Part 2 of 4: This week [November 4 - 12, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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Date: Sat Nov 11 2006 - 14:56:52 PST

Part 2 of 4: This week [November 4 - 12, 2006] in avant garde cinema


London, England: Roxy Bar & Screen
8pm, 128-132 Borough High St, SE1 1LB

  A personal experience of London to the sound of Beethoven's symphonies.
  Screening of independent feature from SE1 filmmaker Fernando Izu.

New York, New York: MIX NYC
9 PM, 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St. (at Rector St.)

  Travel with us from animated explorations of alien-ness to border
  crossings and decommisioned nuclear facilities. Don't miss Big Lake,
  possibly the first queer film out of New Orleans since Katrina! After
  the films, the fun continues with performances and music at the Delancey
  Lounge Afterparty, so don't misplace your ticket stub--unless you're one
  of those gatecrashers! Sensing the World by Echo Mark Taylor, 2006, USA,
  video, color, sound, 18 min. New York Premiere A "Frankenstein's
  monster" of a movie stitched together with parts robbed from the B-movie
  graveyard of horror and sci-fi films. A colorful, animated paper
  collage, the film is assembled from scraps of old children's books,
  how-to manuals, science texts and encyclopedias. An oblique narrative
  about growing up feeling like an alien from outer space and of finding
  one's place in a mad, mad world. Big Lake Scott Heron, 2005, USA,
  super8mm, B&W, sound, 5 min., World Premiere Drowning in Lake
  Ponchartrain on beautiful hand processed super8 shot by Thomas Little
  with dance by Scott Heron and music by Corey Dargel. The Underminer Todd
  Downing, 2005, UK, video, color, sound, 6 min. The best friend who
  casually destroys your life. Pop Porn Party Panik Qulture, 2005, France,
  video, color, sound, 6 min. User Guide: how to get off with a mummy:
  packing tape, dildos, and a plastic suit. Patriotic Pascal Lievre &
  Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, 2005, Canada, video, color, sound, 4 min., New
  York Premiere The language of anti-terrorism takes an unexpected form in
  this seductive propaganda video, Lievre and Nemerofsky Ramsay's first
  collaborative work. Debris Justin Kelly, 2006, USA, video, color, sound,
  8 min. Katie, a stewardess, awakes hours after having fallen from her
  plane. Confused, she wanders about her surreal surroundings until
  confronted by Rhani and Heather, two fallen stewardesses who have taken
  over the land, until Katie's bosses (the pilot and head stewardess)
  unexpectedly arrive and attempt to take her away. Cruzando La Frontera
  Maria Cruz, 2006, USA, video, color, sound, 4 min. A poetry video about
  crossing the border from Mexico to the United States in the eyes of a
  ten-year-old. Another Lost Angel (trailer) Rachel Perkoff, 2006, video,
  color, sound, 5 min. Witness the poetic life and violent death of Kat
  Perkoff: writer, runaway, drug smuggler, bar owner, local icon… and the
  filmmaker's older sister. Comprised of archival footage, interviews, and
  "dreamlike recollections", this film began as a personal journey of
  sibling loss and quickly grew into a full-scale investigation of a life
  lived on the margins, exploring notions of fate, identity and memory as
  well as the seedy world of the New Orleans lesbian mafia subculture of
  the 1970s. Portfolio: My Life in 12 Frames Carl Collison, 2004, South
  Africa, video, color, sound, 1 min. 53 sec. Dir. Carl Collison's
  photographic background is evident in this perfectly framed, honest and
  concise collage of personal images determined to portray his exploration
  of the real. Sleepers Charles Lofton, 2006, The Netherlands, video,
  color, sound, 5 min. World Premiere The pleasure of looking at a
  sleeping man, including favorite moments from the last 50 years of
  experimental gay film. After Warhol's "Sleep" comes this extended but
  compressed look. "The Sleepers" is inspired by Walt Whitman's poem of
  the same name, a vision of homoeroticism and radical democracy,
  published in 1855 in Leaves of Grass. He wanders all night in his
  vision, "...swiftly and noiselessly stepping and stopping, bending with
  open eyes over the shut eyes of sleepers...pausing, gazing, bending, and
  stopping...They are averaged now--one is no better than the other, the
  night and sleep have likened them and restored them. I swear they are
  all beautiful, every one that sleeps is beautiful, everything in the dim
  light is beautiful..." Whitman presents a series of men, illustrative of
  diversity, and suggests a social equality (still not achieved 150 years
  later, perhaps prompting the question, why not?) NYC Dilemma Jack Curtis
  Dubowsky, 2005, USA, video, color, sound, 5 min. This semi-verite
  musical video, shot entirely in one day, documents the great dilemmas of
  NYC life. Go to the survival job, or attend a business meeting with a
  potential client? Eat lunch or scavenge? How to afford a gym? And, the
  greatest mystery of all, if this is an 'E train running on the F line,'
  is it an E or an F? Untitled (Dyketactics Revisited) Liz Rosenfeld,
  2005, USA, video, color, sound, 8 min. Bodies move freely through an
  ambiguous urban "utopia"… or do they? Allow yourself to be led through
  the space where bodies exist independent of social codes. Inspired by
  Barbara Hammer's film Dyketactics, made in 1974. Portrait #2: Trojan
  Vanessa Renwick, 2006, USA, video, color, sound, 6 min., New York
  Premiere Trojan Nuclear Facility, Oregon's powerful iconic landmark,
  goes adios. See page 13 for full description.

