me?
  thanks bunches,
  ashley swendsen

Adam Savje <email suppressed> wrote:
  MassArt Film Society Fall 2006

November 29th

Super8mm and 16mm Films By
Sandra Gibson

Sandra Gibson's career as a film artist is extensive and comprises various
styles, techniques, and genres. To begin, Gibson√Ę‚'¨‚"Ęs film triptych Lure (1998),
Edgeways (1999), and Soundings (2001) are short experimental works made with a
16mm optical printer. In these early works the celluloid material is treated as a tactile object, subject to painting, scratching, and other direct film techniques. The footage is given further expression in the rephotography of
accumulated film-strips (or cine-paintings) via the optical printer. While Lure
explores pure light, color, composition, and incision on black leader, Edgeways
and Soundings appropriates found-footage in a kind of reawakening of shape,
color, and rhythm. Ribbon (2001), Tablecloth (2002), Precarious Path (2003-06),
Outline (2004), Elements (2004-05), and Blue Light (2005) evince a new set of
concerns on the liberating effects of direct cinema: to free the cinema of the
constraints of the film frame. In these works, Gibson
eschews the meticulous address of the film frame to redress the full body and
length of the celluloid object itself, often using an entire roll of clear or
bleached leader. In most of these works, uncut lengths of clear 16mm and 35mm
film were unspooled directly onto the artist√Ę‚'¨‚"Ęs studio floor in order to expose
the material to various color spraypaints, stenciling, and adhesives. With these direct methods
Gibson√Ę‚'¨‚"Ęs cinema touches upon and elaborates film√Ę‚'¨‚"Ęs painterly and sculptural
potential. More recently, Gibson has developed installation pieces (with her
partner Luis Recoder) in which the film projector, celluloid, and the material
nature of cinema are exhibited on a continuous basis in the context of a gallery
or museum.

Sandra Gibson received her degree in film at Rhode Island School of Design in
1999. Since then her experimental films, expanded cinema performances, and
installation work have shown all over the world at venues such as P.S.1 MoMA,
Whitney Museum of American Art, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in
Kanazawa, Yokohama Museum of Art, International Film Festival Rotterdam, London
Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival. Her work is in the
permanent collection of the Whitney Museum, Museum of Contemporary Cinema
Foundation, EMAF Osnabruck, Cinematheque Ontario, as well as in numerous private collections.
Gibson currently lives and works in New York City.

December 6th

The Celestial Library:
Films By Jeanne Liotta

A selection of MADE and FOUND slim volumes in 16mm and video on the material subjects of landscape, science and natural philosophy etc. Hymns to the Void, The Stars in Their Courses, The Earth Under Your Feet, Wobbles and Drifts.

All Shows Begin Promptly At 8 p.m.

$4 Donation/Free for MassArt Students and Staff.

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