This week [September 24 - October 1, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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This week [September 24 - October 1, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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"Birth" by Ryan Seslow
"Zeek Shares the Universe" by Ryan Seslow

Distillery Open Studios Screenings (South Boston, MA USA; Deadline: September 13, 2006)
K Filmfest (Antwerpen; Deadline: September 30, 2006)
Cinematic CD FILM2MUSIC Competition (Los Angeles, CA USA; Deadline: November 01, 2006)

SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL (Park City, Utah, U.S.A; Deadline: October 10, 2006)
SF IndieFest (San Francisco CA; Deadline: October 13, 2006)
Abrasions: Architecture and Accident (San Francisco, CA USA; Deadline: September 30, 2006)
LiveBox Gallery (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: October 01, 2006)
ArtsUnion (Somerville, MA, USA; Deadline: October 03, 2006)
Research Spaces 3: Topos - The Moving Image between Art and Architecture (London, UK; Deadline: October 10, 2006)
OpenLens Festival (Eugene, Oregon; Deadline: October 27, 2006)
K Filmfest (Antwerpen; Deadline: September 30, 2006)

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 * Passage Through: A Ritual [September 24, Columbia, SC]
 * Mark Street In Person With "Rockaway" [September 24, Los Angeles]
 * Lucca Film Festival [September 24, Lucca]
 * New York Experimental [September 24, New York, New York]
 * Maquilapolis [September 24, San Francisco, California]
 * Cinema Project Presents Chris Markers "Le Fond De L'air Est Rouge" [September 26, Portland, Oregon]
 * Mulholland Drive [September 26, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Wishing Worlds [September 26, San Francisco, California]
 * Latenight Film Emporium iv [September 26, Vancouver, British Columbia]
 * A Quiet Storm: Live Music Set To Silent Films
 [September 27, San Francisco, California]
 * Wpa\C Experimental Media Series 2 - Cowboys, Cliches, Codes, &
    Conspiracies [September 27, Washington, DC]
 * Kelly Reichardt: Old Joy [September 28, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Slack video and Friends Present : Cuts From the Fringe iii [September 28, Kingston upon Hull, UK]
 * "Two Wrenching Departures" By Ken Jacobs At Moma [September 28, New York, New York]
 * Toofy Film Fest 2006 [September 29, Boulder, Colorado]
 * Electromediascope [September 29, Kansas City, Missouri]
 * Chicago's Own: Recent videos By Depaul Art Faculty [September 30, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Erik Davis‘ visionary State + Aron Ranen's Lsd In the 60s [September 30, San Francisco, California]
 * Phenomenological! Magic Lantern Presents "The Transcendent Show" [October 1, Chicago, Illinois]
 * I’Ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours: An Evening With Melinda Stone [October 1, Los Angeles]

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Columbia, SC: Hopscotch Cinema
6:00 PM, McMaster building, room 214 (Corner of Pickens and Senate)

  When I received the tape of Philip Corner's Through the Mysterious
  Barricade, Lumen 1 (after F. Couperin), he included a note that thanked
  me for my film, THE RIDDLE OF LUMEN, he'd just seen and which had in
  some way inspired this music. I, in turn, was so moved by the tape he
  sent I immediately asked his permission to "set it to film." It required
  the most exacting editing process ever; and in the course of that work
  it occurred to me that I'd originally made THE RIDDLE OF LUMEN hoping
  someone would make an "answering" film and entertain my visual riddle in
  the manner of the riddling poets of yore. I most expected Hollis
  Frampton (because of Zorn's Lemma) to pick up the challenge; but he
  never did. In some sense I think composer Corner has -- and now we have
  this dance of riddles as music and film combine to make "passage," in
  every sense of the word, further possible.

Los Angeles: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  Los Angeles premiere! ROCKAWAY (2005, 74 minutes, Beta SP (from mini-dv
  and 16mm film)) Filmforum's Fall season begins with Mark Street in
  person with his new feature film! We're delighted to host Mark Street
  again with his marvelous exploration of the lives of three girls using a
  full array of narrative and documentary techniques. In ROCKAWAY, three
  teenage girls from Queens celebrate their last night of high school on
  the edge of New York, where the city meets the sand.

