This week [October 28 - November 5, 2006] in avant garde cinema (part 1 of 2)

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Date: Sat Oct 28 2006 - 09:37:55 PDT

This week [October 28 - November 5, 2006] in avant garde cinema (part 1 of 2)

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conflict zone film fund

ZEMOS98 (Sevilla, Spain; Deadline: November 01, 2006)
Naples / Tam Tam Digifestival (Naples, NA, Italy; Deadline: December 31, 2006)
Experimenta 2007 (Bangalore, India; Deadline: December 15, 2006)
Reel Shorts (Saratoga Springs, NY. U.S.A.; Deadline: December 07, 2006)
Apple Cider Screening (Chicago, IL USA; Deadline: October 30, 2006)
Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (Ithaca, New York, U.S.; Deadline:
November 15, 2006)
The Delta International Film and Video Festival (Cleveland, MS USA;
Deadline: February 01, 2007)
Daughters of Joy! Film + Video Festival (Montreal, Quebec, Canada;
Deadline: January 15, 2007)

PEC Independent Film Championship (Colorado Springs, CO; Deadline: November
30, 2006)
Method Fest (El Segundo CA; Deadline: December 01, 2006)
Videologia (Volgograd, Russia; Deadline: November 01, 2006)
The Journal of Short Film (DVD) (Columbus, OH, USA; Deadline: November 08,
Images Festival (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; Deadline: November 17, 2006)
Cinematic CD FILM2MUSIC Competition (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline:
November 01, 2006)
MONTELLY FILM FESTIVAL (Lausanne /switzerland; Deadline: December 01, 2006)
Omaha Film Festival (Omaha, Ne, USA; Deadline: November 08, 2006)
Single Reel Film & Video Festival (New York, NY, USA; Deadline: December
01, 2006)
ZEMOS98 (Sevilla, Spain; Deadline: November 01, 2006)
Apple Cider Screening (Chicago, IL USA; Deadline: October 30, 2006)
Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (Ithaca, New York, U.S.; Deadline:
November 15, 2006)

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  * Experimental Films and Music: Public Halloween Party [October 28,
Austin, TX]
  * Urban/ Rural Landscapes Explored In video and Film [October 28,
Greenbelt, MD]
  * Games People Play [October 28, London, England]
  * Distance and Displacement [October 28, London, England]
  * One Way Boogie Woogie / 27 Years Later [October 28, London, England]
  * Jack Smith & the Destruction of Atlantis [October 28, London, England]
  * Halloween Special 2nd of 2 Shows [October 28, New York, New York]
  * Let Me Start By Saying (Shorts Programme) [October 28, New York, New York]
  * Who Is Bozo Texino? the Secret History of Hobo Graffiti [October 28,
New York, New York]
  * Essential Cinema: Bruce Baillie [October 28, New York, New York]
  * Laitala's Halloween Spooktacular! [October 28, San Francisco, California]
  * 'the Celestial Library' [October 29, Brooklyn, New York]
  * Incendiary video: Selections From the Media Burn Archive [October 29,
Chicago, Illinois]
  * Within You, Without You [October 29, London, England]
  * Kenneth Anger 35mm Preservations With Kenneth Anger In Person !
[October 29, London, England]
  * Anger Me [October 29, London, England]
  * Shine On [October 29, London, England]
  * Inward & Outward Journeys - Films By Sarah Miles and Laura
Waddington [October 29, Los Angeles, California]
  * Essential Cinema: Bruce Baillie, Douglass Crockwell, Jordan Belson
[October 29, New York, New York]
  * Videos By Paris-Based Yann Beauvais & Rio-Based Edson Barrus [October
29, New York, New York]
  * Winter Fire: Swiss Filmmaker Hannes Schupbach In Person [October 29,
San Francisco, California]
  * Live Performance: Luis Recoder + Sandra Gibson [October 30, London,
  * Storefront Films: Interstices [October 31, New York, New York]
  * El [October 31, Reading, Pennsylvania]
  * 30 Years of the video Data Bank: George Kuchar and Anne Mcguire In
     Conversation [November 1, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Bandits of Orgosolo [November 1, London, England]
  * Robert Wilson's Overture For Ka Mountain and Guardenia Terrace: A Story
     About A Family and Some People Changing [November 1, New York, New York]
  * The Free Screen - Recent Works By Gunvor Nelson! [November 1, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada]
  * 30 Years of the video Data Bank: George Kuchar video Screening
[November 2, 30 ]
  * The video Data Bank Celebrates 30 Years! Anne Mcguire: videos
[November 2, Chicago, Illinois]
  * The video Data Bank Celebrates 30 Years! the World of George Kuchar
[November 2, Chicago, Illinois]
  * 30 Years of the video Data Bank: Anne Mcguire video Screening
[November 2, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Flex Program 1 [November 2, Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 2 [November 2, Gainesville, FL]
  * Ten Short Films By vittorio De Seta [November 2, London, England]
  * Northern Transmissions: the Sounds of Scandinavia Now On Film & video
[November 2, New York, New York]
  * 30 Years of the video Data Bank: Gene Youngblood: Secession From the
     Broadcast [November 3, Chicago, Illinois]
  * Flex Program 3 [November 3, Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 4 [November 3, Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 5 [November 4, Gainesville, FL]
  * Blows Against the Empire Presented By Craig Baldwin [November 4,
Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 6: Craig Baldwin Juror Screening [November 4,
Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 7 [November 4, Gainesville, FL]
  * Myth and Music: “Sita Sings the Blues” [November 4, San Francisco,
  * Sumatran Folk Cinema + Morocco: Musical Brotherhoods [November 4, San
Francisco, California]
  * Flex Program 8 [November 5, Gainesville, FL]
  * Flex Program 9 [November 5, Gainesville, FL]
  * An Evening With Elisabeth Subrin [November 5, Los Angeles, California]
  * Rakkaus On Aarre (Love Is A Treasure) [November 5, New York, New York]
  * Taste of Iceland Film Festival [November 5, Seattle, Washington]
  * Retrospectives (Meet the Jury): Sandra Gibson [November 5, Utrecht,
  * Heartstrings: Coleen Fitzgibbon & Paul Sharits [November 5, Utrecht,

