Re: "How to" buy/rent films on 16mm

From: Pablo Marin (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 20:08:23 PDT

Gee... Whiteside, thanks for the lesson and for the
invaluable insights on your hook on Modiglianis...
unfortunately, your thoughts are about as useful as a
Commodore 64 computer. and quite reactionary too...

believe me, i don't have any problem understanding the
rental system (and i have too travel to NYC and pay
the 7-20 dollar ticket to catch a screening or a
painting). in fact, i think i urderstand US rental
system much more than you understand argentinian,
swedish or any non usa/france/uk rental-distribution
system, so there is no reason to be a wise guy here.
it's just a discussion that reborns from time to time,
you are not forced to read/answer it. that's simple.

so simple as supposing everybody out there is retarded
because they don't have Canyon Cinema or Filmmakers
Cooperative to please them.

one last thing, for those of you who didn't notice it
so far (writing about "annoying", at the same time you
don't seem to be disturb by posts like "I need
examples of films in which the lead actor dies at the
end of reel one"), Frameworks it's a WORLD discussion
list, not just a Usa - Central Europe ping pong match.

pablo marin
buenos aires.

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