Re: sprocket repair

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Date: Thu Oct 19 2006 - 09:53:46 PDT

A. Lampert wrote:
> Another
> method is to use double sprocket pre-perforated 16mm
> tape. Cut off as much as you need but keep in mind
> that the more frames you try to mend at once the more
> difficult it is to apply. You basically need to try
> and line the perfs on the tape up with the perfs on
> the film and lay it in place. You then flip the film
> over and do the same thing with the other set of
> perfs. Press the whole thing together and use a razor
> blade to trim the tape to the edge of the film. Then
> you have to get into the perf itself and make sure
> there is no tape hanging or covering the edge of the
> sprockets. Make sure that when you run your fingers
> along the repaired side of the damaged area that it
> feels smooth and projectable. You gotta have clean
> hands while doing this otherwise you’ll tape in
> schmutz.

This is a great suggestion for perf damage that is minimal, say a few perfs.

There's a pic of this in Malkwiewicz's Cinematography (second ed, pg 169).
The pics shows the tape being trimmed right on a Rivas-style splicer.

Andy D. - you might post a request for a perf repair machine on
eFilm-Center. I see some posted up there every so often. Otherwise,


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