Re: Yann Beauvais and Edson Barrus US mini-tour

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 21 2006 - 10:14:08 PDT

Hi Keith and all,

"Yann Beauvais has not been in the US for many years"
Actually, he was at Los Angeles Filmforum in March 2004. Does 2.5 years
count as "many?" Or maybe Los Angeles isn't in the US ;-)

But the more important point is that it was a delightful evening, and I
highly recommend that you lucky Northeasterners to attend these evenings.
And we're Aneglenos envy your opportunity to see him and Edson Barrus.

Best regards,
Adam Hyman
Los Angeles Filmforum

On 10/20/06 7:32 PM, "Keith Sanborn" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Yann Beauvais and Edson Barrus are doing a mini-tour around the
> Northeastern US.
> For those who will be in New York, Yann Beauvais will be doing a solo
> show at Millennium tomorrow, Saturday October 21 at 8pm.
> Yann will be at Princeton on October 24 at 4:30pm in the Jimmy Stewart
> Theater.
> Yann will be in Boston doing a show with Edson Barrus October 25 at
> MassArt, I believe at 8pm.
> On Sunday October 29, he and Edson will be doing a show at Anthology
> Film Archives in New York at 8pm.
> On November 1, they will be in Buffalo at Hallwalls I think at 8pm
> and finally at Bard College on November 3 at 8pm.
> Each program will be different, so if you see Yann's show at
> Millennium, be sure to see his show with Edson at Anthology.
> Yann Beauvais has not been in the US for many years and Edson Barrus
> has been here only once. Those of you who attended the Avant-garde
> sidebar of the NY Film Festival will likely remember Barrus's "This
> is my heart."
> All works were made in video. Most of them are recent and have never
> been previously seen in the US.
> Keith Sanborn
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