11/29: SPECTACULAR! Magic Lantern Presents “T he Invisible Hand Animation Extravaganza”

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 26 2006 - 10:36:57 PST

frameworkers -

i missed the deadline (again)
but here's a show that's certainly Not To Be Missed -
new cameraless/camera'd animation commissions
plus a slew of older work from the book "experimental animation"

if you're in new england on wednesday....

-ben russell

* * *

Magic Lantern Presents “The Invisible Hand Animation Extravaganza”
Wednesday the 29th of November at 9:30pm
at the Cable Car Cinema (204 South Main Street, Providence, RI)

In a follow-up to last year's sell-out show, Magic Lantern' Jo Dery
presents another evening of stellar animation – the Invisible Hand
Animation Extravaganza! The “invisible hands” of our featured artists
are behind the creation of six NEW experimental animations which will
be premiered tonight and, because this program is also a 30th
anniversary celebration of Cecile Starr and Robert Russett's
super-important book “Experimental Animation,” each filmmaker has
chosen a film profiled in “Experimental Animation” to be screened
alongside their own work! As if all this weren't enough, Cecile Starr
herself (who is now 85 years young and lives in Vermont) will be
loaning us prints from her private collection, and we'll be screening a
special favorite film of her own choosing. So come on down to see the
new experiments cooked up by Erin Rosenthal (Providence), Neal Walsh
(Providence), Roger Mayer (Providence), Roby Newton (Baltimore), Edie
Fake (Los Angeles), and Heather Harkins (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
- as well as these older animations that are a rare, rare, rare treat.
Animators Unite!

FEATURING: New Work by Erin Rosenthal, Neal Walsh, Roby Newton, Edie
Fake, Heather Harkins, and Roger Mayer (approx 40:00, various formats,
2006), Gymnopedies by Larry Jordan (9:00, 16mm, 1965), Mothlight by
Stan Brakhage (4:00, 16mm, 1963), Mood Contrasts by Mary Ellen Bute
(7:00, 16mm, 1953), Opus 1 by Walter Ruttman (5:00, 16mm, 1921), Jude
by Drew Klausner (14:00, 16mm, 1982), Charleston Home Movie by Deanna
Morse (5:00, video, 1980)
TRT 84:00
* * * * *

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