Portland, Oregon: Cinema Project
7:30 pm, 922 S.E. Ankeny. Portland. Oregon. USA

  Cinema Project Presents. Ici et Ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere) [1974,
  16mm, 55m, sound, color] Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Mieville
  November 7th & 8th. 7:30pm.922 SE Ankeny .In the
  late 60's and early 70's Godard began working as part of the Dziga
  Vertov Group, with Jean-Pierre Gorin among others, making what are
  considered to be some of the first agit-prop films. The group was
  commissioned in 1970 by Palestine to create a film about a Palestinian
  family titled Until Victory; but after their defeat in the Six Day War,
  the project was dropped. Ici et Ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere) is a
  collaboration between Godard and Anne-Marie Mieville, which expanded the
  original idea to encompass both a French and a Palestinian family,
  delving into the cultural differences of these two places as well as
  exploring how differently they are viewed and captured by the media.
  Using layering of film and video, fragments from television,
  photographs, literature, and projected film, this film begs us, as
  viewers, to question how we are seeing.

Providence, RI: Magic Lantern
9:30pm, Cable Car Cinema, 204 S Main St.

  The exception proves the rule—or so we say. But what about when the
  exception is the rule? When rules are established in order to be broken?
  When Law is suspended in an effort to maintain a sense of order? The
  work in this Exception Show will cross a series of borders, dispense
  with a range of rules, and vacillate between the deadly serious and the
  humorous, between the political documentary and the poetic in an effort
  to consider the violence of lines drawn to designate difference and the
  current state of Law in which Freedom is suspended for the sake of
  Freedom. With only three contemporary videos (and one film), this show
  is a sort of exception to your typical Magic Lantern evening— and for
  that very reason, it's one you shouldn't miss. FEATURING: White Balance
  (to think is to forget difference) by Francois Bucher (32:00, video,
  2002), Picture and Sound Rushes by Morgan Fisher (11:00, 16mm, 1973),
  Europlex by Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders (20:00, video, 2003),
  Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and Her Conviction, the Law and Poetry
  by Paul Chan (17:30, video, 2006) TRT 80:30 $5

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario
6:30 p.m., Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas Street West

