Re: Craig Baldwin's TRIBULATION 99 on DVD (at last)

From: James Kreul (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 05 2006 - 19:30:04 PDT

No scorching here...I for one am glad to get these kinds of updates. People
should also check out another Other Cinema DVD recent release: Anxious
Animation with works by Lewis Klahr and Janie Geiser and others.

James Kreul
University of North Carolina Wilmington
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On 10/5/06 8:49 PM, "craig baldwin" <email suppressed> wrote:

> well, noel, i guess it is a done deal, but that is gonna be seen as spam,
> and we are gonna be scorched, and so i will ask you not to do that again!!!
> Craig Baldwin
>> (San Francisco, CA) OCD proudly announces the upcoming release of Craig
>> Baldwin‚s TRIBULATION 99. After years of popular demand, the film will be
>> available on DVD November 28, 2006.
>> Upon its release in 1991, TRIBULATION 99 became an instant counter-culture
>> classic. Baldwin‚s „pseudo-pseudo-documentary‰ presents a factual
>> chronicle of US intervention in Latin America in the form of the ultimate
>> far-right conspiracy theory, combining covert action, environmental
>> catastrophe, space aliens, cattle mutilations, killer bees, religious
>> prophecy, doomsday diatribes, and just about every other crackpot theory
>> broadcast through the dentures of the modern paranoiac.

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