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Date: Wed Oct 04 2006 - 12:27:35 PDT


2x Kodak Bi-focal converters for Kodak Pageant projector. One side is 2.5"
the other side is 1.625" (about 40/42mm).
$75 each + shipping.

1x ISCO Vario-Kiptaron MC 35-65mm f1.3 in Kinoton/Philips/Norelco mount
(42mm). This lens I've used on an Eiki projector with a tapped set screw.
The barrel surface is smooth, but one could have a machine shop cut
ridges, like the Eiki lens. This lens is much sharper and has better
contrast than stock Eiki or Kowa lenses.
$165 + shipping

1x Buhl 1.5" f1.6 lens for Graflex-Kalart-RCA 400-Ampro projectors.
$65 + shipping.

2x Eiki 50mm f1.2 projector lens.
$15 shipping included

5x plastic shipping containers, 400'.
$5 each + postage

1x Miller std wooden sticks, 100mm bowl. No head, no spreader.
$40 + shipping

Buyer pays shipping on all items, except where noted. I can accept Paypal.
Fees will be added
to the sales price.


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