New email list for Atlanta Indie Cinema fans

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 18:16:24 PST

Hey y'all, I'd like you to join this new email list for fans of
independent cinema in Atlanta (and beyond).

It's called

For fans of independent film & video in Atlanta. For film fest
junkies and fans of movies that are alternative, art films, cross-
cultural, underground, Mondo, experimental, indie, B-movies, indy,
different, or just not mainstream Hollywood baloney.

This list is a place to find out about Atlanta screenings & shows, to
discuss movies, to support local repertory houses and galleries and
rental stores, and to interact with local indie movie fans, curators,
programmers and filmmakers.

and click "join"

or send an email to:
        email suppressed

PLEASE forward this to all interested parties!
-Kiki / Pinkeye at Eyedrum

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