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From: Marcos Ortega (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2006 - 00:41:32 PST

Hi, Ben

Wasn“t the Margaret Tait DVD released a month and a half ago?. In the
Lux shop page, the new additions are the "Shoot Shoot Shoot" DVD and a
Ruth Novaczek double disc set you don't mention.



Quoting Benjamin Cook LUX <email suppressed>:

> dear Friends
> apologies for the shameless plug - but LUX is releasing two new DVDs
> next week with accompanying events in London. The DVDs are Margaret
> Tait, Selected Films 1952 - 1976, launching on 22nd November at Curzon
> Soho and Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s and
> 1970s published with Re:Voir and launching at Candid Arts on 24th
> November. More details on the DVDs and events below
> best wishes
> Ben/ LUX
> ---
> Wednesday 22 November 6pm, Curzon Soho, London
> A special screening of newly restored Margaret Tait films from
> Scottish Screen Archive to mark the launch of the new LUX DVD,
> Margaret Tait, Selected Works 1952 - 1976. Curated by Peter Todd for
> LUX the programme includes Calypso (1956), Rose Street (1956),
> Aspects of Kirkwall: Some Changes (1981) and The Leaden Echo and the
> Golden Echo (1955).
> The DVD will be on sale on the night for a special reduced price of
> £15 (usually £19.99).
> LUX is pleased to announce the release of a new DVD collection of key
> films by Orcadian poet and filmmaker Margaret Tait, produced from
> newly restored prints and available for the first time on DVD.
> Margaret Tait was one of Britain's most unique and individual artist
> filmmakers. Over the course of 46 years she produced over 30 films
> including one feature, Blue Black Permanent (1992) and published five
> books of poetry and short stories, while living between the Island of
> Orkney and Edinburgh. Margaret described her life's work as consisting
> of making film-poems. She often quoted Lorca's phrase of 'stalking the
> image' to define her philosophy and method, the idea that if you look
> at an object closely enough it will speak its nature.
> This clarity of vision and purpose with an attention to simple
> commonplace subjects combined with a rare sense of inner rhythm and
> pattern give her films a transcendental quality, while still remaining
> firmly rooted within the everyday. Margaret once said of her films,
> with characteristic modesty, that they are born of 'of sheer wonder
> and astonishment at how much can be seen in any place that you
> choose...if you really look'.
> DVD contains the following films: Portrait of Ga (1952), Aerial
> (1974), Hugh MacDiarmid: A Portrait (1964), Where I am is Here (1964),
> Place of Work (1976), Tailpiece (1976), John Macfadyen (1970).
> DVD PAL Region free
> Published by LUX
> Order online from LUX SHOP
> ---
> Friday 24 November 2006, doors, 8pm
> A special expanded cinema performance event to mark the launch of
> the new LUX / Re:Voir DVD "Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde
> Film of the 1960s and 1970s". The evening will include two live
> performances: Guy Sherwin's CONFIGURATION has not been shown since
> 1976, and William Raban's WAVE FORMATIONS will be projected for the
> first time in its new arrangement.
> CONFIGURATION (Guy Sherwin, 1976, 10 minutes) for 2 x Super-8
> projectors, live performer "In this film performance a hand-held
> projector and a stationary projector reproduce the movements of the
> two cameras used in making the film. The film was made outdoors in
> a clearing in a wood. The filmmaker held one camera and moved in a
> circle around the stationary camera while recording variations of
> the same view. The two cameras occasionally cross each other's path.
> In time we see the gradual approach of a figure towards the two
> cameras and her subsequent involvement in the act of filming. During
> the performance, the two films are projected together onto a
> screen. The performer holds one projector and moves in a circle
> around the stationary projector, echoing the original camera
> movements. At times, shadows of projector and projectionist are
> thrown upon the screen." (Guy Sherwin, 2006)
> WAVE FORMATIONS (William Raban, 1978, 25 minutes) for 5 x 16mm
> projectors, 2 x strobe lights, live performer
> "Part one: Variation in Density: The picture on each of the five
> screens are identical, seven second fades from black, through clear,
> to black again. The same fade is printed onto the optical sound
> track to synchronise with the picture. Then follow fades from light
> to dark. And from dark to light. Part Two: Intermittency: Relative
> patterns of occlusion and exposure occupy two screens. Each
> exposure fires a stroboscopic flash of colour: yellow for one
> screen; blue for the other, filling the centre of both screens
> with colour, haloed with after-image complementaries." (William
> Raban, 1978)
> The "Shoot Shoot Shoot" DVD will be on sale for a special discounted
> price of £15 at this event (RRP £19.99). See below for further
> information on the disc.
> FREE admission - arrive early to avoid disappointment
> at
> Candid Arts Trust
> 3 Torrens Street
> London
> EC1V 1NQ
> Nearest Tube: Angel
> "Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s"
> is the first time that works from this defining period in British
> artists' filmmaking have been made available on video. The DVD
> release commemorates the 40th anniversary of the London Film-Makers'
> Co-operative, which was established on 13th October 1966.
> "Shoot Shoot Shoot: British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s"
> is two hours long and contains 13 complete films: At The Academy
> (Guy Sherwin 1974), Little Dog For Roger (Malcolm Le Grice 1967),
> Shepherd's Bush (Mike Leggett 1971), Hall (Peter Gidal 1968-69),
> Dirty (Stephen Dwoskin 1965-67), Marvo Movie (Jeff Keen 1967),
> Broadwalk (William Raban 1972), Fforest Bay II (Chris Welsby 1973),
> Slides (Annabel Nicolson 1970), Film No. 1 (David Crosswaite 1971),
> Dresden Dynamo (Lis Rhodes 1971), Footsteps (Marilyn Halford
> 1974), Leading Light (John Smith 1975).
> The PAL format, region-free DVD is accompanied by a 48 page
> bilingual English / French booklet written by project curator Mark
> Webber, with a foreword by A. L. Rees (author of "A History of
> Experimental Film and Video" BFI, 1999).
> Published by LUX in association with Re: Voir
> Order online from LUX SHOP
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.