Ed Halter rocks!!!!

From: Kevin John (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 21:38:58 PDT

This is just to let y'all know how much Ed Halter rocks for his programming
genius at Cinematexas this week here in Austin. Sadly, I had the opportunity to
see only one program, an evening of remarkable shorts by Luther Price who
kept the death of film so fabulously alive. And Luther Price himself - what a
presence! He did a Q/A afterwards and it was really captivating to watch him
pause before answering each question, a seemingly endless moment because you
couldn't predict how he would take the question. And you know - I'm still not sure
how he took the questions. For better or worse, you should feel bad that you
weren't there.

Anyhoo, Ed, I salute you.


Kevin John

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