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From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 14:28:22 PDT


When the Center for the Moving Image was functioning at PSU there
were two instructors: Tom Taylor and Andres Deinum. Tom taught
production and Andres taught "Film & Society" and "The Art of Film,"
or more theoretical courses in other words. Before coming to America
and becoming Fritz Lang's assistant in Hollywood (and later being
blacklisted), Andres was Joris Ivens' assistant in Holland. There
were several Ivens films in the PSU library at the time but I'd find
it hard to believe they were still there. Still, it's worth checking.

Andres died some time ago, but Tom is still in Portland and he might
have info on where those prints ended up. Also, Brooke... I'm spacing
on her last name at the moment.. is now teaching some film-related
courses at PSU from my understanding. She was a very close friend of
Andres and still remains close to Tom, so she may also have an idea
where these prints might have ended up. For all I know they may have
been Andres' private prints and were part of his estate. Oh! I think
her name is Brooke Jacobson (Jacobsen?). I remember seeing her at the
Su Friedrich screening you guys did awhile back so you probably know
who I am talking about.

Hope that helps. Valparaiso is a wonderful film, as are several of
his other films, of course. I remember Andres screening a great film
that I think was called "Zuidersee" (probably mis-spelled) about the
reclamation of land through dyke building. It was made very close to
the time Ivens made "Regen." Boy, was I lucky taking those classes
and having such great instructors teaching them! I also really really
liked "Le Mistral" and "Spanish Earth." Oy! I'm having a flashback!


On Sep 26, 2006, at 1:34 PM, Jeremy Rossen wrote:

> Does anyone know where to find Joris Ivens "...A VALPARAISO"? Is
> there a 16mm print as well or only 35mm?
> Jeremy Rossen
> Portland, Oregon

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