What lab still makes super 8 prints? (Film Video Servces not doing anymore)

From: Stephanie Gray (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 07:10:16 PDT

hey frameworkers (you can reply on or off list)

for years i've relied on yale and film video services to make super 8
contact prints for me so i can show film prints at film fests instead of the
originals or instead of video. yale stopped to it a few years ago and i just
got a message from Film Video Services in Mpls they can't do it because they
are finally out of the print stock (7399) and it's not being made any more.

are there any other little labs out there that still have this print stock
left and can make the print? or perhaps i could mix and match services of
two labs--if one has the stock, and another has the machinery.

any labs in Europe that do this? any suggestions welcome.

stephanie gray (if replying off list, reply to email suppressed)

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