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Austin, TX: Spunky Monkey Ranch
8pm, South First behind End of an Ear

   Films, videos, music and audio installations. White Zombie with Bela
   Lugosi will screen after 8pm. Medical benefit for Lori Varga, $5
   suggested donation.

Greenbelt, MD: utopia film festival second annual experimental film/video
6;00pm, Greenbelt Municipal Building

   Utopia's Second Annual Experimental Film/Video Festival. Saturday,
   October 28, 2006. Time: 6:00 PM Location-Greenbelt Maryland's Municipal
   Building. Go here for more details Urban/Rural Landscapes explored in
   Video and Film 1.Boulder/Brooklyn (Nicole Koschmann) A correspondence
   through images from Brooklyn, NY to Boulder, Colorado. 2. Flow (Scott
   NYERGES)-A meditation on the creeks and rivers of Austin, Texas during
   the spring and summer rendered in paint and pixels. 3.The Lights and
   Perfections (Paul Clipson) A bug's eye view of the world, mysterious and
   wonderful-plant studies and urban landscapes woven into soft focus home
   movies. 4. Clouds and the Docklands (Chris Lynn)Vignette 4 in the London
   series is an examination of the of the Docklands in London juxtaposed
   with rain and clouds. 5. Tide mills (Nick Collins)The poetry of the UK
   seacoast on any given day. 6.(rock/hard place)(Roger Beebe)A film that
   attempts to bring the Urban and rural landscape together in one frame,
   so the viewer can question the significance. Shot in Morro Bay,
   California 7.The Taste of the South (Mar Solis) Shot in Spain this is a
   vivid portrait of Easter week. 8. Translumination (Craig Herndon) An
   abstract journey in sound and colour. Last year's festival included
   films and videos by: Robert Robertson; Lynn Loo; Jud Yalkut; Simon
   Morgan; Michael Yarochevsky.

London, England: London Film Festival
2pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU (Miranda Pennell / UK 2005 / 4 mins) 'Twenty-one
   dancers are held by your gaze. Losing contact can be traumatic.'
   OLYMPICS 2005 TRACK AND FIELD (Shannon Plumb / USA 2005 / 18 mins) From
   the opening ceremony to awarding the medals, Plumb plays all the
   characters in this burlesque of the trials and triumphs of the summer
   games. Rooted in silent comedy, its homespun style references equal
   parts Keaton and Riefenstahl, and is the vehicle for a series of witty
   observations. SWEET NIGHTINGALE (Victor Alimpiev / Russia 2005 / 7 mins)
   In a theatre, a crowd perform a series of choreographed gestures facing
   the stage. Left unexplained, this mysterious ceremony appears more
   symbolic than absurd. PROPRIO APERTO (Judith Hopf, Nayascha Sadr
   Haghighian, Florian Zeyfang / Germany 2005 / 6 mins) An off-season
   stroll through the temporary ruins of the Giardini, home of the national
   pavilions at the Venice Biennale. UNTITLED (FOR DAVID GATTEN) (Phil
   Solomon & Mark LaPore / USA 2005 / 5 mins) Made as a 'get well card' for
   a friend, this uncharacteristic work invokes a sense of absence, and
   ultimately loss. BLOCKING (Pablo Marin / Argentina 2005 / 3 mins) By
   contravening archival guidelines on water damage, the original image is
   erased from a 'mistreated' filmstrip, to be replaced by an organic
   explosion of colour. KRISTALL (Matthias Müller, Christophe Girardet /
   Germany 2006 / 15 mins) Shards of emotions from Hollywood melodrama are
   combined in a Chinese box of reflection and refraction. Kristall is a
   cinematic hall of mirrors, which ruptures and multiplies the anxieties
   of narcissistic, star-crossed lovers. CONTEMPLANDO LA CIUDAD (Angela
   Reginato / USA 2005 / 4 mins) 'Perfectly without affect, a girl sings
   along with a pop tune, transporting herself through space and time to
   Mexico City circa 1978.'

