Re: views on Views from the Avant-Garde Part 2

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 22:06:00 PDT

Thanks Bill for your comments. It would be great to hear from others,
just reactions to what they've seen.
We couldalways use more of that on Frameworks, especially about newer
films that don't have a body of writing around them!

I've noticed that there's more historical material too, but I'm not
sure it's so unbalanced.
In truth, there are more programs than there used to be, so it's as
if the historical is necessarily pushing out newer work.

This year there were 9 different programs (Guy Maddin's Brand Upon
the Brain screened twice)
with 5 programs of contemporary work.

Summary of past years :

2004 & 2005 10 programs
2003 6 programs
2002 8 programs
2001 5 programs
1999 & 2000 4 programs

So really there's more being shown than there used to be, and about
the same in terms of new work.
I'm not sure this is so terrible.

While it's true that Saul Levine or Anger could be show at Anthology
or elsewhere, as makers, I'm sure we'd agree that having our work
screened at Lincoln Center reaches a different (and maybe larger?)

I think it's great the NYFF is showing so much experimental work. It
still isn't like Rotterdam, which shows tons, seemingly every day.
But here in NY I'm a little overwhelmed by 6 or 8 or 10 shows in 2
That's actually too much in too little time.... But I have the
hometown disadvantage--many other things to do. When visiting
festivals in other cities, I'm there for the films alone....

As for Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain, which screened on
Sunday--it was certainly a Maddin tour deforce! With the live
orchestra, the amazing foley artists, and the narration by Isabella
Rossellini, well, it was one of those special events, and I'm glad I
was able to be there. In some ways watching the foley artists was my
favorite part. But then I'd miss some on-screen intertitle or
action. If you get the chance to see this in the live version, don't
miss it!

Stephen Kent Jusick

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