Grandfather Trilogy; Free Film Screening, Columbia, SC

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 08:34:52 PDT

Missed the weekly listings.

Hi Everybody.

Free film screening this weekend at the Hollywood
Neighborhood Park (300 Gregg St. - off of Rosewood),
on Saturday October 21 shortly after sundown (around
7.30). Bring a chair or a blanket and sit in the
grass - the weather says it’ll be a clear day and not
at all cold. Here’s some info on the film (grabbed
from last year’s Views listings):

 “The Grandfather Trilogy is a portrait of Allen
Ross’s grandfather in Bowling Green, South Carolina.
It is described as a ‘profoundly moving work, an
attempt to come to terms with death as an event in the
living world...The films abound with images which
suggest stasis, absence, silence, horizontality,
oneness with the earth: a catalog of the conditions of
death from the point of view of the living.’” -
Nosowitz, Millenium Film Journal

The Grandfather Trilogy was preserved by Chicago
Filmmakers, with funding from the National Film
Preservation Foundation. Preservation work done by
Bill Brand (BB Optics). Project coordination by
archivist Carolyn Faber and Chicago Filmmakers'
Executive Director Brenda Webb.

-Josh Mabe

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