super 8 prints/negs

From: andrew lampert (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 20:35:23 PDT

> I wonder if super 8 internegs could be made somehow?
> love
> Freya

I looked into this in regards to some preservation
projects of installation pieces by Paul Sharits. I
spoke with most of the major film restoration labs in
America and a few in Europe and was told by all that
the proper printer parts were tossed long ago. It
would also mean perfing and spliting 16mm film for
Super 8. Once video replaced rear projection of
Super 8 cartridges on airplanes the equipment to
produce the negs shortly became extinct. The 8mm and
Super 8mm preservations I've been involved with have
always meant blowing-up to 16mm because this is the
only way to get a negative. I've done that on
occasion for my own films, mostly because I was not
happy with the prints from Yale or Film/Video (the I
love the latter company). The prints were screenable,
but there was a real loss in sharpness and a slight
color shift, even in the black and white reels
Blowing-up can provide a lot more optical clarity, but
at the same time it can show all the flaws, scratches
and abrasions in the original. The situation with
equipment might have changed given the remarkable
activity of all the microlabs out there, but it is
still a matter of having the right stocks, perfs, etc.
 Changing a film from one gauge to another can be
problematic for a number of reasons, but that is where
we are at today or at least what I find...


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