Re: "How to" buy/rent films on 16mm

From: Lundgren (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 13:55:21 PDT


Well, I started to add up the figures renting from Lux.

Let's say I want to see Chinese Series.

Basic cost £25
+Non-UK £20
+Shipping back and forth (not by regular mail). £10? £20?
+VAT etc. 17.5%

It adds up to more than £60...

Well... I'm not loaded, and that's a lot of cash.

Seems like I'd save money going to the States or visiting Lux (if the
viewing option is available for none-UK recidences).

There should be some better options... I hope.

Just for fun, as comparison; Does anyone know what the cost for producing a
print of a 2 min film like that? (I'm refering to 16mm.)

Björn Lundgren

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> Heya Björn!
> I sometimes feel similarly isolated in South Carolina,
> US. For a long time my exposure to these films was a
> yearly trip to New York to see the Views from the
> Avant Garde and occasional trips to Anthology Film
> Archive and NYC's Donnel Media Center (the two
> greatest places I know of in this world - anything
> like them in EU?). But at that time, I could easily
> find flights for $100-140 bucks and stay in the hostel
> for $25.
> But now I have a regular job and a regular paycheck,
> so I'm committing about $80-100 a month to renting a
> very short program of films for screenings around
> town. It's a lot of money, but I hope I can build an
> audience and maybe not bare all the costs after some
> time and work.
> I don't know how much European distributors charge
> (have you looked at Light Cone or Six Pack - those and
> LUX are the only ones I know of) - but I can find some
> reasonably priced films in the catalogs of Canyon and
> Filmmaker's Co-op. Again, this might not work for you
> - I don't know anything about European distributors.
> Other options might include proposing screenings to
> local theaters, arts organizations, and universities.
> While I was a student at the University of South
> Carolina it was very easy to convince the "film
> selection committee" that we should show these films.
> Again, it was probably a special case, as USC has
> pretty good screening facilities and regular
> screenings of 35mm films rented at obscene prices from
> Swank - so my begging (annoying, more like it) for a
> couple hundred to put on a nice series was pretty dang
> easy (Thanks Gamecocks football!). And now I'm asking
> the local non-profit arts theater in town if they'd be
> interested in showing some cheap screenings that I
> think I could sell an audience on (Kuchars, Robert
> Breer), so something might happen there, too.
> So, that's some things that have worked for me - I
> don't know your situation, so none of this may be
> useful - and hopefully others have some bright ideas,
> too. I think there was a thread on Frameworks not
> long ago asking some similar questions (started by
> Pablo Marin?). Have a look around. Best of luck.
> -JB Mabe
> --- Lundgren <email suppressed> wrote:
>> So I'm sick of being out of touch, and waiting for
>> this and wanting that and
>> seeing all those notices about all those screenings
>> in the US, UK or France.
>> I want film too. ;)
>> I've checke out canyon and lux, but it seems I need
>> to be a millionaire to
>> be able to see a 3 min short. Shipping here shipping
>> there, special charges
>> for International order etc.
>> I figure these figures are intended for commercial
>> screenings of some kind,
>> but I sort of wonder if there's any other
>> possibilities available for me as
>> a private person.
>> Perhaps it's possible to buy or rent prints directly
>> from filmmakers...?
>> Help me out, please!
>> Björn Lundgren
>> Sweden
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