London, England: London Film Festival
4pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   LET THERE BE WHISTLEBLOWERS (Ken Jacobs / USA 2005 / 18 mins) Advancing
   the techniques of his 'Nervous System' performances, Jacobs now treats
   archival film footage with electronic means, shifting his exploration of
   visual space into the digital domain. All aboard the mystery train for a
   journey from actuality to abstraction. Steve Reich's 'Drumming' provides
   added momentum. UNFINISHED PASSAGES (Brett Kashmere / Canada 2005 / 17
   mins) Archival images and a contraflow of texts trace the migration of
   the artists' grandfather from London to Saskatchewan. 'Using the shadow
   play of light and darkness as a metaphor for human memory Unfinished
   Passages reframes his forced immigration/orphan experience through the
   developing lens of the cinema.' THIS IS MY LAND (Ben Rivers / UK 2006 /
   8 mins) A portrait of Jake Williams, who lives a hermetic lifestyle in a
   remote house in the woods of Aberdeenshire. Folk film for the new
   millennium. THE OTHER SIDE (Bill Brown / USA 2006 / 43 mins (In this
   rich and revealing essay film, Brown shares his experiences of
   travelling from Texas to California, recounting a history of the
   landscape, its inhabitants and those that pass through. The border
   between Mexico and the USA is crossed by thousands of undocumented
   persons each year, and hundreds do not survive the journey through the
   desert to the other side. Incorporating a personal voiceover and
   interviews with migrant activists, this visually striking film examines
   the border as a site of aspiration and insecurity.

London, England: London Film Festival
6:30pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   ONE WAY BOOGIE WOOGIE / 27 YEARS LATER (James Benning / USA 1977-2005 /
   120 mins) In 1977, concerned about the decaying nature of his native
   Milwaukee, Benning shot One Way Boogie Woogie, an hour long film
   composed of 60 shots of industrial urban landscape: smokestacks,
   sidewalks, three Volkswagens, people few and far between, an animal here
   and there. In characteristic fashion, Benning's apparently simple,
   static shots are exercises in meticulous painterly composition, and
   their careful sequencing ensures that the director's playful humour is
   given full expression. For 27 Years Later, Benning returned to Milwaukee
   to shoot 'the same film again'. The shot by shot re-staging uses very
   obviously different stock – the colours are brighter, there's a
   distinctly modern tone. Buildings are showing their age, or gone; people
   likewise. Seen together, these two films offer a cogent illustration of
   how America has changed in the intervening years, fraying in places,
   gentrified in others. Benning's method, and his affinity with his
   subjects is extraordinary – as if he completely absorbs the landscape,
   imbues it with geo-political and cultural relevance, and re-presents it
   to us in a unique mix of formal rigour and mischievous invention.

London, England: London Film Festival
9pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   mins)' The only person I would ever copy. He makes the best movies.'
   (Andy Warhol) Diving headlong into the exotic world of Jack Smith, this
   is a ravishing celebration of a seminal figure of contemporary art,
   experimental theatre, fashion, film and photography. A devotee of 'moldy
   glamour', Smith was shooting fanciful tableau vivants in 1957, later
   naming his ensemble the 'Superstars of Cinemaroc' way before Warhol had
   a Silver Factory. His ethereal masterpiece Flaming Creatures is an epic
   fantasy, featuring blonde vampires and bohemians cavorting amid a tangle
   of naked bodies. Fêted by Fellini, but denounced by Playboy for
   'defiling at once both sex and cinema', the film was became a totem in
   the battle against censorship. Dismayed and resentful, Smith reacted to
   this unwanted attention by never completing another film. To become a
   product was to be embalmed. Returning to the ephemeral medium of
   performance, he appeared amongst piles of meticulously arranged garbage
   with Yolanda, a toy penguin with jewel-encrusted brassiere. Utterly
   opposed to the concept of rented accommodation, Smith railed against
   'landlordism', transforming his dilapidated apartment into an homage to
   Babylonian architecture. This documentary opens up Ali Baba's cave,
   mixing commentary from friends and enemies with the glistening treasures
   of Smith's own creation. An abundance of rare photographs, footage and
   audio bear testament to his uniquely baroque vision.

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop
8pm- Saturday evening, 66 East 4th Street (Between Bowery & 2nd Avenue)

   Jack Stevennson, American film writer, archivist, distributor, curator,
   has been living in Denmark since 1993. His specialties include vintage
   American exploitation films and Danish cinema. OCTOBER 28 (Sat.)
   WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (Balch/ Burroughs Version) (75 min.) 16mm.
   "This macabre 1922 masterpiece stands as the most extreme and
   controversial work of silent cinema- and one of the most visionary. A
   perennially revived cult favorite, it often materializes around
   Halloween and still manages to enchant modern viewers. It was the work
   of obsession created in mysterious circumstances and its Danish director
   Benjamin Christensen led a life that was almost as mysterious. This
   lecture is based on my book THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BENJAMIN CHRISTENSEN
   which draws on research into original Danish source material and which
   brings to light heretofore unexamined aspects of the story."- J.S>