24-30 September, Cinema Centrale, Teatro di San Girolamo, Complesso di San Micheletto

  The Lucca Film Festival is back. This fascinating Tuscan meeting-point
  for lovers of experimental and avant-garde cinema will soon open its
  gates for the second time. The event, which is organised by the
  association VI(S)TA NOVA and sponsored by the Province and Community of
  Lucca, will run from the 24th to the 30th of September in three venues
  in the heart of the city: Cinema Centrale, Teatro di San Girolamo and
  the Complesso di San Micheletto. This Festival with a special focus on
  experimental and low-to-no budget cinema, unique in its kind in Europe,
  will be offering this year more than 100 film-premieres. Underground
  Cinema will be the main feature of the festival. The distinctive traits
  of the films that will be presented in this section are uncompromising
  energy and expressive liberty, lustful experimentation and manipulation
  of images, undertaken on a low budget. A series of unmissable titles
  will trace the history and current paths undertaken by a movement
  considered to have been founded by independent filmmakers in the U.S. in
  the 60's in direct opposition to the standardised canons of Hollywood.
  Our guides on this journey into the world of underground filmmaking are
  the legendary directors Kenneth Anger, Adolfo Arrieta, Tonino de
  Bernardi, and Stephen Dwoskin, who have made or selected the films. To
  quote Stephen Dwoskin, "these films have no fixed scope, no fixed
  budget, no fixed audience, no fixed style and often no fixed script.
  They are personal works, individually motivated, like any other creative
  activity. The painters and poets have become filmmakers." What makes
  this section so rich are the various films selected by the
  aforementioned directors, who have been given „carte blanche" in
  screening movies that have been an important influence on their work or
  which are made by younger directors who they wish to promote. Running
  throughout the festival will also be a homage to Alan Clarke, English
  director who died in 1990 and who according to director Stephen Frears
  remains "the best of all of us." Clarke directed only three films
  specifically for cinematic release, the bulk of his prolific output
  being made for BBC television. A radical, uncompromising and innovative
  director, his best work concerned the exposure of injustice towards the
  most despised and neglected groups in society. From the sneering racist
  skinhead Trevor in Made in Britain played by Tim Roth and proudly
  declaring that he is "one of Thatcher's children" to Gary Oldman's Bex,
  the yuppie estate agent addicted to football violence in The Firm,
  Clarke's dramas laid bare the dark heart of the greed-is-good mentality
  of 80's Britain. The Lucca Film Festival will inaugurate this year for
  the first time a competition for short and medium-length films where 60
  works have been officially selected and will be competing for a prize,
  awarded by the jury presided by Adolfo Arrieta as well as an audience
  award dedicated to Marco Melani (critic, screenwriter and organiser of
  important festivals, who died in 1996). Last but not least the section
  "Lost Highways" which aims to discover the different landscapes of
  „Cinema on the Road", offering classics and forgotten masterpieces by
  directors such as Philippe Garrel, Monte Hellman, Edgar Ulmer and Claude
  Lelouch. The directors present at the festival will be Kenneth Anger,
  Adolfo Arrieta, Tonino de Bernardi, Steven Dwoskin, Mikhail Kobakhidzé
  and Paolo Benvenuti. Among the guests which will be present and active
  participants in the events of the festival are Adriano Aprà, Dominique
  Noguez, Donatello Fumarola, Cristina Piccino, Silvana Silvestri, and
  Chiara Barbo. But the festival is not only about films; there a number
  of connected initiatives, an exhibition of the paintings and sculptures
  by Alessandra Sawicki in the Complesso San Micheletto and a series of
  conferences, round-table discussions and lecture-screenings for
  high-school students. Prices and notes: Tickets: 5 euros is the price of
  Vi(s)ta Nova membership card, an all-inclusive card which allows you to
  attend ALL the screenings of the festival. For further information:

