Fw: Lucca Film Festival/Kenneth Anger, Steve Dwoskin, A.Arrieta and Tonino de Bernardi

From: Nicola Borrelli (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 17 2006 - 09:24:49 PDT


I\'m one of the organizers of a small up-and-coming festival in Lucca in
Tuscany, Italy, which is focused on experimental and underground cinema. The
program should be interesting to you and besides you will have one of the
rare chances to see and meet greats like Kenneth Anger, Steve Dwoskin,
A.Arrieta, and Tonino de Bernardi. So you shouldn\'t be missing either.
In any case, any comments, advice and suggestions from your part regarding
our festival and program would be very much appreciated.
For further information have a look at the press release below or at our
website (www.vistanova.it).

Hope to see you soon, in Lucca,
all the best,

Emerging filmmakers, premieres, underground cinema, competition, special
guests and exhibitions
Lucca Film Festival strikes back
The Lucca Film Festival is back. This fascinating Tuscan meeting-point for
lovers of experimental and avant-garde cinema will soon open its gates for
the second time. The event, which is organised by the association VI(S)TA
NOVA and sponsored by the Province and Community of Lucca, will run from the
24th to the 30th of September in three venues in the heart of the city:
Cinema Centrale, Teatro di San Girolamo and the Complesso di San Micheletto.
This Festival with a special focus on experimental and low-to-no budget
cinema, unique in its kind in Europe, will be offering this year more than
100 film-premieres.
Underground Cinema will be the main feature of the festival. The distinctive
traits of the films that will be presented in this section are
uncompromising energy and expressive liberty, lustful experimentation and
manipulation of images, undertaken on a low budget. A series of unmissable
titles will trace the history and current paths undertaken by a movement
considered to have been founded by independent filmmakers in the U.S. in the
60’s in direct opposition to the standardised canons of Hollywood. Our
guides on this journey into the world of underground filmmaking are the
legendary directors Kenneth Anger, Adolfo Arrieta, Tonino de Bernardi, and
Stephen Dwoskin, who have made or selected the films.
To quote Stephen Dwoskin, \"these films have no fixed scope, no fixed
budget, no fixed audience, no fixed style and often no fixed script. They
are personal works, individually motivated, like any other creative
activity. The painters and poets have become filmmakers.\"
What makes this section so rich are the various films selected by the
aforementioned directors, who have been given \"carte blanche\" in screening
movies that have been an important influence on their work or which are made
by younger directors who they wish to promote.

Running throughout the festival will also be a homage to Alan Clarke,
English director who died in 1990 and who according to director Stephen
Frears remains \"the best of all of us.\" Clarke directed only three films
specifically for cinematic release, the bulk of his prolific output being
made for BBC television. A radical, uncompromising and innovative director,
his best work concerned the exposure of injustice towards the most despised
and neglected groups in society. From the sneering racist skinhead Trevor in
Made in Britain played by Tim Roth and proudly declaring that he is \"one of
Thatcher\'s children\" to Gary Oldman’s Bex, the yuppie estate agent
addicted to football violence in The Firm, Clarke\'s dramas laid bare the
dark heart of the greed-is-good mentality of 80‘s Britain.
The Lucca Film Festival will inaugurate this year for the first time a
competition for short and medium-length films where 60 works have been
officially selected and will be competing for a prize, awarded by the jury
presided by Adolfo Arrieta as well as an audience award dedicated to Marco
Melani (critic, screenwriter and organiser of important festivals, who died
in 1996).
Last but not least the section \"Lost Highways\" which aims to discover the
different landscapes of \"Cinema on the Road\", offering classics and
forgotten masterpieces by directors such as Philippe Garrel, Monte Hellman,
Edgar Ulmer and Claude Lelouch.
The directors present at the festival will be Kenneth Anger, Adolfo Arrieta,
Tonino de Bernardi, Steven Dwoskin, Mikhail Kobakhidzé and Paolo Benvenuti.
Among the guests which will be present and active participants in the events
of the festival are Adriano Aprà, Dominique Noguez, Donatello Fumarola,
Cristina Piccino, Silvana Silvestri, and Chiara Barbo.
But the festival is not only about films; there a number of connected
initiatives, an exhibition of the paintings and sculptures by Alessandra
Sawicki in the Complesso San Micheletto and a series of conferences,
round-table discussions and lecture-screenings for high-school students.
Prices and notes:
Tickets: 5 euros is the price of Vi(s)ta Nova membership card, an
all-inclusive card which allows you to attend ALL the screenings of the
For further information: www.vistanova.it.
Press Office/Ufficio Stampa PS Antonio Pirozzi 339/5238132 – Jacopo Storni
335/7163225; email suppressed


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