New York, New York: Images Festival
2000, Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue @ 2nd Street

   Let Me Start by Saying… With the ease of video and the beauty of small
   format film, Canadian artists have long found themselves through their
   stories and histories. Lisa Steele, The Ballad of Dan Peoples (1976, 8
   min, video) "I made this tape shortly after my grandfather's death as a
   memory of his voice and speech patterns. The tape is a woven song of
   sorts, made up of many stories that he told and retold to me when I was
   a child. The stories were about his childhood; the tape is more about
   how memory is transmitted and retained than about the specifics of any
   one particular narrative".–Lisa Steele Zachary Longboy, The Stone Show
   (1999, 9 min, video) Visually poetic, this video diary explores the
   artists reunion with his family and his culture after years of
   separation. Raphael Bendahan, Le Jardin [du Paradis] The Garden (1982,
   20 min, 16mm) Stories in English and French oscillate in this
   examination of the life of an immigrant in a land (Québec) where the
   definition of home is deeply contested. Mary J. Daniel, Confessions of a
   Compulsive Archivist (2004, 7 min, video) One day, Mary J. Daniel finds
   her mother's collection of dress patterns, arranged in a peculiar way.
   Alexandra Grimanis, Mothers of Me (1999, 15 min, 16mm)"'Mothers of Me'
   is a visually glorious, abstract study in which the filmmaker explores,
   partly out of fear, the women in her family, their history of insanity
   and their response to a repressive environment. Through the use of
   close-ups and fragmented composition we are compelled to participate in
   her examination." -Stacey Donen, Toronto International Film Festival,
   1999 Robert Cowan, Remembrance and Goodbye (1968, 9 min, 16mm) A
   personal melancholia concerning the death of my mother with my own
   personal memory images of school, home, lost first love and fears of my
   own obliteration. –Robert Cowan Mike Hoolboom, Jack (2002, 15 min, 16mm)
   Six months after his long voyage into this world, Jack takes his place
   in the high chair. While reproduction is his birthright, he is puzzled
   by a strange creature with glass eyes, with a motor in place of a heart.
   For months there was only sound and now there are only pictures. Series
   made possible thanks to the gracious support of the Canada Council for
   the Arts, (Media Arts Section) and the Canadian Consul General of New
   York City. Special thanks to Anthology Film Archives

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
TWO SHOWS! 6 & 8:30pm, 32 Second Ave. @ 2nd St

   This experimental documentary explores the 100-year-old tradition of
   hobo and railworker graffiti. It's the result of Daniel's 20-year study
   of "monikers " and is fabricated from hours of 16mm and super 8 film,
   most of it shot on freight trips across the western US. It includes
   interviews with some of the railroad's greatest graffiti legends:
   Colossus of Roads, The Rambler, Herby (RIP) and the granddaddy of them
   all, Bozo Texino. Taking inspiration from Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac,
   theis gritty and picaresque chronicle functions as both a subcultural
   documentary and a stylized fable on wanderlust, outsider identity, and
   railroad mythology. Check out for his Bozo Texino tour

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:15, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St

   Two films by Bruce Baillie: MASS FOR THE DAKOTA SIOUX (1963-64, 21 min)
   and QUIXOTE (1964-65, 45 min): Meditations on America by a filmmaker
   whom Willard van Dyke once called the most American of all contemporary
   filmmakers. Annette Michelson has referred to Bruce Baillie as one of
   the few political American filmmakers.

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia

   Cooked up by the Kat's meow, filmmaker Kerry Laitala stirs her cauldron
   of cinematic treats to offer a spine-tingling spook frolic of scary
   shorts in our annual celebration of All-Hallow's Eve. Those who dare to
   enter our haunted house will be delightfully frightened by the Mistress
   Kat's eerie ambience of vintage sound-effects vinyl, whilst a
   phantasmagoria of lurid 16mm imagery dances devilishly across our
   screen. Sorceress' apprentice Katherin McGinnis slithers through the
   assembled Guignol enthusiasts with a litany of horror shorts, including
   Mary Ellen Bute's Spook Sports, Clifton Childree's She Sank on Shallow
   Bank, David Cox' Dr. Yes, Scott Beach's World of Wax, excerpts from the
   Addams Family, Psychorama, and the jaw-dropping slow-mo driver's-ed
   grotesque, The Day I Died. After a few of the Kat's own gothic
   film-poems, the show grinds to a gruesome end with the climactic reel of
   Robert Gaffney's Frankenstein Meets the Spacemonster. Mulled wine for
   all souls!


