Re: Walter Reade HD projection

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 18:52:12 PDT

> Jennifer Reeves piece was shown on a different playback deck
> brought in at the last moment. I believe the Reeve's piece may have
> come in on a mini- dv sized HDV.

Yes, thats true - she told me that.

> The projector used for Jennifer Reeves piece and for all the video
> works regardless of format was a Christi Roadster S6 with black chip.
> This is all I know at present. Your technical expertise exceeds
> mine. But if you have a more specific question or this answer is
> inadequate I can get the answers for you.
> How did it look?

Thanks for the answer ! I don't claim too much technical expertise
here at all -- this is very new turf for me, hence my questions. I
thought Jennifer's piece looked great, actually. Although I'm not
sure what to compare it to exactly, and haven't seen it in any other
venue (well it was premiere) or form.

For me to say much more would be to go into a whole aesthetics of HD.
Plus how film interacts with it.

I want to do this but need to collect my thoughts..... suffice to say
for now, I came away from that pretty much convinced if any kind of
real art is going to come out of a HD environment / practice, the
input / contributions of "our community" so to speak are going to be
vital, necessary even.

Thanks for the info !


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