Re: FRAMEWORKS Digest - 16 Nov 2006 to 17 Nov 2006 - Special issue (#2006-292)

From: Ken Paul Rosenthal (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 08:05:03 PST

>Just double checked and realised that in addition to the 7242 i have some
>of 7252 to process. Will going E-6 work on either? Would it be best to mix
>some ECO-3 chemistry from scratch?

Any Ektachrome stock will work in E6 chemistry, regardless of gauge or type,
'work' meaning you will get an acceptable image, 'acceptable' meaning you
should produce an image that resembles what you shot.

Beyond that--in theory--any stock in any chemistry will yield you an image,
albiet to varying degrees of accurate reproduction in terms of color and
resolution. For example, one can process Kodachrome in b/w chemistry, but
the image will slide off onto your hands until dried. However such 'veiling'
can be beautiful. On the other hand, processing b/w film in color chemistry
will always yield no image, because the bleach step removes the silver,
leaving nothing behind (as there are no dyes in first place).


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