From: Steven Ball (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2006 - 10:45:04 PDT


Recent Works by Malcolm Le Grice and Diana Ford
For this screening we bring together recent works by two artists who
might be considered to occupy diametrically opposite positions in their
careers and in the world, but whose work shares an formal materialist
aesthetic ground, a personal and particular exploratory approach.

Malcolm Le Grice has enjoyed a long career as one of the UK's most
influential and prolific experimental filmmakers. His influence as an
artist, writer and academic has had a far-reaching and long-lasting
effect in the world of artists' moving image. He continues to take an
open and playful approach to his experimental work in digital video
media. Diana Ford is a young artist from Perth, Australia, one of the
most isolated cities on the planet. Her work derives its impetus from
subjective influences and situations close to home, while her aesthetic
sensibility is driven by curiosity about the potential for moving image

4pm, Sunday 1st October 2006
basement of CANDID ARTS TRUST,
3 Torrens St,
London, EC1V 1NQ
(behind Angel Underground station)
5/3 (concs)


Malcolm Le Grice
Digital Aberration (4 min, video, 2004)
Portraits and Particulars:
Critical Moments (for Jean Piaget) (1 min, video, 2004); Autumn Horizon
Number 3 (6 min, video, 2005); Unforgettable (that's what you are) (5
min, video, 2002-2005); Lecture to an Academy (10 min, video, 2005);
Anthony Dundee (2 min, video, 2006); Waiting for Ian (3 min, video,
2006); H2O-0C-24.02.06-12.01GMT - 03,50.40W - 50.16.30N (3 min, video,
2006); Denisined - Sinedenis (3 min, video, 2006); Finnegan Again (3
min, video, 2006); Of Keys and Beauty (2 min, video, 2006)

Diana Ford
Desertus (1 min, 16mm/video); Doco (1 min, 16mm/video); Edit (2
min,16mm/video); WW5 (2 min, 16mm/video); Iris (1 min, 16mm/video);
Face (1 min, 16mm/video); Mouse (3 min, 16mm/video); NT3D (1 min,
video); Objective (4 min, 16mm/video); Planet Cancer (1 min, video);
Routine (1 min, 16mm/video); Something Bush (4 min, video).
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