  Cinematheque Ontario presents THE FREE SCREEN (formerly The
  Independents). The Free Screen is your window on the vast and rewarding,
  but often overlooked, world of unconventional, non-commercial cinema -
  those films and videos made by committed artists working outside of
  mainstream channels of production and distribution. These artists prefer
  to work free from the restrictive aesthetic conventions and commercial
  concerns of the movie business, a position which allows them to explore
  the possibilities of the art of cinema to the fullest. The Free Screen
  presents work by artists engaged in fields ranging from avant-garde film
  and animation to hybrid documentaries, essay films and video art, often
  with the artists in attendance to present their work. - Chris Gehman,
  Free Screen programmer. Since 1989, Boston-based filmmaker Robert Todd
  has been quietly developing one of the most distinctive bodies of work
  in the American film scene. Todd's beautifully shot films draw together
  documentary and experimental elements; they don't hew to a single,
  clearly defined style, but nevertheless show a consistency of poetic
  vision, spirit, and purpose. Through suspended moments of reflection and
  anticipation, Todd's films explore the difficult-to-define emotions
  engendered by the stresses of civilization. These recent films were made
  during the course of Todd's research into the death penalty, and the
  production of his ongoing film project MAXIMUM, for which he has shot
  images of maximum security prisons across the United States. In very
  different ways each film reflects his thinking on this subject. A major
  new work, IN LOVING MEMORY, interweaves the voices of friends, families,
  strangers, and Death Row inmates, all reflecting on their happiest
  memories and responses to the most difficult circumstances. All films
  directed by Robert Todd. STABLE (USA, 2003, 7 min. 16mm), TRAUMA VICTIM
  (USA, 2002, 17 min. 16mm), Toronto Premiere! IN LOVING MEMORY (USA,
  2005, 47 min. 16mm), CLIP (USA, 2001, 3 min. 16mm). All screenings in
  this series are FREE, non-ticketed events. Programming suggestions and
  submissions are welcome. All Cinematheque Ontario screenings are held at
  the Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas St. West, Toronto
  (McCaul Street entrance). All screenings are restricted to individuals
  18 years of age or older. For more information, visit the Official
  website,, the year-round Box Office at Manulife
  Centre (55 Bloor Street West, main floor, north entrance), or call

Vitry sur Seine Cedex, France: MAC/VAL
19h, Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne, Place de la libération, Boite Postale 147

  Maître du found footage (films récupérés) et d'une technique dite du
  film lifting, qui consiste à décoller, manipuler, puis transférer des
  images d'un support à l'autre, Cécile Fontaine est l'une des
  représentantes les plus importantes du cinéma expérimental français de
  ces vingt dernières années. Projection en présence de l'artiste d'une
  sélection de films réalisés depuis 1982 et de son dernier film "Cross
  Worlds" (2006) en avant-première. à 18h, au Centre de documentation
  Signature du livre "Cécile Fontaine, Décoller le monde (cahier n°11)",
  par Stefano Masi, éditions Paris Expérimental, 2003. Programme réalisé
  avec le concours de Light Cone.


Baltimore, Maryland: MicroCineFest
7 PM, MicroCineFest at The G-Spot, 2980 Falls Road

  7 PM - BYGONE SHORTS: The Broken Blossom of the Wilted Rose (Elizabeth
  Gourley); Donkey Harvest (Allan Levasseur Brown); Fading Star (John
  Standiford); She Sank On Hollow Bank (Clifton Childree & Nikki
  Rollason); Something Awful (Clifton Childree). 9 PM - Danielson: A
  Family Movie (JL Aronson).

Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6:00 pm, 164 N. State St.

  CATE and the Outer Ear Festival of Sound team up to present this special
  screening of Frédéric Moffet's award-winning video, JEAN GENET IN
  CHICAGO (2006, 26 min.) and Genet's only film, the queer masterpiece UN
  CHANT D'AMOUR (1950, 26 min.). Completed at the Experimental Sound
  Studio (the organization that puts on Outer Ear), JEAN GENET IN CHICAGO
  reimagines the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic
  Convention in Chicago through Genet's eyes—marching with the radicals
  while gazing at the cops' uniformed thighs. Genet mines these tensions
  himself in the erotically-charged UN CHANT D'AMOUR, which pits sexual
  desire against political power in the relationship between two male
  prisoners and their male guard. The Outer Ear Festival of Sound
  (November 3-22, 2006) is the only comprehensive interdisciplinary sonic
  arts festival in the Midwest. For more information, visit (1950-2006, France/USA, ca. 75 min., various

Madrid: La Enana Marron
21.30, La Enana Marron, Sale de Cine Independiente, Travesia San Mateo 8, bajo dche, Madrid 28004

 BRITANICO 1968-2006
  A selection of British artists' film and video produced between
  1968-2006. PROGRAMME V: TRAFFIC, Roderick Buchanan, video, 2 min, 2001;
  THE KISS, John Smith, video, 5 min, color, 1999; THE RUMOUR OF TRUE
  THINGS, Paul Bush, video, 25 min, 1996; THE NIGHTINGALE, Grace Ndiritu,
  video, 7 min, 2004; THE DEFENESTRASCOPE, Steven Ball, video, 6 min,
  2003; BIOGENESIS, William Latham, video, 6 min, 1993. running time 51
  min. (curated by David Reznak and Riccardo iacono).