Brooklyn, New York: Proteus Gowanus
7pm, 543 Union St. @Nevins

   films by JEANNE LIOTTA A SELECTION of MADE and FOUND slim volumes IN
   16MM and video on the material subjects of landscape, science, and
   natural philosophy etc. Hymns to the VOID, the STARS in their courses,
   the EARTH under your feet wobbles and DRIFTS. titles may include: Work
   for the Night is Coming; El Cielo field recordings 1, 8, and 9; Eclipse;
   The Land of Enchantment; One Day This May No Longer Exist; What Makes
   Day and Night; Muktikara; Science's Ten Most Beautiful, #2 and #10; What
   We as Humans Trying Fallibly Forever; SUNDAY OCT 29 AT 7PM PROTEUS
   the union st bridge over the gowanus canal RSVP as seating is limited
   email suppressed

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
7:00 pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

   Tom Weinberg in Person! The Media Burn Independent Video Archive,
   located here in Chicago, is quite likely the most important and
   comprehensive collection of independent non-fiction videotapes in the
   US. Comprised of more than 3000 works produced from 1972-2002, it
   reflects the unique and vital vision of alternative media makers as they
   address the critical historical, political, and social issues of the
   past 30 years. Media Burn is the project of Tom Weinberg, one of the
   pioneers of guerilla video and independent television production.
   Weinberg was one of the co-founders of TVTV, formed in 1972 to provide
   alternative coverage of the presidential conventions that year, the
   creator of the still-running WTTW independent film showcase Image Union,
   and producer of the landmark non-fiction series The '90s for PBS. For
   tonight's program, Weinberg will present a "guided tour" of the Media
   Burn archive, with both clips and complete works representing the
   diversity of the archive's holdings.

London, England: London Film Festival
2pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   SONG AND SOLITUDE (Nathaniel Dorsky / USA 2006 / 21 mins) As a guest of
   the Festival in 2004, Nathaniel Dorsky gave an inspirational
   lecture-screening on 'Devotional Cinema'. His new film is a sombre work,
   which further refines his vision of an intimate, poetic cinema that
   creates a space for personal reflection. 'Its balance is more toward an
   expression of inner landscape, or what it feels like to be, rather than
   an exploration of the external visual world as such.' MURIEL'S SONG
   (Grant Wiedenfeld / USA 2006 / 3 mins) 'A hand-painted, hand-processed
   film only bent thru the lens of the projector and your pearly-crowned
   pair. Never before have light and shadow sung so well without a camera.'
   ACROSS THE VALLEY (Nick Collins / UK 2006 / 20 mins) Across The Valley
   is a beautifully photographed response to the landscape and environment
   of the Cévennes Mountains in Southern France. Employing time-lapse and
   other techniques, the film charts variations in the distant and
   immediate surroundings over a range of seasons. KOLKATA (Mark LaPore /
   USA 2005 / 35 mins) This luminous study of North Calcutta is one of the
   last completed films by the American film-maker who died last year. It
   combines personal and ethnographic elements in an experimental
   documentary that looks at, and into, another culture with empathy and
   fascination. 'This film searches the streets for the ebb and flow of
   humanity and reflects the changing landscape of a city at once medieval
   and modern.'

London, England: London Film Festival
4pm, NFT 1, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   'Kenneth Anger is a unique film-maker, an artist of exceptional talent."
   (Martin Scorsese) Kenneth Anger's iconic films are an extraordinary
   demonstration of the transformative power of cinema. With support from
   The Film Foundation, the UCLA Film Archive has recently made glorious
   new 35mm prints of four of Anger's works. This special screening offers
   aficionados and the uninitiated an opportunity to see these landmark
   films as they have never been seen before. We are delighted to welcome
   Kenneth Anger to the Festival to present this screening. FIREWORKS
   (Kenneth Anger/USA 1947/15 mins) The rarely seen original version,
   featuring a spoken prologue by the film-maker. 'A dissatisfied dreamer
   awakes, goes out in the night seeking a 'light' and is drawn through the
   needle's eye. A dream of a dream, he returns to a bed less empty than
   before.' LA LUNE DES LAPINS [Rabbit's Moon] (Kenneth Anger/USA-France
   1950-71/16 mins) The only Anger film shot on 35mm has never been printed
   on that format until now. This is the longer edit from 1971,
   synchronized to haunting doo-wop ballads. 'A fable of the unattainable
   (the Moon) combining elements of Commedia dell'Arte with Japanese myth.
   A lunar dream utilizing the classic pantomime figure of Pierrot in an
   encounter with a prankish, enchanted Magick Lantern.' SCORPIO RISING
   (Kenneth Anger/USA 1963/29 mins) Immensely influential for its use of
   pop music, Anger's ironic critique of motorcycle gangs invokes Scorpio,
   the sign that rules machines, sex and death. 'A 'death mirror held up to
   American culture' - Brando, bikes and black leather; Christ, chains and
   cocaine. A 'high' view of the myth of the American motorcyclist. The
   machine as totem from toy to terror. Thanatos in chrome and black
   leather and bursting jeans.' KUSTOM KAR KOMMANDOS (Kenneth Anger/USA
   1965/4 mins) A slow and sensuous study of the hot rod craze. 'To the
   soundtrack of 'Dream Lover' a young man strokes his customized car with
   a powder puff.'

