Passage Through: A Ritual

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 09 2006 - 16:24:09 PDT

Hello list.

I’m starting a monthly screening series in Columbia,
SC - just a short self financed program of films
(maybe with some supplements from the USC’s library
and from local makers). I’m keeping the screenings
free and I’m jumping around from venue to venue –
wherever will have me at the moment. Here’s the thing
– the first film I’m showing September 24 is
Brakhage’s “Passage Through: A Ritual.” Now I had a
couple of hours to blow this afternoon so I stopped by
the university library and sat down with some old back
issues of Film Culture. In some interview from around
Mr. Brakhage’s 60th birthday, he speaks about this
film and says that when he was creating it he looked
back through the footage he had shot and found about
50 feet of useable film (his estimation). The
interviewer implied that a large part of the film was
black leader. Now I’ve never seen this film, and I
wanted to start my film series off with a challenging
film – but no so challenging that it’s 1.5 mins of
images and 48.8 mins of black leader. So, was this
just hyperbole from Mr. Brakhage and interviewer? Is
this too esoteric a choice for the first film (I think
I have enough time to change the selection with the
FMC if so)? I fully expect to “fail” many many times
with this series, but I don’t want to alienate a big
part of the audience right off the bat. Thoughts?

Josh Mabe

Names I came up with for the series:

Shadow Qualia (No - too pretentious)
Robert Beck Memorial Cinema Memorial Cinema (No –
kinda dumb, made me giggle tho)
Regular Paycheck Cinema (No – too on the nose)

Still thinking...

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