Re: Alternative Doc Interview Techniques/Asthetics

From: Andy Ditzler (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2006 - 21:18:43 PDT

I'm thinking of the Robert Ashley series called Music with Roots in the
Aether. Interviews ("Landscapes") with composers such as Philip Glass,
usually with a quite roving camera. Available to watch at ubuweb:

An article by Scott MacDonald in Afterimage (March 1989), on the subject
of single-shot films, gives detailed descriptions of Andrew Noren's "Say
Nothing" and Morgan Fisher's "Documentary Footage." I haven't seen
either, but from the descriptions both seem to involve formally
nontraditional interviews, particularly Fisher's film.

Andy Ditzler

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Subject: Alternative Doc Interview Techniques/Asthetics

> I'm researching documentaries that feature/explore
> non-traditional/alternative interviews in terms of formal setups (not
> necessarily content, though obviously there's an inter-relationship
> there).
> Suggestions?
> Thanks, Ken
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