London, England: London Film Festival
7pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   ANGER ME (Elio Gelmini / Canada 2006 / 72 mins) A portrait of Kenneth
   Anger, legendary pioneer of independent film-making. Raised in
   Hollywood, a spell as the Changeling Prince in A Midsummer Night's Dream
   (1935) provided his first taste of the fantasy world of the movies. The
   nine films Anger made between 1947 and 1980 are shown together as the
   'Magick Lantern Cycle', emphasising his belief in cinema as magical
   weapon. An authority on Aleister Crowley, his dazzling montage invokes
   myth and ritual, exploring taboo subjects and popular culture with a
   complex iconography. From the homoerotic fantasy Fireworks to the
   transcendental Lucifer Rising, his influence reaches beyond the
   avant-garde and into the mainstream, touching the work of Jarman, Lynch,
   Scorsese and countless others. Anger's fascination with film history,
   memorabilia and scandal eventually led to the bestseller Hollywood
   Babylon, a dark exposé of Tinseltown's seamy side. He inadvertently
   invented the music video with Scorpio Rising, and his acquaintances
   ranged from Anaïs Nin and Alfred Kinsey to the Rolling Stones. Anger Me
   takes the form of an extended monologue, in which this visionary artist
   talks at length about his extraordinary life and remarkable body of

London, England: London Film Festival
9pm, NFT 3, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   SAME DAY NICE BISCOTTS (Luther Price / USA 2005 / 6 mins) A bleak but
   touching incantation composed from 13 identical prints of an early 70s
   documentary on elderly Afro-Americans. Time has taken its toll on the
   raw material too: now faded and worn, it is steeped in pathos. KRYPTON
   IS DOOMED (Ken Jacobs / USA 2005 / 34 mins) The original Superman radio
   play from 1940 accompanies the mind-bending 'Nervous Magic Lantern,' a
   filmless projection system that twists light into a perpetually
   throbbing mass of impossible depth. Presented by the film-maker as a
   metaphor for the onset of WWII, the apocalyptic narrative could be read
   as allegory for the present, a world of instability with the potential
   of environmental collapse. THE COUNTER GIRL TRILOGY (Courtney Hoskins /
   USA 2006 / 6 mins) In an inventive response to the cosmetics industry,
   Hoskins has created imagery from some unusual materials discovered while
   working as a sales assistant on a make-up counter. BLAH BLAH BLAH
   (Dietmar Brehm / Austria 2006 / 13 mins) Hotwiring history, the
   film-maker excavates his image bank of 16mm footage to reveal an
   archaeology of clandestine pursuits that hovers between ennui and
   agitation. Brehm's week beats your year. SURFACING (Barbara Sternberg /
   Canada 2005 / 10 mins) An exodus of ghostly footsteps pass through the
   frame beneath layers of scratched emulsion, suggesting the transience of
   being and a state of emergence beyond the everyday. AND WE ALL SHINE ON
   (Michael Robinson / USA 2006 / 7 mins) 'An ill wind is transmitting
   through the lonely night, its signals spreading myth and deception along
   its murky path. Conjuring a vision of a post-apocalyptic paradise, this
   unworldly broadcast reveals its hidden demons via layered landscapes and
   karaoke, singing the dangers of mediated spirituality.'

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

   Filmforum continues our 30th anniversary series with former director
   Mark Rance hosting INWARD & OUTWARD JOURNEYS - films by Sarah Miles and
   Laura Waddington – recent work from the UK. Sarah Miles's film "No
   Place" (2005) combines personal memories with documents of popular and
   contemporary culture to explore notions of femininity. Waddington's
   films "Cargo" (2001) and "Border" (2004) are visually stunning and
   atmospheric documentaries of remote peoples. General admission $9,
   students/seniors $6. Cash and check only

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
6:15, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St

   Jordan Belson: ALLURES (1961, 9 minutes); RE-ENTRY (1964, 6 minutes);
   CARAVAN (1952, 3 minutes); MANDALA (1953, 3 minutes); SÉANCE (1959, 4
   minutes); COSMOS (1969, 7 minutes); WORLD (1970, 7 minutes): "Our
   greatest abstract film poet: he has found how to combine the vision of
   the outer and the inner eye." –Gene Youngblood........and......Bruce
   Baillie: CASTRO STREET (1966, 10 minutes); ALL MY LIFE (1966, 3
   minutes); HERE I AM (1962, 11 minutes): Songs and poems of everyday
   reality. (Funding for the preservation and restoration of HERE I AM
   graciously provided by Sony Pictures
   Entertainment.).......and.......Douglass Crockwell: GLENS FALLS SEQUENCE
   (1964, 8 minutes): "The basic idea was to paint continuing pictures on
   various layers with plastic paint, adding at times and removing at
   times, and to a certain extent these early attempts were successful."

