Slack Video in Hull

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 01:25:57 PDT

Hiya Rob!

Was it you I met in Hull last night?

If so it was really nice to meet you and I'm really,
really sorry if I was a bit distracted. I'd hardly had
any sleep, (2 hours last night too! Seem to be making
a habit of it!) and I had a really bad time last
night and I'm still a bit "reel"-ing (*groan*) from
everything that happened. I also wanted to say goodbye
before I left but that never happened either. So I'm
just writing to you now to try and make up for that
and to give you my apologies.

Must say what a friendly place Hull was too! Everyone
seemed really friendly and nice when we arrived we got
a great welcome from the Slack video people,
especially Gary who seemed really, really nice and
even introduced me to a new soft drink! :)

Maybe one day I will return to your fair city in nicer
circumstances. :)

Good Luck with your films, and of course music.



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