DVD release

From: jason livingston (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 12:19:55 PDT

Hi all, time for a plug...

I now have a DVD for sale. It includes UNDER FOOT & OVERSTORY and also THE
TWO BOYS. Very reasonably priced, I think, for these 2 pieces ($20
individual/$60 institutional). You can visit this page for more information
or contact me off-list.


Please, if you are a teacher or otherwise connected to a university,
consider ordering a copy through your library at the institutional price.
Thanks! Enjoy the weekend -

About Under Foot & Overstory
Winner of a Jury Prize, New York Underground Film Festival, 2005
"If Jason Livingston were a lady, I would screen this film at MadCat."
- Ariella Ben-Dov, MadCat Women's International Film Festival
 "A very intriguing documentary with a visceral audio-visual energy I really 
enjoyed. Though it is about a potential parkland rather than the Vietnam War 
or Millhouse, stylistically it has much in common with the work of Emile de 
Antonio. Unlike the majority of de Antonio's work, however, this film was 
wonderfully charged bursts of cinematic poetry." - David Bryant, Portland, 
 “UNDER FOOT & OVERSTORY is a playful and poetic portrait of an Iowa 
City-based group of environmentalists who work together to protect 200 acres 
of urban parkland...but first they must write their mission statement… 
revealing a love of nature, group dynamics, and wordplay.”– Kathy Geritz, 
Pacific Film Archive
About The Two Boys
Artistic Director’s Award for Poet of the Cinema, Cinematexas 2000
“THE TWO BOYS is one of my favorite perfect films, and by that I mean that 
it lives up to the promise of cinema by managing a set of unwieldy 
tensions--between video and film, text and image, fiction and lyric—with 
impressive mastery and undeniable joy.”
-Rebekah Rutkoff, New York City
"Jason Livingston knows a romantic heart beats inside of every
scavenger.  In THE TWO BOYS he shows us that organ.  Fragments are
offered arms outstretched hands open to the sky eyes wide with a
child's wonder: look!  The work shapes document into story, shifts
objects into recovered memories as humor sifts analysis, and emotion
accumulates in the sieve.  As always, Livingston is at his most
imaginative in his leaps from image to sound and back again. Listen:
the song of the sea sung in honor of absent Gods: something founders,
someone is saved.  THE TWO BOYS is Livingston's most emotionally
direct – and devastating – work.  It shows a maker in complete command
of his ideas and materials."
-David Gatten, Brooklyn
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