Re: Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos

From: ben russell (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2006 - 07:23:04 PST

julie (and all)

i've rented this film twice in the last few years -
first on 16mm from penn state
and then on vhs from penn state when they pulled their only print
due to damage...

i don't recall the vhs being so pricey (i think it was $30)
and i can't imagine they've taken that out of circulation as well
so i'd dig a little deeper
and see if you can get it

good luck


On Nov 16, 2006, at 8:16 AM, FRAMEWORKS automatic digest system wrote:

> ------------------------------
> Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 19:16:30 -0500
> From: julie murray <email suppressed>
> Subject: Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos
> Hi Frameworkers,
> Would anyone know where I could obtain for sale or rent a decent
> copy of
> Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos, either on film or on video? I
> guess a
> dvd is available from Penn State (where the lectures originated) but
> it is a
> little out of my range at $165 a pop.
> Thanks
> Julie Murray
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