New York, New York: The Tank
8:00 PM, 279 Church Street

  New York Experimental Sunday, September 24, 2006 8:00 PM The Tank 279
  Church Street New York, NY 10013 From twisted
  familial tales and meditations on cross-cultural exchanges to calculated
  episodes of self-abuse: an evening of short films from around the globe
  by Olivia Janik (US), Hubert Dobler (US/AT), Alana Kakoyiannis (US),
  Dahlia Fischbein (US/AR), Rafaël (ES), Galina Sinkina (RU), Arnold
  Brooks (US), Shanna Maurizi (US) and others. Also featuring work from
  renowned experimental filmmaker Jack Beck! The mission of The Tank is to
  provide a welcoming, creative, collaborative, and affordable environment
  for artists and activists engaged in the pursuit of new ideas. Through a
  wide range of low-cost, high-concept arts and public affairs
  programming, The Tank seeks to cultivate a new generation of audience
  for live performance, civic discourse, and the work of emerging artists.
  For more information visit:

San Francisco, California: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
7:30 pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts 701 Mission St. @ Third Street

  Vicky Funari and Sergio De La Torre premiere their riveting political
  documentary MAQUILAPOLIS at the 10th Annual MadCat Film Festival on the
  eve of their PBS broadcast. This intimate documentary shares the lives
  of some members a tightly knit community that sits in the shadow of one
  of Tijuana's 800 maquiladoras, multinational factories that thrive off
  Mexico's cheap labor force. Carmen, a single mother and one of the more
  than one million Mexicans employed at the maquiladoras, works making
  television components six nights a week for six dollars a day. She comes
  home to a shack she built out of recycled garage doors, in a
  neighborhood with no sewage lines or electricity. At 29, she already
  suffers from kidney damage and lead poisoning from her years of exposure
  to toxic chemicals. However, Carmen is far from a victim—she is a
  dynamic young woman, busy making a life for herself and her children.
  Carmen and her friends, some of whom become promotoras (community-based
  activists), reach beyond the daily struggle for survival to fight for
  workers' rights. They take a major television manufacturer to task for
  violating labor rights and pressure the government to clean up a toxic
  waste dump left behind by a departing factory. The women, armed with the
  video cameras Funari and De La Torre provide, also document their lives,
  their city and their hopes for the future. As they work for change, the
  world changes too: a global economic crisis and the availability of
  cheaper labor in China begin to pull the factories away from Tijuana,
  leaving an entire community with an uncertain future. Preceded by South
  of Ten by Liza Johnson (West Coast Premiere) Using the decimated
  landscape of the Mississippi Gulf Coast as its backdrop, South of Ten
  restages the extraordinary routines of survivors of Hurricane Katrina. A
  girl flees a makeshift tent city. A man finds a trombone amidst the
  rubble. A worker watches the ocean from under a moving house, while its
  owner gazes at the view from her shifting living room. In ten vignettes,
  residents of the destroyed Mississippi Gulf Coast act out scenes of
  their everyday lives and the relentlessness of labor now required in
  their extreme terrain. For a complete program please email
  (address suppressed)


Portland, Oregon: Cinema Project
7 p.m., 1219 SW Park Ave.

  Presented By Cinema Project and the Northwest Film Center Le Fond de
  l'air est rouge Directed by Chris Marker September 26 + 27 2006
  Northwest Film Center's Whitsell Auditorium [1219 S.W. Park Ave.] 7:00
  p.m. | $7 503 232 8269 Cinema Project and the
  Northwest Film Center are proud to present the Northwest premiere of
  Chris Marker's A Grin Without a Cat .Marker, who has been making and
  collaborating on work for over fifty years, is a cinematic essayist and
  audio-visual poet. He has directed such classics as Letters from
  Siberia, Cuba Si!, La Jetée, and Sans Soleil.. In the 1960's and 1970's
  he was actively involved with SLON, a filmmaking collective dedicated to
  activist production. Marker reemerged to make films under his own name
  again in 1977 with Le Fond de l'air est rouge [A Grin Without A Cat]. In
  1968, "revolution was in the air" in Paris, Peking, Prague, and Peoria.
  This enormously compelling look at the international Left in the decade
  following 1967 is far reaching, idiosyncratic, satiric, committed. In
  the sixties, the "universal standard of civilization" assumed from the
  fifties began to collapse. The war in Vietnam was the watershed, and
  Marker hauntingly depicts its effect. He goes on to show the many
  civilian-police battles throughout Europe; the revolution within the
  revolution in Asia, South America, Czechoslovakia; the space between the
  police lines and the union stewards into which the French Left rushed in
  May '68; the assassination of princes (Che Guevara) and the deposing of
  kings (Richard Nixon); and those Cheshire cats known as politicians, who
  cannot explain why what was in the air never quite materialized on the
  ground. Pacific Film Archive September 26 + 27 Le Fond de l'air est
  rouge [A Grin without a Cat] Parts I & II [1968-78. 35mm, b&w/color,
  sound, 180 min.]

