This week [September 10 - 17, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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This week [September 10 - 17, 2006] in avant garde cinema

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University of Iowa
Florida Atlantic University

"Electra Elf: Vile Buddies" by Nick Zedd
"More Than Meets the Eye: Remaking Jane Fonda" by Scott Stark

Research Spaces 3: Topos - The Moving Image between Art and Architecture (London, UK; Deadline: October 10, 2006)
UPDATED! Elastic Gallery / The Ruckel Patzke Project (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2006)
OpenLens Festival (Eugene, Oregon; Deadline: October 27, 2006)
The Journal of Short Film (DVD) (Columbus, OH, USA; Deadline: November 08, 2006)
Images Festival (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA; Deadline: November 17, 2006)

Eerie Horror Film Festival (Erie, Pa. USA; Deadline: September 09, 2006)
Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles, CA, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2006)
Pleasure Dome (Toronto; Deadline: September 15, 2006)
Polymer at the Hunter Museum of American Art (Chattanooga, TN, US; Deadline: September 15, 2006)
SF IndieFest (San Francisco CA; Deadline: October 13, 2006)
Abrasions: Architecture and Accident (San Francisco, CA USA; Deadline: September 30, 2006)
LiveBox Gallery (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: October 01, 2006)
ArtsUnion (Somerville, MA, USA; Deadline: October 03, 2006)
UPDATED! Elastic Gallery / The Ruckel Patzke Project (Chicago, IL, USA; Deadline: September 15, 2006)

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 * Hell On Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] [September 10, Astoria, Queens, New York]
 * Cinnamon By Kevin Everson [September 10, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Wavelengths: Programme 4 [September 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * The Intimate Distance: A Tribute To Mark Lapore (1952-2005) [September 11, New York, New York]
 * Follow Me To Certain Death [September 11, Portland, Oregon]
 * Wavelengths: Programme 5 [September 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Films By Abraham Ravett [September 12, Berkeley, California]
 * The Dwellers [September 12, San Francisco]
 * Pd.03: Daydream Nation...Swedish Artist Films + Music videos [September 13, New York, New York]
 * Cuidado! Magic Lantern Presents "The Danger Show" [September 13, Providence, RI]
 * Local Ladies: A Madcat Retrospective [September 13, San Francisco]
 * Pigs, A New 4-Channel Work By Pawel Wojtasik [September 14, Brooklyn, New York]
 * Terra Incognita: Films & videos By Ben Russell [September 14, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Garden of Light Cinema Series [September 14, New York, New York]
 * Remembering Arthur [September 14, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Estes Park Film Festival [September 15, Estes Park, Colorado]
 * Electromediascope [September 15, Kansas City, Missouri]
 * World Premiere: Electra Elf : vile Buddies & Ave X. [September 15, New York, New York]
 * Rural Women: Documentaries From Iran and Hungary [September 15, San Francisco, California]
 * Free To Be…You and Me Invitational [September 16, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Anxious Animation Release Party [September 16, San Francisco, California]

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Astoria, Queens, New York: Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival]
8:00 PM, 12-21 Astoria Blvd.

  HELL ON REELS [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10th,
  2006 DOORS OPEN 8:00 PM | FILMS BEGIN 8:30 PM @ Hell Gate Social 12-21
  Astoria Blvd. Astoria, NY 11102 ADMISSION IS
  FREE!!! Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] cordially
  invites you to the 4th and final installment of the Summer Series 2006
  on Sunday, September 10th, 2006. The festival will once again feature
  exceptional short format moving picture works from around the globe,
  from Australia to Italy, and Astoria to San Francisco. Admission is FREE
  and the screening is outdoors in the garden to take full advantage of
  the NYC summer before it fades away! ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: Hell on Reels
  [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] was founded in 2006 as a forum for the
  exhibition of exceptional and unique short format moving picture works.
  The intention of the festival is to promote creative dialogue and
  collaboration among participants within the local Queens community,
  greater NYC metropolitan area and global moving picture society. Named
  in reference to the infamous Hell Gate Bridge, spanning NYC's East
  River, Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] encourages the
  submission of all genres, including documentary, narrative, music video,
  animation, installation, design and experimental films. For more
  information including the full screening program, directions and venue
  information please visit: Come out and
  support the indie + avant-garde film community! Hope to see you there
  and bring popcorn + friends! Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture
  Festival] is graciously hosted by: Hell Gate Social 12-21 Astoria Blvd.
  Astoria, NY 11102 718-204-8318

Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00 pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  Kevin Everson's exceptional second feature, Cinnamon (2006) is intimate
  look at the diversity of African-American life. Told in a hybrid
  narrative-documentary style, the film centers on drag racing. Home
  scenes of the Bowles family alternate with preparations for racing,
  practice runs, and the races themselves. The focus, however, is on
  individual improvement rather than competition - a metaphor for a way of
  living. Former racer John Bowles is now the mechanic and coach for his
  wife Rhonda, brother Larry, 12-year old daughter Ashley, and another
  driver - mortgage loan officer Erin. Everson seamlessly combines the
  documentary (the Bowles family) with the fictional (Erin's scenes -
  she's played by actress Erin Stewart) into an impressionistic drama
  about the quest for perfection, filtered through the grit, grime,
  repetition, and exhilaration of drag racing.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
8:45 p.m., 750 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2J2

  With Schuss!, Nicolas Rey has created a delightfully confounding work
  that reinvigorates the experience of film-viewing. Rey describes Schuss!
  as an "Alpine film," implying a documentary about skiing, but the first
  few sentences of voice-over already suggest broader, more complex
  themes. As Schuss! unfolds in a series of chapters with puckish titles
  like "Arlette Puts on Her Skis" and "Bold Bamboozle," it expands to
  sketch out a history of the aluminum industry, the shifting economy of
  France's Romanche valley, and the relationship between the leisure
  industry and local public interests, making reference to the history of
  film along the way. As a sagacious chronicler, Rey's method is to place
  his materials (skiers, studies in landscape, archival footage,
  historical documents and more) in clusters whose relations to one
  another are initially unclear, then gradually develop connections.
  Winter sports, the aluminum industry, the cinema – each has its origins
  in the late nineteenth century, and each can be taken as a case study in
  capitalist development. Schuss! is Rey's second slalom into an
  idiosyncratic and compelling style of long-form essay/documentary film
  (his previous work was the three-hour epic Les Soviets plus
  l'électricité, shot entirely on dated Soviet Super 8 film stock).
  Formally, Schuss! continues Rey's exploration of unusual materials and
  processes; much of the colour footage has been created using a method
  that dates back to 1908. Colour is built up through the successive
  filtration of a black-and-white image through three primary-colour
  filters, and the resulting footage has a peculiar, radically distinct
  cast. For Rey, the alchemic possibilities of the film lab are an
  integral part of the creative process, and make Schuss! as compelling
  visually as it is thematically. The German word schuss describes a fast,
  straight, downhill run on skis, with no slowing down. Does this
  correspond to the structure of the film or its subject? Do we now look
  back at the twentieth century as a fast downhill slide, bottoming out in
  the conditions of contemporary global capitalism? Rey's aim is not to
  propagandize, but, in his words, to "question habits of thought – my own
  first of all." The Toronto International Film Festival presents
  Wavelengths. For ticket information please call (416)968-FILM or go to All Wavelengths screenings will be held at the
  Al Green Theatre.


New York, New York: Anthology Film Archives
8pm, 32 Second Ave. (at 2nd St.)