New York, New York: MIX NYC
10 PM, 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St. (at Rector St.)

  Kaden Harriet Storm, 2006, USA, video, color and B&W, sound, 8 min. A
  short documentary that follows Kaden Rushford, a 29-year-old
  female-to-male transgender individual as he considers the complex issues
  concerning identity, sexuality, and his pursuit of the 'right' body. As
  he prepares to undergo chest reconstructive surgery, he shares his
  experience as a trans guy, including his internal struggles as well as
  his navigation of a society that recognizes only two genders. This
  documentary invites us to consider the notion that gender identities
  extend beyond strict definitions of male and female. Venus is a Boi Girl
  Eli Max Blu, 2004, USA, Super 8mm, color, sound, 3 min. New York
  Premiere Alien gender benders from Seattle. Gender Play Philipe
  Lonestar, 2005, USA, video, color, sound, 10 min. New York Premiere Set
  in a children's playground, this film uses colorful images of gender
  variant people and audio interviews to portray how each person
  transgresses labels and roles and play with gender and sexual identity.
  Not So Black Or White Col Cruise, 2006, United Kingdom, video, sound, 4
  min. World Premiere The ineptness ascribed to those whom are 47 XXY by
  primarily the medical profession, has permeated into other professional
  circles inclusive of the general public, thereby unfortunately brain
  washing them with negative overt generalizations, based on unscholarly
  and/or biased work with little or no' follow-ups' of those in the lived
  experience, which is irresponsible and unprofessional. Is it possible
  for the mind to be free from knowledge and belief as gender conformity
  descends upon us? That knowledge in relationship created disorder. Some
  of us rebel, some of us conform. Gender is a construct to keep control
  and to separate. To be related is to live; that is life; that is
  existence. As Einstein said, "our separation from each other is an
  optical illusion of consciousness". Love is Shit Ali Kennedie, 2006,
  USA, video, color, sound, English, 10 min., World Premiere A young
  trans-female's lament for longed-for love in the West Village. Tough
  Enough Lukas Blakk, 2006, Canada, video, color, sound, 4 min. "Tough
  Enough" is a short experimental film which looks at how being outside of
  a mainstream gender identity can shut you off from even the simplest
  touch. As a young queer child, touching people of either sex can be
  extremely loaded. What can one do to confront this? This filmmaker
  decides to be tackled repeatedly in order to "shock" their body into
  feeling. Le Saut dans le Vide Pierre Yves Clouin, 2004, France, video,
  color, silent, 2 min. USA Premiere Now or never. The Contender Gracie
  Bucciarelli, 2006, USA, video, sound, 6 min. New York Premiere Inspired
  by the non-professional athletes of the neighborhood, this film features
  the alter ego boxer of Stormy Henry Knight. As The Contender, he/it
  embraces intention, exhibition and the struggle to connect within a
  strange and timeless environment that is both internal and external. Boy
  Wonder Kery Isabel Ramierez, 2005, USA, video, color,.sound, 12 min.
  Luis struggles in a double life as straight male provider by day and
  transvestite prostitute by night, to satisfy his homophobic family. The
  Arousing Adventures of Sailor Boy Jenny Bisch, 2002, Canada, 16mm,
  color, sound, 9 min. A naive mariner is out on the town in this frisky,
  vaudeville-flavored piece. His search for the hermaphrodite of his
  dreams is scratched into each frame of this work, which played the New
  Directors/New Films series in 2004. DAS OVO Michael Brynntrup, 2005,
  Germany, video, color, sound, German w/ English subtitles, 17 min. 'It's
  not about how a drag queen moves, it's what she sets in motion.' -Ovo
  Maltine, 16/04/1966 - 08/02/2005 Christoph Josten was Ovo Maltine. She
  died on 8 February, 2005 at Berlin's Auguste Viktoria hospital, eleven
  weeks after suddenly being diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. She had
  lived with the HIV virus for 13 years. "Ovo (the egg)" – read one
  obituary – "lay down in Berlin's nest of queens and brooded on a number
  of political projects: a hotline for gay victims of assault, Act Up,
  AIDS benefit events, the legalization of marijuana, the recognition of
  prostitution as a profession, transgender visibility…"

New York, New York: MIX NYC
7 PM, 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St. (at Rector St.)

