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Date: Sun Oct 01 2006 - 22:07:13 PDT

I would hazard a guess that it's Terrence Malick. He called me a couple of
months ago with this same request. I did refer him to someone, but I asked
that person first if it was ok. I certainly don't want to speak for Cindy.
Maybe I'm wrong, and it isn't Malick she's talking about. I'm just
responding to Jennifer's post, which I totally agree with. Malick implied he
wanted a collaboration, not just clips from existing work, but I figured
that was bullshit.

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> dear frameworkers,
> i am usually quiet on frameworks, except when i mistakenly post a personal
> email to someone. but i was bothered by this call for work. this is an
> example of the usual mystification in which Major Motion Pictures shroud
> themselves: not revealing what movie it is, and essentially asking
> experimental filmmakers to submit their work blind to be incorporated, nay
> digested, by a big, unknown movie higher up on the foodchain. and perhaps
> believing they are conferring an unusual privilege in the process.
> needless to say, most experimental filmmakers could really use the cash,
> but is it worth it to allow your work, or worse yet, a fragment of your
> work, to be inserted willy-nilly into a context about which you know
> nothing? mainstream movies are already notorious for appropriating
> avant-garde film techniques for mass consumption, without so much as a nod
> to the inventors of these techniques. while in some ways this call could
> be read as a step in the right direction, because it proposes to buy our
> films, in another way it is more invidious: take the whole thing and use
> it any which way money can buy. the films' authenticity is not guaranteed
> just because the material is original. context is everything.
> i'm sure i'm stating the obvious, but it rubbed me the wrong way so i
> thought i'd speak up.
> -jennifer m.
> On Sun, October 1, 2006 10:44 pm, C Keefer wrote:
>> Dear Frameworkers: no submission fee
>> Center for Visual Music (CVM) invites submissions of specific abstract
>> and
>> experimental
>> film/video/digital moving image work for a major Hollywood Feature Film.
>> CVM is consulting for a major motion picture project which will include
>> segments
>> of abstract and experimental film. We are seeking imagery of the
>> following
>> kinds
>> (note, these are different categories, your work does not need to qualify
>> in all of these categories, one or more is sufficient).
>> a) Abstract, non-representational work with mysterious, suggestive
>> elements
>> b) Experimental or abstract work suggesting organic processes
>> c) Abstract, non-representational imagery that metaphorically
>> suggests molecular,
>> subatomic, natural and/or cosmological processes and phenomena
>> d) Spiritually-inspired abstract imagery, such as that which is
>> inspired by Buddhist
>> or Taoist beliefs or using sacred imagery
>> e) Abstract Visualizations of music in which the visuals have an
>> organic, mysterious,
>> spiritual or suggestive element
>> Work which is not entirely abstract or experimental yet incorporates some
>> of the above elements may also be submitted. It is not necessary for the
>> work to be Visual Music, though we encourage this type of work also. Work
>> may be created on film, video or digitally; there is no format limitation
>> other than it must be moving image work. Cameraless work is very welcome.
>> Work selected for the final 35mm motion picture will be reformatted as
>> necessary. Older work will also be considered, there are no date of
>> completion limitations, and no running time limitations.
>> In some cases, works selected for the motion picture may be licensed as
>> excerpts
>> (not necessarily the entire film), and imagery may also possibly be
>> licensed as visuals only, without its original music. (Therefore, if you
>> have not cleared your music, this is not a requirement).
>> There is no submission fee. Artists are encouraged to submit for this
>> first call, by the DEADLINE OF NOVEMBER 6, 2006. (Note, work is viewed in
>> the order received). Another call for submissions may occur after this,
>> depending on materials received.
>> For those works selected to be licensed for the film, the artists will
>> receive payment
>> and their names will be included in the credits of the motion picture.
>> If
>> your
>> work is selected, you will be contacted regarding licensing, permissions
>> and master material.
>> Artists may be contacted directly by the motion picture production
>> company.
>> Work must be submitted on DVD (NTSC or PAL, region 1 or region-free), or
>> VHS (NTSC). If your work is only available for viewing on a film format
>> and you would like to submit, please contact us in advance at Cvmaccess
>> (at)
>> Please do not submit through urls, as we are unable to sufficiently judge
>> the quality
>> of your work through a url.
>> Please label each DVD or tape and its case with name of Filmmaker, title
>> of work(s)
>> and contact info.
>> Please also include the following information with your submission(s):
>> Name and Full Contact Info (email, mailing address, telephone, your
>> website address if you have one).
>> Please include Title, running time, year completed, sound or silent,
>> brief synopsis
>> (if available), and a note re its original format of creation, and
>> formats of availability
>> (for example, 16mm, Digibeta, Beta SP, DVCam, MiniDV, DVD, QuickTime or
>> file formats,
>> HDcam, etc).
>> For Video formats, please indicate NTSC or PAL
>> You may also include a bio/CV and other descriptive materials, though
>> these
>> are not required and cannot be returned.
>> Center for Visual Music
>> Attn: Film Project Submissions
>> 453 South Spring Street
>> Los Angeles, CA 90013
>> USA
>> Due to volume of submissions, we are unable to return DVDs and vhs tapes.
>> About CVM:
>> Center for Visual Music is a nonprofit archive dedicated to visual music,
>> experimental animation and avant-garde media. CVM's programs include
>> preservation, exhibition, research and distribution. CVM recently
>> produced
>> the new Oskar Fischinger: Ten Films DVD, and Jordan Belson's new film
>> Epilogue (2005). CVM has consulted and provided films/videos for projects
>> and exhibitions including the recent Hirshhorn/Smithsonian and MOCA LA
>> Visual Music exhibition. Films/videos from its collections have screened
>> at venues worldwide including Lincoln Center (New York), MOCA LA, Centre
>> Pompidou (Paris), Hirshhorn Museum, The Louvre, Tate (UK), British Film
>> Institute, International Film Festival Rotterdam, UCLA, Guggenheim Museum
>> (New York), LACMA, Redcat Theatre (Los Angeles), Pacific Film Archive,
>> Kunsthalle Zurich, Los Angeles Film Forum, ZKM Karlsruhe, Yerba Buena
>> Center for the Arts and many other venues worldwide. CVM's online store
>> offers Visual Music, animation and avant-garde film!
>> on DVD and videotape.
>> For more information contact:
>> Cvmaccess (at)
>> best regards,
>> Cindy Keefer
>> Director
>> Center for Visual Music
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>> For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.
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> For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.