Re: Andres Deinum (was Joris Ivens Question)

From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 17:26:59 PDT

A little anecdote for those not lucky enough to have known Andres.
This is a story he told one day in class.

Louis Malle's film "The Lovers" was scheduled to open at a theater in
Portland when the Portland DA (and future mayor) Terry Shrunk decided
to block its opening under obscenity laws. A local lawyer decided to
challenge Shrunk on the matter and he decided he needed a film-
knowledgeable person to act as a witness in support of the film, so
he asked Andres if he would be that person. Andres agreed.

Once in court, Shrunk got up and went on a tirade about the
corruption of American values by degenerate Europeans. That films
like this should not be allowed in American theaters because the
public needed to be protected from such filth. Apparently he went on
for some time in this vein. Once he was done with his initial
argument, the first witness for the defense was called.

As his first witness, the defense called Andres. Andres went to the
stand, was sworn in, and the defense attorney asked Andres why he
thought the film was not obscene and why it should be allowed to be
screened. Andres replied, "Vell, de vay I see dees matter shuld be

He didn't even need to finish the story. We were all laughing


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