Re: manufacturing/making film

From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Oct 18 2006 - 20:02:26 PDT

There are a few pages dedicated to this topic in the
Kodak publication, THE BOOK OF FILM CARE. It's not,
like, step by step instructions but it's interesting
to think of those cotton lint fibers and wood pulp
reduced to liquid (called "dope") and poured "through
a ery narrow slit onto uge highlly polished wheels."
(This is pre-Estar base. Are you thinking of making

The book also has a section, "What if Film Had not
Been Invented?"

Really. Where would we be?

steve polta

--- Hans Michaud <email suppressed> wrote:

> This has probably popped up before on this list, but
> at the risk of
> repetition, I'm posting this question:
> Does anyone know of a website/book/library etc that
> has instructions as
> to the manufacturing of motion picture film? I'm
> talking about the
> chemistry, the process, the whole bit. I'm not going
> to start making
> film in my basement or anything (at least not yet);
> however, I've been
> curious as to the actual "recipe" for quite some
> time. Google doesn't
> seem to come up with anything relevant, although it
> may be that I'm
> wording my search insufficiently.
> Thanks in advance,
> Hans Michaud
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