Re: CVM CALL FOR WORK: Cadavre Exquis

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Oct 01 2006 - 22:34:45 PDT

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006, Montgomery, Jennifer R. wrote:

> ... while in some ways this call could
> be read as a step in the right direction, because it proposes to buy our
> films, in another way it is more invidious: take the whole thing and use
> it any which way money can buy. the films' authenticity is not guaranteed
> just because the material is original. context is everything. ...
> ... -jennifer m.

         jennifer & others,

         I really do appreciate what you're saying
         here, but for some reason, am I wrong in
         sensing that I'm feeling a little bit
         of a reactionary vibe _against_ the
         "major big & faceless hollywood" machine ?
         moreso than the fear of loss of meaning
         through the mash-up process, which I
         liken a bit more to an exquisite corpse,
         or, "cadavre exquis" so to speak.

         Now, I just wonder what's really the
         issue here ? I suspect that its okay,
         to have whatever feeling, but I feel that
         had cindy sent out the request for a
         project of the same shaping that CVM
         was working on personally, or if anyone
         of "significance" that we know
         and trust from this collective were
         working on the similiar project, that
         its possible that there wouldn't have
         been the same "reaction" ...

         while I don't know cindy, personally
         or historically, there's something
         about her that I instinctively trust.
         Instinctually, I hate "the man" as much
         as I think anyone with their senses
         and faculties should healthfully allow.
         At the same time, I do believe in a
         form of universality and if, for instance,
         the only hold back is that this work
         would potentially work its way into
         a project at hollywood scale, I can't
         see why thats so different, at a
         fundamental core, than say, doing
         something that would work its way
         into anthology, or the tank, or
         someothersuch (each of which someone
         on this list at some time or other
         has had some "issues" with).

         Maybe its the loss of control ?
         A feeling that hollywood has been
         "whoring out" the experimental community
         long enough ... maybe
         there are some other issues here that
         I'm misunderstanding or have not
         been expressed ?


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