Re: Fw: Television and speed of cutting

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 23 2006 - 08:04:34 PDT

it has much more (if not wholly) to do w/ the tools of the editor
opens up to more accessible formal options
ie new tech

also re: another post "live" tv utilizes pre-edited components

as we are talking also of burns's
a major complaint of the work is the accessively long shots
at least in industry people i know
but the work they produce
is extremely popular w/ the general public so...
geuss they don't fall asleep

flicker films give me a migraine - so i beyond fall asleep - i leave/don't
they can give an epileptic fit
sadly i have rarely seen this warning pre-screening


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> Hypothesis:
> Television and speed of cutting:
> The frequency of cutting/editing has got faster because television is
> always tied to its hypnotic frequency - people would just fall to sleep if
> it didn't cut fast.
> (I know that this is simplistc - but it's an idea brimming over these last
> few days)
> It's a leaky as a sieve - but any thoughts?
> Greg Kurcewicz
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