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers
7:30 pm, Albright college

  Mulholland Drive (2001, 145 min.) by DAVID LYNCH. "This voluptuous
  phantasmagoria … is certainly Lynch's strongest movie since Blue Velvet
  and maybe Eraserhead….From the absurd midnight automobile accident on
  the Los Angeles road that opens the movie and gives it its title,
  Mulholland Drive makes perfect (irrational) sense…. Mulholland Drive
  flows from one situation to the next, one scene seeping into another
  like the decomposing corpse … that's at the story's center. Characters
  dissolve. Settings deteriorate. Situations break down and reconstitute
  themselves, sometimes as fantasy, sometimes as a movie—which is to say,
  much of what has previously happened, happens again, only differently….
  Whatever Mulholland Drive was originally, it has become a poisonous
  valentine to Hollywood." J. Hoberman, Village Voice

San Francisco, California: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
8:30 Movies. Free BBQ 6:30 pm, El Rio 3158 Mission at Precita

  Works from Pakistan, the Netherlands, Germany and France follow lunatics
  in search of a homeland, young lovers in a surreal musical, an
  underwater struggle, and much more. Petra Schröder presents the US
  Premiere of her film Exploding Buds. This highly stylized narrative
  combines camp, unexpected humor, and teen sensuality with the best of a
  Hollywood musical. Two girls share an intimacy, sequestering themselves
  in a surreal world of make-believe. When one of them stumbles into the
  real world and into the arms of a handsome young man, the girls are
  shaken from their dream state. They enter a new reality—albeit one
  filled with the unexpected twists and turns that only song and dance can
  convey. Also screening the West Coast Premiere of Toba Tek Singh by Afia
  Nathaniel (Pakistan) It is 1947. The newly created governments of India
  and Pakistan wish to exchange lunatics as they would political
  prisoners. Bishan Singh, a Sikh confined in an insane asylum for the
  past 15 years, doesn't know if his hometown (Toba Tek Singh) is now
  located in India or in Pakistan. This tragicomic narrative is a search
  for identity in a world gone suddenly mad. And more films. For a
  complete program go to our web site or email us for a hard copy at
  email suppressed

Vancouver, British Columbia: Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
9:30pm, 1131 Howe St

  Latenight Film Emporium IV 16mm Experimental Tuesday September 26th
  9:30pm at Cineworks 1131 Howe (enter through the back lane) Free This is
  the fourth installment of the occasional Latenight Film Emporium series.
  This one focuses on experimental works crafted and finished on 16mm.
  From delicate textures to stark alchemical forms these works explore and
  explode the boundaries of celluloid as a medium. Program: Kerry Laitala
  - "Out of the Ether" -USA Jason Wade - "Golden Afternoon" -USA Yun Lam
  Li - "Trichotomy of Shannon" -Canada Kati Katchever -"Proud Flesh" -USA
  C. J. Brabant - "h2o+5I-2H+1 -ver.2.0 " -Canada Christoph Runne -
  "Unfolding" -Canada Ben Donoghue - "Exciter Lamp: Flashlight picture and
  sound #2" -Canada


San Francisco, California: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
8:30 pm Movies. Free BBQ 6:30 pm, El Rio 3158 Mission at Precita


  Australian filmmaker Sally Golding and sound artist Joel Stern present
  an improvisational three-projector performance, Bloodless Landscape.This
  improvisational dance of light and movement is accompanied by live
  experimental sound by Joel Stern. An investigation of psychic noise, the
  cinematic apparatus, and expanded possibilities of performance, Golding
  manipulates three projectors simultaneously, using handmade film,
  feedback systems, contrapuntal Foley noise, exposed sprockets and
  flicker, along with a collection of lenses and prisms. Plus lush 16mm
  experimental films by Kerry Laitala, Courtney Hoskins, Anna Lange and
  Sheri Wills set to live music by Tartufi and The Secrets of Family
  Happiness. For a complete program see the MadCat web site or email us at
  (address suppressed)

