Re: cycled and Renewed Cinema x 4 This Weekend (starting Thursday) at Anthology in NYC!

From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2006 - 11:12:55 PDT


32 SECOND AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10003; (212) 505-5181 fax (212) 477-2714
Wild Weekend At Anthology With America's Weirdest Film Collectors! Films You Won't See Anywhere Else!
September 14th - 17th

Anthology Film Archives is excited to present TRASH-PICKING & EYE-POPPING, a rare gathering of America's oddest 16mm collectors. Stephen Parr, Greg Pierce and Skip Elsheimer will be with us to present hand-picked wonderment from their sprawling collection of educational, industrial and generally unclassifiable movies.


Unessential Cinema Presents: What Once Was New a.k.a Splice-Ups and Breakdowns - Thursday, September 14 at 8:00
UNESSENTIAL CINEMA is a regular series at Anthology focusing on the mystery reels that occupy our hallowed halls. For this very special program Archivist Andrew Lampert will attempt to project, possibly for the last time, the absolute worst reels we can dig up. Spliced, shrunken, warped and unsalvageable, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Bring your splicer, this may get ugly.
Stephen Parr Presents: Psychoactive Cinema - Friday, September 15 at 8:00
Stephen Parr, of San Francisco's Oddball Film + Video, brings us PSYCHOACTIVE CINEMA, a clever collage of camp, cultural kitsch, musical mayhem and laugh out loud mutation. Parr, who co-founded the Other Cinema DVD label with filmmaker Craig Baldwin, has more than 50,000 reels of film and selected this assemblage specifically for our screening. He promises to include new footage discovered in the dumpster behind the San Francisco School of Podiatry! Highlights include such non-classics as CHEESENAPPERS and WRIST WRESTLING.
Greg Pierce Presents: From The... To The... What The...?: Still More Films From The Orgone Archive (1930 -1977)
Saturday, September 16 at 7:00
 1. ISLE OF MYSTERY (1959, b/w, sound) 10min
 2. UNKNOWN [2 MEN TALKING ABOUT GOLF] (1954, color, sound) 5min
 3. SOCIAL DISEASES IN MEN (ND, b/w, sound) 8min
 4. DAWN OF THE DEAD RUSHES, 11/6/77 (1977, color, silent) 10min
     Director. - G. Romero ~ Camera - M. Gornick / Laurel
 5. UNKNOWN [HIGH SPEED HALLER] (1978, b/w, silent) 1.5min
     Film by Al Mahler
 6. THE STORY OF TIME BY ROLEX (1951, color, sound) 10min
     Colour by Technicolor. Art Direction - Jan Coolen. Story Conception - Michael Stainer-Hutching. Animation &
     Photography - Frans Hendrix. Historical Researcher - Prof. A. Chapuis / Dr. H.C. Neuchatel Univ. Music Composed and
     Conducted by Guy Warrack with The London Symphony Orchestra. Sound RCA System. A Signal Films Production by
     Robert G. Leffingwell.
 7. WALTER FUTTER'S CURIOSITIES (1930, b/w, silent) 10min
     Copyright W.A. Films Inc. 1930
 8. TRU-LIFE THRILLS IN 3-DIMENSION (1950, color neg, silent) 3min
     Animation Dept. Cinema Research Corp. Scene: Tru Life ~ Take: I - Right ~ Date: 4-22-50 A Horner-Cooley Production
 9. ECO TEST PRINT (1975, color, silent) 3min
     American Glass Research 603 Evans City Road Butler, PA 16001
10. MR. CLEAN (1970, color, sound) 17min
     Produced for Procter & Gamble by Panel Film Prod Inc.

Skip Elsheimer Presents: A/V Geeks Greatest Hits - Sunday, September 17 at 7:00
Skip Elsheimer is better known as A/V Geeks. He lives in a converted crack house in North Carolina with more than 18,000 movies. While his EDUCATIONAL ARCHIVES DVD compilations can be found at stores around the country, Skip's in-person shows are the stuff of legend. With an unerring eye for the sublime and surreal, Skip has gathered together the most annoying songs from a variety of different genres. Titles to be screened include: VD IS FOR EVERYBODY, SHAKE HANDS WITH DANGER and claymation dental hygiene masterpiece MUNCHERS.
For John Porter - EVERYTHING SHOWN ON FILM! Majority will be 16mm. Mister Lampert may get smaller.

Anthology Film Archives is located at 32 Second Ave. at Second Street and can be reached by the Second Avenue F and V train or the #6, Bleecker Street stop. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students & seniors, and $5 for AFA members.

About Anthology Film Archives: Founded in 1970, Anthology Film Archives' mission is to exhibit, preserve, collect documentation about, and promote public and scholarly understanding of independent, classic, and avant-garde cinema. Anthology is a steward of memory and history, of the visual experience of individual imagination. Anthology screens more than 900 films per year, annually publishes books and catalogs on artistically important but rarely discussed cinema, and has preserved more than 700 films that would otherwise be lost to the world.

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