Lost in Light : 8mm / super 8 film -> video transfer project

From: Kath O'Donnell (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 27 2006 - 23:42:53 PDT

Hi guys, I'm not sure if you're still using 8mm film in your work, but if so
you might be interested in the Lost in Light project. (though I just noticed
a few recent posts on the topic of transfers so this could be useful to
those people..)

Lost in Light project team are raising money to buy an 8mm/super 8 film to
video transfer system. They accept 8mm/super 8 films submissions and
transfer them to video for you for free as long as they can post them to
their site & Internet Archive ( archive.org) also. This creates an archive
of 8mm/super 8 films before they become lost & also helps give the films a
new life and audience.

There's also videos about the project by the project team which a worth a
look for more info. The project is based in the US but they are accepting
submissions from overseas also.

The Have Money Will Vlog site is a site used to raise money for interesting
projects such as this one (they've done some cool ones in the past). If
you're interested in making a donation or submitting some film, visit the
links below.

http://havemoneywillvlog.com/ = pledge site

 http://lostinlight.org/ = project site

video about the project:
quicktime version = http://blip.tv/file/get/Lostinlight-Proposal448.mov
flash version = http://blip.tv/file/get/Lostinlight-Proposal865.flv
windows media version = http://blip.tv/file/get/Lostinlight-Proposal713.wmv

info from the hmwv site :

"This is a project about the 8mm film format. But 8mm is dead, you say? On
the contrary! Not only is the format alive with innovation by filmmakers
around the world, but hours and hours of Super 8 and regular 8mm film exist
in attics and basements the world over—as home movies, educational films,
works of art—that is slowly fading from the historical record.

We're here to preserve that record before these films are lost, and to make
those films available for viewing by the public and for use by artists
seeking new, compelling footage. Lost in Light <http://lostinlight.org/> is
a project devoted to preserving, showcasing, and celebrating films created
on the small-gauge 8mm film format.

To that end, we will provide free Super 8 and 8mm to video transfers to
anyone who asks, in exchange for posting their video to the Lost in Light
site and on the Internet Archive with their choice of Creative
Commons licenses. In addition, Lost in Light will include articles and
features by members of the filmmaking and film preservation communities,
video tutorials for making 8mm films, as well as creative work, all with the
goal of preserving and championing this important film format.

The site will have a soft launch with some content as soon as funding is
available, with a full, hard launch set for January 2007."

(I'm on the hmwv team maillist so can vouch for the project - I said I'd
send out the info to some Aus/NZ/film lists to help out.)

apologies for x-posts
have fun!

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.