Re: Basic Titling Question

From: john porter (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2006 - 21:30:03 PDT

--- Jay Hudson <email suppressed> wrote:

> What is the best way to make solid
> letter titles,

Who's to say what's best?

> that look are and are easy?

That look what? That look easy and are easy?
My titles are very easy, but very basic, just a few
words on one or two "cards"/shots.
I use cheap, white plastic letters on black paper or
fabric, on an animation-like table & lights set-up.
The letters are easily added, removed, replaced,
re-used. And of course you can animate them if you
have the time. I expose for grey, or for white plus a
bit of overexpose.
Proper Titling Kits are expensive. The cheapest set
with the most repeats of each letter. number,
punctuation, etc. that I've found was a desk,
name-plate kit at a stationary store. Two sizes of
letters in the one kit, but they're all caps, so it's
not perfect, but I've been using them for years. (AND,
I have an official name-plate for my desk! - "JOHN
PORTER, filmmaker".)

John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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