Washington, DC: Washington Project for the Arts\Corcoran
7:00 - 9:00 pm, Corcoran Gallery of Art, 500 17th Street

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 21, 2006 The Washington Project for the
  Arts\Corcoran Presents: Cowboys, Cliches, Codes, and Conspiracies –
  Designing narrative strategies and meanings in experimental media Night
  #1 of WPA\C's Experimental Media Series 2 Curated by Peggy Parsons
  (Head, Department of Film Programs, National Gallery of Art) Cowboys,
  Cliches, Codes, and Conspiracies – Formal and narrative strategies in
  experimental and digital media --- recycling old formats, borrowing
  styles and symbols, mixing fact and fiction, playing off old and new
  storytelling devices, merging collage and animation, and augmenting
  texture and color --- will be examined in works featured in Night #1 of
  the WPA\C Experimental Media Series 2. A special appearance by
  performance/media artist Ben Coonley will kick off the evening.
  Featuring: Untitled – Lisa Blatt - Washington, DC Digital Poem #1 –
  Paris Bustillos - Washington, DC Figure in the Carpet – Jennifer
  Levonian - Philadelphia Seasonal Quartet, Winter Movement – Chris Lynn -
  Maryland Pushing Cowboys – Lilly McElroy - Chicago ADAGIO - Roger Ngim -
  San Francisco In Places – Erik Olofsen - Amsterdam State of the Union –
  Randall Packer - Washington, DC Oil: You Can Depend On It – Rob Parrish
  - Washington, DC Shroud of Security – James Schneider - Washington, DC
  Sigh – Ann Steuernagel - Massachusetts Nature on a Leash – Gail Scott
  White - Virginia Live Power Point performance & 3D video by: Ben
  Coonley, New York - Remapping the Apparatus: Cinematographic Specificity
  and Hybrid Media [Otto Content Wizards] - Valentine for Perfect
  Strangers - 3D Trick Pony - The Best Gifts Information: Day: Wednesday,
  September 27, 2006 Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm Location: Corcoran Gallery of
  Art Armand Hammer Auditorium 500 17th Street, NW Washington, DC (New
  York Avenue entrance) For inquiries regarding the WPA\C Experimental
  Media Series 2, please contact Ding Ren, WPA\C Program Director at
  202.639.1828 or e-mail (address suppressed) WPA\Corcoran is an
  independent, non-profit 501 c(3) organization whose mission is to
  promote excellence in contemporary art in the region by presenting
  experimental exhibitions and performances, stimulating dialogue between
  emerging and established artists, and involving artists in educational
  programs that benefit local residents. WPA\Corcoran was formed in 1996
  as an organization that unites the independent spirit and regional focus
  of the former Washington Project for the Arts (est. 1975) with the
  institutional strength and historical perspective of the Corcoran
  Gallery of Art. WPA\C is based at the Corcoran, where it initiates and
  supports a broad range of projects both at the museum and at off-site
  locations in Washington, DC.


Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6:00 pm, 164 N. State Street

  Kelly Reichardt in person! Best known in recent years for her
  accomplished short films (ODE, TRAVIS), Kelly Reichardt's latest
  award-winning feature is an elegiac road movie shot on the highways and
  in the lush backwoods of the Pacific Northwest. Alt-country star Will
  Oldham and Daniel London play estranged friends, one on the verge of
  fatherhood, the other has no strings attached. As the two struggle to
  reconnect during a weekend camping trip, they travel deeper into the
  past over progressively political terrain, on a journey of
  reconciliation and loss. With original score by Yo La Tengo. "OLD JOY is
  about the miles we put on our lives and the directions known and unknown
  still facing us…one of the most persuasive portraits of generational
  malaise—and tentative hope—to come from an American director in recent
  memory." (Manohla Dargis, The New York Times). Reichardt's 2002 short
  THEN, A YEAR (14 min.) will precede the feature. (2002-06, USA, various
  formats, ca. 90 min.)