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8pm, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St

   Paris- and Rio-based Yann Beauvais and Edson Barrus will present recent
   videos and the premiere of a new collaboration. Beauvais, who founded
   Light Cone in Paris, is widely recognized for his work in film, video,
   and media installations, and for his theoretical writings and for
   curating experimental film and video worldwide. Edson Barrus, the
   founder of Res do Chão in Rio, is best known as a visual artist and
   curator of international reputation; he has recently turned his eye to
   video. Their works explore the people and rhythm of Rio de Janeiro
   (MAKING OFF); Tiananmen Square after a snowstorm (UNTITLED BEIJING), and
   the light and mood of Mount Sainte Victoire (ELSEWHERE). Videos to be
   shown: Edson Barrus MAKING OFF (2006, 21 min, video); Yann Beauvais SANS
   TITRE BEIJING / UNTITLED BEIJING (2006, 6 min, video); Yann Beauvais and
   Edson Barrus D'AILLEURS / ELSEWHERE (2006, 53 min, video).

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street at Third St.

   San Francisco Cinematheque @YBCA presents Winter Fire: Films by Hannes
   Schüpbach Hannes Schüpbach In Person Sunday, October 29, 7:30 pm $8
   regular /$6 Cinematheque members, students, seniors /$6 YBCA members
   With a meticulous attention to detail and exquisite sensuality, Hannes
   Schüpbach's beautifully photographed films are elegant weaves of color
   and light, forming meditative and precisely timed tapestries of wonder
   and revery. Similar to the rigorously lyrical works of Robert Beavers
   and Nathaniel Dorsky, Schüpbach's films transcend their diaristic
   origins and present the world anew, as luminous silent mystery. He joins
   us tonight from his native Switzerland to present Toccata, Falten and
   Winter Feuer.


London, England: London Film Festival
7pm, ICA Theatre, The Mall, SW1

   New York artists Luis Recoder + Sandra Gibson create innovative and
   engaging light works in which they interact with and manipulate the
   projected image. Though their work is grounded in cinema, it goes beyond
   an understanding of what film is, taking into consideration the
   architecture and conditions of the performing / viewing situation and
   the physical and emotional presence of light itself. From the inventive
   ways that they create images on the film strip to the use of multiple
   projection in live performance, Recoder + Gibson are two of the most
   vital young artists active in the field of 'expanded cinema'. Rarely
   seen in the UK, their work has been featured in the Whitney Biennial and
   many major festivals. This untitled piece was developed in collaboration
   with experimental musician Daniel Menche and first presented at 'Kill
   Your Timid Notion' in Dundee earlier this year. The performance uses
   multiple 16mm projectors and an ingenious method of refracting and
   transforming the beams of light. As the work unfolds, Recoder + Gibson
   subtly manipulate the projectors, creating a constantly changing and
   hypnotic sequence of abstract imagery reminiscent of Rothko and colour
   field painting. Please Note: Arrive Early ! This piece will be running
   as an installation from 19.00 and will shift into the live performance
   sometime after 19.30. The performance will be between 60-90 minutes


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St

   Storefront for Art and Architecture is committed to the advancement of
   innovative positions in art, architecture and design, embraces cinema
   and highlights its significant role in representing the built
   environment. The works in INTERSTICES explore the space between
   presentation and representation, between data and fact, experience and
   ideology and proliferate possible connections of gestures to affects,
   and affects to perceptions. The foregrounding of interstice calls
   attention to the processing of images, revealing how random intervals of
   images can be made into a sequence by merely juxtaposing them.
   INTERSTICES is divided into a three-part film series spanning Oct-Dec.
   and includes recorded performances of Pia Lindman. Each screening has a
   sub-theme reflecting Lindman's work and echoing her artistic interests.
   Day One: Mediated Gestures: Pia Lindman VIDEO COMP OF "NEW YORK TIMES"
   PERFORMANCES (2005, 12 min); Jean-Luc Godard HISTOIRE(S) DU CINEMA
   (1988-98, Pt. IV Pt. B: Les signes parmi nous, 28 min); Charlotte Pryce
   "X" (1988, 6 min); Pat O'Neill TROUBLE WITH THE IMAGE (1996, 38 min);
   Garine Torossian GIRL FROM MOUSH (1993, 5.5 min)

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers
7:30, Albright College

   EL (This Strange Passion) (1953, 92 min.) by LUIS BUNUEL- A subversive
   Surrealist masterpiece masked as a soap opera. "I worked as I always did
   in Mexico: a film was proposed to me and instead of accepting it
   outright I tried to work out a counterproposal. Though my proposal was
   still commercial, it nevertheless seemed a better way of expressing some
   of the things I wanted to say."- Bunuel. "Released at the pinnacle of
   his prolific Mexican period, El remains one of Luis Buñuel's crowning
   achievements. "Ironically, there's absolutely nothing Mexican about Él;
   it's simply the portrait of a paranoiac, who, like a poet, is born, not
   made," says the director in his autobiography. Though set in Mexico and
   ripe with authentic details from daily life, Él is less a portrait of
   machismo gone awry than it is a brutal and absurd glimpse at one man's
   runaway paranoia." Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine (Spanish with English


Chicago, Illinois: Video Data Bank
6pm, SAIC Auditorium, 280 S. Columbus Drive

   To coincide with the launch of a special Video Data Bank DVD
   compilation, The World of George Kuchar, the artist and his friend and
   colleague Anne McGuire appear together on stage for a conversation
   encompassing art, food, and life.