  Part of the Brazilian short film competition program screened at the
  13th edition of MIX Brasil Festival, these films are elements of an
  unfamiliar landscape, a place where trends are refused and sexual
  diversity is expressed on very peculiar terms. Sex and a Barbecue Grill
  (Espeto de Pau) André Queiroz & Victor Brandt, 2005, 16mm, 6 min. What's
  the best present a porn actor could receive from his wife? Sex or a
  barbecue? Games (Jogos) Eduardo Aguilar, 2004, video, 8 min. A story
  about waking up and reinventing oneself each morning. Sex and Cloister
  (Sexo e o Claustro) Claudia Priscilla, 2005, 35mm, 13 min. A documentary
  made in Mexico City, about a unique individual and his thoughts and
  feelings about sex and religion. Eletrodomestica Kleber Mendonça Filho,
  2005, 35mm, 22 min. Middle class, the 90s, 220 Volts. Masturbation
  (Masturbação) Gregório Graziosi & Adriana Machado, 2005, video, 1 min.
  From sewing to cumming. If you're the guy who used to flirt with me at
  the bus stop, watch this film (Se você é o cara que flertava comigo no
  ponto de ônibus, veja esse filme) Thiago Alcântara, 2005, video, 10 min.
  A routine encounter at the bus stop turns into infatuation. Texticulos
  de Mary and Other Stories (Textículos de Mary e Outras Histórias) Flávia
  da Rosa Borges, 2004, video, 24 min. The self-appointed spokesperson of
  marginalized people, rock band Textículos de Mary (Mary´s Testicles) ,
  had a brief career characterized by controversy. An outrageous band with
  enough balls to assume their homosexual identity on stage, before it was
  swallowed up by conformity.

New York, New York: MIX NYC
8 PM, 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St. (at Rector St.)

