Jeff Keen: Exhibition and screenings

From: wilson says (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Nov 03 2006 - 03:00:46 PST

The first of three screenings from Jeff Keen get
underway tommorrow at the Phoenix Gallery Brighton UK.
There's also a Destination Blatz exhibition running -
almost half a century of Keen's collages, graffitti,
film props, artist books...many fine and wonderful
please see:

Screenings are as follows

Saturday, November 4, 2.30 pm
In 1962, armed only with a Gestener printer and a
standard 8mm Raygun camera, Jeff Keen launched
“Amazing Rayday”, a secret comic and poetry
broadsheet. For this special screening, Keen will
project the Rayday films simultaneously onto twin
screens, cutting between soundtrack and image
according to the laws of chance. Each is a densely
structured “total-cinema” experience involving live
action and animation. The programme includes
Meatdaze (1968), 24 Films (1972 -5), and The Cartoon
Theatre of Dr Gaz (1977 - 9).

Saturday, November 25, 2:30 pm
Family Star Show is the rarely screened 8mm home-movie
serials Keen worked on throughout the 70's. Friends
appear and play brief fantasy roles, Dr Gaz visits
Paris, winter approaches, all teeters on the brink of
a narrative…meanwhile the Desperadoes of Whitehawk and
the Brighton sea are never far away. (Tales from)
Mad Love (1972 - 9) is a surrealist extravaganza
realised on a shoestring budget - an intoxicating fast
flow of verbal and visuals puns, vignettes and rapid
remakes played out by the Family Star cast to cache of
found Latin-American 78's.

Saturday, December 2, 2.30 pm
A free-form multi-projection performance incorporating
new work set against a live improvised soundtrack from
UK noise artist and past collaborator Jason Williams
aka Deepkiss 720. Keen's expanded cinema events have
blurred the line between performance and film with
spontaneous overlays of cartoon capers, absurd
heroics, apocalyptic glimpses, melting toys and
spray-cans. Amidst the colour-field we witness the
return of Dr Gaz as he plays out the show to end all

suggested donation £2.50
hope to see you there wilson

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