London, England: London Film Festival
9pm, NFT 1, National Film Theatre, Waterloo, SE1

   BANDITS OF ORGOSOLO (Vittorio de Seta / Italy 1961 / 98 mins) Newly
   restored by Italy's L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory, in co-operation
   with the Cineteca Nazionale in Rome - and unveiled to huge acclaim at
   this year's Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival in Bologna - Bandits of
   Orgosolo (together with the director's earlier short documentaries) -
   reveals Vittorio De Seta as a true master of post-war Italian cinema.
   His own photographer and scriptwriter, Sicilian-born De Seta tells (in
   the words of passionate admirer Martin Scorsese) 'a simple story: a
   shepherd, unjustly accused of a crime, is chased through an arid and
   silent landscape. His sheep starve, and, destitute, he is forced to
   become a bandit'. Set on the mountains of Barbagia, in Sardinia, and
   using local, non-professional actors, the film 'reveals an archaic
   world, unspoiled by society. Its people speak an ancient dialect and...
   see the modern world as foreign and hostile'. Neorealism, says Scorsese,
   has been taken to another level by De Seta, as if he 'were an
   anthropologist who spoke with the voice of a poet'. Moving but
   unsentimental, harsh yet caring, and beautifully photographed by De Seta
   in black-and-white, Bandits is a film not to be missed by those yet
   untouched by De Seta's unique voice.

New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
7:30, 32 Second Ave @ 2nd St

   Overture for KA MOUNTAIN AND GUARDenia TERRACE (Robert Wilson, 1972, 80
   min, 16mm, silent. Filmmaker Unknown) was performed live by Robert
   Wilson and the Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds at 147 Spring Street, New
   York City, for six hours each day, from 6 to 9 AM and from 6 to 9 PM,
   between April 24 and April 30, 1972. The sizeable cast featured such
   downtown luminaries as dance critic and poet Edwin Denby, dancer Andy De
   Groat, theater critic Stefan Brecht, and the director's grandmother,
   Alma Hamilton. This new preservation print was made directly from the
   camera-original 16mm recently discovered in Anthology's basement along
   with a group of empty film cans. Archivists at Anthology and The New
   York Public Library for the Performing Arts (the repository of the
   Robert Wilson Audio/Visual Collection) were able to salvage the film and
   identified it as the most extensive extant documentation of OVERTURE. No
   soundtrack has surfaced for this film, but its majestic images and wild
   inventiveness are like a music all their own. This encore screening will
   be a definite event for all Wilson aficionados as well as the
   uninitiated. *A discussion will follow the screening.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario
6:30 p.m., Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317 Dundas Street West

   Cinematheque Ontario presents THE FREE SCREEN (formerly The
   Independents). The Free Screen is your window on the vast and rewarding,
   but often overlooked, world of unconventional, non-commercial cinema -
   those films and videos made by committed artists working outside of
   mainstream channels of production and distribution. These artists prefer
   to work free from the restrictive aesthetic conventions and commercial
   concerns of the movie business, a position which allows them to explore
   the possibilities of the art of cinema to the fullest. The Free Screen
   presents work by artists engaged in fields ranging from avant-garde film
   and animation to hybrid documentaries, essay films and video art, often
   with the artists in attendance to present their work. - Chris Gehman,
   Free Screen programmer."Gunvor Nelson's poetically expansive work. . . .
   has made her one of the most experimental of artists, with no definable
   'style,' but rather a sustained aesthetic illumination of such elusive
   and intimate matters as childhood, aging, displacement, memory, women's
   roles, death, and the symbolic forces of nature" (Museum of Modern Art,
   New York). Swedish-born filmmaker Gunvor Nelson was a key figure in the
   vibrant American West Coast film scene from the mid-Sixties through the
   early Nineties, when she returned to her native Sweden, where she has
   continued to work in film, video, painting and drawing. The creator of
   several classics of personal cinema, Nelson has been a restless
   filmmaker, forever moving in new directions. This second programme of
   Gunvor Nelson's work is comprised exclusively of recent videos,
   beginning with TRACE ELEMENTS (Sweden, 2003, 10 min. video), a reflexive
   work that "highlight[s] the act of shooting based on the idea that the
   active, ever-searching camera never quite finds its target" (Nelson). In
   the surprising and mesmerizing epic TRUE TO LIFE (Sweden, 2005, 38 min.
   video), the garden becomes a site for a literal confrontation between
   camera and nature, while NEW EVIDENCE (Sweden, 1999, 22 min. video)
   presents material from the installation Collected Evidence: 52 Weeks.
   All screenings in this series are FREE, non-ticketed events. Programming
   suggestions and submissions are welcome. All Cinematheque Ontario
   screenings are held at the Art Gallery of Ontario's Jackman Hall, 317
   Dundas St. West, Toronto (McCaul Street entrance). All screenings are
   restricted to individuals 18 years of age or older. For more
   information, visit the Official website,, the
   year-round Box Office at Manulife Centre (55 Bloor Street West, main
   floor, north entrance), or call 416-968-FILM.


For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.