  Responding to the concept of "feminist tresspass," Piloteers conjured a
  make-over/take-over of corporate media across queer, feminist, artistic,
  cultural, and political borders. A Call and an Offering: Pilot TV Dylan
  Mira & Latham Zearfoss, 2006, USA, video, color, sound, 24 min. This
  short documentary chronicles Pilot TV: Experimental Media for Feminist
  Trespass, a temporary autonomous television studio built in Chicago in
  2004. Splicing the experiential anecdotes of Pilot organizers with a
  melange of finished works, A Call and An Offering posits a psychedelic
  blueprint for future Piloteers, with the hopes that trespassing
  mainstream media is possible. Electric At The Cosmic Age Lodge A.K.
  Burns, 2005, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min. "In the absence of
  daylight, we are haunted by ghosts and moths, which pass through walls
  and create holes in beloved fabrics." AK Burns currently resides in New
  York City, and works to explore relationships of body/non-bodies and
  quanticodal fabrication, by aggressively embracing/exploiting the less
  defined. LOVE/TORTURE Ulrike Mueller, 2005, USA, video, color, sound, 7
  min. LOVE/ TORTURE performs a text about pain and sexualized pleasure,
  but not necessarily shared pleasure. It investigates emotional
  relationships and contemporary subjectivities. Confronted with both the
  bleakly simple (people are torturing and killing, people are being
  tortured and killed) and the utterly confusing (people are torturing and
  killing, people are being tortured and killed), this video proposes for
  viewers to shift their attention and identify with the role of the
  perpetrator rather than the victim. M.A.T. Megan Palaima, 2005, USA,
  video, color, sound, 13 min. M.A.T. is the meeting (ground) between
  Affect and Technology. Before a live, participating audience, M.A.T.
  positions wrestling bodies as Affect in conflict with guest Techno
  Witches. The [space (in)between] summons you to INTERVENTION. So Real
  Latham Zearfoss, 2005, USA, video, color, sound, 10 min. This is the
  true story of what happens when 4 people (and 1 chicken) stop being
  polite, and start being real…SO REAL. Maggots and Men Trailer Oakie
  Treadwell, 2005, USA, video, B&W, sound, 4 min. Trailer for the
  work-in-progress Maggots and Men, an experimental historical narrative
  set in post-revolutionary Russia that re-tells the story of the 1921
  uprising of the Kronstadt sailors with gender anarchy as the subtext. A
  scene for the film was shot at Pilot. Their Bodies Are Filled With a
  Liquid That Tends to Spread Becca Taylor & Madsen Minax, 2005, USA,
  video, B&W, sound, 7 min. An animation project about a secret love
  affair between the captain of the high school wrestling team and the
  yearbook photographer. Voice over narratives were made at Pilot,
  improvising the love story. TV Good Enough to Read Lanka Tattersall,
  2005, USA, video, color, sound, 3 min.. Reading is fun and revolting.
  Lanka Tattersall updates the nostalgic American children's TV show,
  Reading Rainbow, as a strategy of literary dissemination/acculturation
  by reading "The Dada Manifesto 1918." Social Movement Emily Roysdon,
  2005, USA, video, color, silent, 7 min. This video images a literal and
  metaphoric setting of the stage. It is concerned with memory, what and
  how we remember, as well as the associative arts of archiving and social
  movements. The project attempts to simultaneously create and perform the
  stage, to frame performance and memory through slow repetitious
  gestures, constantly(!) preparing the document of our presence, and the
  monument of our persistence. Sing-along Skin-along Dewayne Slightweight,
  2006, USA, performance, 14 min. Sing-along Skin-along is an ecstatic
  experiment combining hand-made amplifiers and monitors embedded in
  hand-made bodies. A shameless inquiry into the habits of other girls and
  their methods of liberation, this symphony takes action but is no
  marching band.

New York, New York: MIX NYC
9 PM, 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich St. (at Rector St.)

