Re: Menken's Arabesque

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 08:08:59 PDT

> In the Alhambra there is a small domed room just off one corner of
> the Courtyard of Lions that is probably the most amazing acoustic
> environment I've ever heard. All of the quieter joys you may have
> experienced inside other domes (or similarly shaped curved
> ceilings) but much tighter, more delicate, and more focused. Walk
> to the middle and tap your foot in a steady slow beat and with the
> echoes it sounds like a drum roll. There are many amazing sights in
> the Alhambra, but this is an amazing "listen."

Hi Tom; next time you're there, you wanna record some Impulse /
Responses for me ? ;-)


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