Kingston upon Hull, UK: Slack Video
7.30 pm, Lamp, 2 Norfolk Street, Hull, UK

  As part of Hull International Short Film Festival Thursday 28th
  September @ The Lamp, 2 Norfolk Street, Hull 7:30pm - midnight Free
  entry. For your viewing and listening pleasure, Slack Video and Friends
  will be presenting an eclectic evening mix of narrative and experimental
  films and animations from Yorkshire based artists, filmmakers and
  animators. The evening will consist of short programmes from several
  other Yorkshire based screening organisations, a selection of works
  obtained through our own regular open submission programme, selected
  films from past screenings and a scattering of live soundtrack to film
  performances and live audiovisual manipulations throughout the evening.
  Also screening @ 7.30pm - 'Mind The Gap' - A Documentary exploring the
  London bombings of 2005 and the incosistencies of the 'official' story
  All this can be enjoyed alongside drinks and light refreshments in the
  free and open environment of the back room of The Lamp bar.

New York, New York: Museum of Modern Art
8:30pm, MoMA

  "Two Wrenching Departures" 2006. Directed by Ken Jacobs. In October
  1989, estranged friends Bob Fleischner and Jack Smith died within a week
  of each other. Ken Jacobs met Smith through Fleischner in 1955 at CUNY
  night school, where the three were studying camera techniques. This
  feature-length work, first performed in 1989 as a live Nervous System
  piece, is a "luminous threnody" (Mark McElhatten) made in response to
  the loss of Jacob's friends. Approx. 90 min. World premiere. (introduced
  by Jacobs).


Boulder, Colorado: Team Toofy Productions, LLC
various, 2032 14th Street

  Toofy strives to present audiences with the finest independent art
  available. Enjoy 2 nights of music and fashion at Trilogy Wine Bar and
  Lounge and Seven Eurobar, and two full days of short and feature length
  films at the Boulder Theater.

Kansas City, Missouri: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
7:00 p.m., 4525 Oak Street

  Future Past Photographs, films, videos and DVDs all contribute to the
  spatialized dimensions of an ever-expanding present. Many of the people,
  places and events that we see in these images no longer exist, yet they
  potentially endure into the future as traces within image dataspace and
  as mute artifacts of an incomplete historical context. The artists in
  Future Past explore archaeological aspects of these subjects and
  experiences and create varieties of non-linear works where different
  phases or conditions of time become material, and future, present and
  past co-exist along with sound and image in layered simultaneous
  dimensions. Bill Morrison's films present a unique material index of
  cinematic time through his interactions with self-generating, eruptive
  presences of the deteriorating emulsions of film footage that he has
  collected from various archives. Films whose future was almost past are
  now taking on another life in Morrison's new works. Anri Sala examines
  the construction sites and time sinks of socio-political utopias and
  dystopias in relation to everyday life. These are places that the
  imagined future's aura still enfolds even when their vectors into the
  present have apparently been interrupted or not understood. William
  Kentridge traces the temporal simultaneity of subjective reality where
  memory and possibility are encompassed by the hazardous conditions of a
  dynamic and multi-layered present existence. Tacita Dean investigates
  the future's ruins as alien presences masked as part of the present. She
  searches for and discovers sites of utopian projection at the outer
  limits of culture, habitation and survival. Michael Snow's spatialized
  oscillations within the periodicity of cinema compress and superimpose a
  dynamic image of the present. Snow's recent works, such as *Corpus
  Callosum, make humorous and ironic incursions into the architecture of
  dialectical form within the continuum of the layered dimensions of many
  of his previous works. –Patrick Clancy. Visiting Artist Michael Snow In
  Person *Corpus Callosum, Michael Snow (Canada), 2002, 92 min., digital


Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
7:00 pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  Co-Presented by the Art and Art History Dept. at DePaul University
  Artists in Person! DePaul University has quietly been building a
  talented group of video artists among the faculty and students in the
  Art Department. Tonight we present some recent video work by faculty
  members at DePaul. Ferris Wheel (2004) by Jenny Walters: A lover
  attempts to admonish the author over the din of amusement park noise on
  a Ferris wheel. Ghetto (2006) by Steve Harp: Some thoughts on tourism,
  borders, history, assimilation, and foreignness. Glitches, Hitches, and
  Hiccups (1) and 2 (2004) by Susan Giles: Brief moments captured
  unintentionally on tape by numerous people while traveling throughout
  the world. Dizzy Heights (2006), by independent videomaker Gregory
  Nemec, is a video piece based on paintings by DePaul faculty member
  Matthew Girson. Chests (2004) by Dolores Wilber: Two men bashing their
  chests together over and over. Tunnel (2002) by Gagik Aroutiunian: A
  luminous passageway reveals itself as a space inhabited by mysterious
  spectral figures. For the Unseen (2006, work-in-progress) by Chi-Jang
  Yin: A memoir of a reconstructed and fragmented relationship is
  presented by the absence of the subject.

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia

  It's no surprise that California's spiritual landscape is as diverse as
  its natural surroundings. Acclaimed cultural critic Erik Davis' 45-min.
  slideshow, The Visionary State, weaves voice and image into a compelling
  narrative of religion, architecture, and consciousness, from
  neo-paganism to televangelism, UFO cults to austere Zen Buddhism. Davis
  brings together the immigrant and homegrown religious influences, part
  of the region's character from its earliest days, drawing connections
  between seemingly unlike traditions and celebrating the diversity of
  California's spiritual composition. Michael Rauner's evocative
  photographs depict the sites and structures where these traditions have
  taken root and flourished. PLUS Aron Ranen's peripatetic journey to
  discover the secret history of psychedelics, with appearances by Ram
  Dass, Paul Krassner, and MK-ULTRA experts (and victims)


Chicago, Illinois: Magic Lantern
8:00, Cinema Borealis, 1550 N Milwaukee Ave

  Close your eyes, picture a soft place, and repeat after me:
  CINEMMMMMMMMMMMMA. And again: CINEMMMMMMMMMMMMA. Let the lights behind
  your eyelids form patterns, let the stars, crucifixes, spirographs,
  fractals, pentagrams, and mandalas dissolve into you and each other and
  into the darkness that makes up 40% of your moviegoing life. Reach your
  hand out past the void that is and was yourself and join your aura with
  that always-flickering light you've come to know as Magic Lantern. Cast
  off your mortal coil, watch the sun bless the ocean with your third eye,
  and let the trance foam drip from your un-mouth as you're spirited away
  into a world of light and sound at a varying frame rate of 18, 24, and
  29.97 frames per second. A world where Angela Lansbury is your host,
  where seizures sing out against war, where the Velvet Underground rocks
  in triplicate, where ethereal landscapes melt, where West African
  laborers channel colonial powers, where Manson dopplegangers are desert
  wanderers, and where the Glory of Light as Nature is At Long Last
  Revealed. If you think you're ready, then you are - open your eyes and
  repeat after me: CINEMMMMMMMMMMMMA... FEATURING: Feeling Free with 3D
  Magic Eye Poster Remix by Shana Moulton (8:13, video, 2004), Saint
  Flournoy Lobos-Logos and the Eastern Europe Fetus Taxing Japan Brides in
  West Coast Places Sucking Alabama Air by Will Hindle (12:00, 16mm,
  1970), Melter 02 by Takeshi Murata (4:00, video, 2003), Andy Warhol's
  Exploding Plastic Inevitable with the Velvet Underground by Ronald
  Nameth (12:00, 16mm on video, 1966), Les Maitres Fous by Jean Rouch
  (35:00, 16mm, 1954), Piece Mandala/End War by Paul Sharits (5:00, 16mm,
  1966), The Visitation by Nathaniel Dorsky (18:00, 16mm, 2002) TRT 94:00,

Los Angeles: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

  A somewhat anachronistic film maker, curator and researcher, Melinda
  Stone dabbles in it all to create an eclectic show that highlights her
  on-going interest in land use, amateur filmmaking and outdoor film
  extravaganzas. A kind of present day film impresario, Stone borrows from
  the past and infuses each of her unique shows with sing-alongs and other
  participatory fare. Come find out what she means and check out her
  recent offerings including selections from her most recent site-specific
  film events ­– The California Tour and A Trip Down Market 1905/2005, a
  brand new sing-along, and Audience Analysis film.

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