  This experimental program explores our attachment to familiar
  environments and the entanglement of our memory and identity with the
  space we inhabit. Debris Justin Kelly, 2006, USA, video, color, sound, 8
  min. In this quirky surreal short, Katy, a stewardess, wakes hours after
  having fallen from her plane. Confused, she wanders about the lush
  industrial wasteland until she's recognized by Rhani and Heather, (two
  other fallen stewardesses) patrolling the area on bikes. Together, they
  bike to Rhani's favorite beach for a picnic, where they bond over
  apples, until Katy's bosses (the pilot and head stewardess) unexpectedly
  arrive and attempt to take her away. Fish Under Delancey Kelly Spivey,
  2006, USA, 16mm, color, sound, 29 min. I learned from Eileen Myles, that
  to be a poet in NYC, you have to be able to write any time, any place,
  with any noises, smells and people you may be surrounded by. I wanted
  this film to feel like a poet's—shot from the hip, fluid in meaning,
  mysterious yet compelling. I started with an idea to use the murals in
  the subways as the raw material for animations. Then I decided to create
  environments that would lead the viewer somewhere and then drop them
  off. This is what the subway does. The power of narrative is a curious
  thing I want to play with and taunt. This idea that we are told a story
  - I like to see how much I can get viewers themselves to engage and
  create their own version of what's happening in the film. (The poet
  Eileen Myles and my friend Meredith Seery star in the film as
  themselves.) The Sea Calls Us Home Annie Simpson & Seth Kirby, 2005,
  USA, video, color, sound, 2 min. A lone figure wakes to find herself at
  the boundary of land and sea and longs to return to where the sea meets
  the sky. Situated in the liminal spaces of memory and dreams, and
  weaving allegorical narratives with historical events, The Sea Calls Us
  Home is the first in a four-part cycle exploring how childhood stories
  shape adult realities. Featuring sound by New York-based electronic
  musician Ray Sweeten. World's Worst Architecture Cameron Groves, 2005,
  Canada, S8mm to video, B&W, sound, 8 min. In World's Worst Architecture,
  two guys recount their courtship over gritty black & white Super 8
  images of the soulless modern buildings of Toronto and their idyllic
  vacation spot on the shores of Lake Huron. With the grainy footage, it
  looks like a historical film, but the voiceovers combine to give it an
  evocative sense of urban life and the difficulties and fundamental
  problems with modern relationships. Ultimately, it's eerie and a little
  sad. But very true. Portrait #2: Trojan Vanessa Renwick, 2006, USA, 35mm
  to video, color, sound, 6 min. Trojan Nuclear Facility, Oregon's
  powerful iconic landmark, goes adios."The astonishing five-minute color
  film was shot in 35MM and transferred to video, sporting a perfectly
  synched musical score by Quasi's Sam Coomes. No narrative, just a
  picturesque haunting reminder of our lives under the totem of a nuclear
  state. Long defunct, the monumental tower was imploded earlier this year
  and Renwick (of Oregon Department of Kick Ass) decided to capture the
  haunting silhouette that has simply stood there menacingly for years.
  She calmly documents its demise, which is very much an anti-climax. The
  short film adores its subject, the towering cement structure. Over a
  varying course of time, with lapse and stills we view a building painted
  in pastel light, stark at night, at dawn and dusk. Its inevitable course
  in its history would be told through a moment in time when it was no
  more. In essence, the very moment of implosion infers the ultimate
  destructive potential of its former chilling power. Score by Sam Coomes
  of Quasi. Merci Blick, 2004, France, 35mm to video, B&W, sound, French
  with English subtitles, 5 min. Rehabilitations, destructions,
  constructions in a few years deeply modified the Chorier-Berriat
  district of Grenoble. Merci observes the transformation of this
  industrial district into a district of businesses via an electromagnetic
  filmic rhythm near to the movement which involved the modification of
  the landscape. Shadows and Stone Dana Rubin, 2005, Israel, video, color,
  sound, English subtitles, 5 min A static shot of the foot traffic that
  flows through a hole in the wall that separates the Palestinians from
  the Israelis. Reste-La Frederic Tachou, 2006, France, 35mm, B&W, sound,
  12 min. One night, I had a dream about my father. I saw a familiar home.
  The unity of the architecture of the house had come apart, creating an
  unusual conglomeration of rooms, windows and spaces. The film shows
  these—'spaces inside me'—haunted by the presence of the person who just
  died. Love is a Battlefield 2006, performance, c. 7 min. Lollo Birgitta
  is comprised of Cecilia Grimm and (M)Lollo. They have been performing
  doubles trapeze together for close to 2 years. They enjoy creating work
  that engages and entertains the audience. Tonight you will see the
  struggles of the gay movement abstracted through the use of the popular
  80's song, Love is a Battlefield. Though the struggle for civil rights
  is a real one, ultimately it is ridiculous to have to fight for your
  right to love as you please. But i don't have to tell you all that.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7pm, 32 Second Ave. @ 2nd St.

  STAN BRAKHAGE Films made during the early period of one of modern
  cinema's greatest innovators, including one of his early experiments
  with sound. Films to be shown: PASHT (1965, 5 minutes) THE WONDER RING
  (1955, 4 minutes) FLESH OF MORNING (1956, 25 minutes) FIRE OF WATERS
  (1965, 10 minutes, sound) WINDOW WATER BABY MOVING (1959, 12 minutes)

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30 pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

  Thursday, November 9 at 7:30pm Ninth Street Center for Independent Film
  145 Ninth Street Neither Here Nor There Loren Chasse and Keith Evans In
  Person Co-Sponsored by Ninth Street Independent Film Center The carrier
  wind listens to itself. Sound and image artists Loren Chasse and Keith
  Evans present a special handcrafted multi-media event, beginning with
  the observers/ audience entering into an intimate performance space and
  concluding in a screening room. For Chasse and Evans, awareness of
  landscape is a creative, physical phenomenon, and intention in
  performance creates an ecology of attention. Using idiosyncratic
  cinematic systems constructed from old projectors and sound devices with
  found materials grafted onto them, Chasse and Evans open
  apparatus-bodies in absurd and mysterious ways.

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