  Mark LaPore—though deeply influenced by the practices of the Lumière
  brothers, Andy Warhol, and Robert Bresson—expanded a tradition of
  experimental documentary filmmaking practiced by Cavalcanti, Wright,
  Rouch, Gardener, the MacDougals, Hutton and Gehr, conducting profoundly
  cinematic, highly-distilled personal investigations into the nature of
  cultural flux and reverie. He shot extensively in rural Sudan, Sri
  Lanka, New York, Myanmar, India and Idaho. LUNATIC PRINCESS 2005, 4 min,
  b&w, sound, digital video. A magical loop of transfigured time with a
  daughter of snow, an orphan of the storm. With the slightest nod towards
  Hans Christian Anderson via Jang Sun-woo's melodramatic prelude to The
  Resurrection of the Little Match Girl. KOLKATA 2005, 35 minutes, 16mm,
  b&w, sound. "A portrait of North Kolkata (Calcutta), this film searches
  the streets for the ebb and flow of humanity and reflects the changing
  landscape of a city at once medieval and modern." –Mark LaPore "LaPore
  revisits and rephrases some of the elements presented in The Glass
  System adding a new dimension to his explorations of shots of extended
  duration (in the spirit of both Warhol and the Lumières) in one of his
  most spare and eloquent films." –Mark McElhatten THE SLEEPERS 1989, 16
  minutes, 16mm, color, sound. "A film about how notions of culture are
  often defined by information received indirectly—information which
  frequently violates the particulars of people and place and makes
  questionable one's ability to portray specific individuals as
  representatives of culture." –Mark LaPore THE GLASS SYSTEM 2000, 20
  minutes, 16mm, color, sound. "A portrait primarily of Calcutta but by
  inclusion and inference some personal notion of 'lost' New York—'a place
  which exists in a dream where life in the streets was both complicated
  and fleeting.' LaPore explores some selective, inevitable trajectories
  of young girls within this Indian urban society, their vulnerability,
  composure, aptitudes and perils. -Mark McElhatten UNTITLED (FOR DAVID
  GATTEN) By Mark LaPore and Phil Solomon, 2005, 5 minutes, color, sound,
  digital video. "Mark and I made this for our friend David Gatten, as a
  prayer, an offering, a 'get well soon' card... for all three of us. It
  was made on the last night that I saw Mark, my best friend of 32 years."
  –Phil Solomon Total program time: ca. 90 minutes.

Portland, Oregon: Oregon Department of Kick Ass
8pm, TBA/PICA The Works 226 SE Madison

  On September 11, the Oregon Department of Kick Ass presents an evening
  of films assembled by Vanessa Renwick which cast a meditative gaze on
  death in many forms. Everything is a matter of life and death. Daniel
  Menche's thundering live soundtrack propels her latest wildlife epic
  Hope and Prey. 9 is a Secret ponders mystical visitations from crows and
  ravens after Renwick changes her name. The found footage gem, Britton,
  S. Dakota is constructed solely of haunting portraits of children filmed
  standing in the street of a desolate town in depression era America.
  Also screening: two Vietnam era artifacts—Travis Wilkerson's harrowing
  and hopeless National Archive, v. 1 and Bill Daniel's Selective Service
  System Story, which revisits a filmmaker who shot himself in the foot on
  film to make a statement against the Vietnam War and to get out of the
  draft. The evening commences with Wilkerson's Superior Elegy, a portrait
  of a 25 hour-long improvisational concert held in Duluth, Minnesota in
  honor of a murdered friend. Despite being scheduled for the weekend
  following September 11, 2001, the event's organizers chose to perform as
  planned. In so doing, the event acquired an unintended poignancy. The
  resulting film reads almost like a prayer: quiet, formal, and full of
  inexplicable power.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival
9:00 p.m., 750 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON M5S 2J2

  A host of landscapes leads us on an unparalleled journey, from imagined
  realms of plenitude to the beauty and magic glimpsed in the everyday.
  Chris Curreri's enchanting Circa 1960 achieves profound results with
  minimal means. The image is of the blank side of a photograph pricked
  with pinholes that follow the contours of the unseen image on the back.
  Gradual changes in lighting, recalling the techniques of
  nineteenth-century dioramas, gently but dramatically shift our
  perceptions of this imagined place, which hovers somewhere between the
  second and third dimensions. In The Zone of Total Eclipse, Mika Taanila
  has re-edited scientific film footage made of a solar eclipse in Finland
  in 1945. From this he produced two separate reels – one positive (The
  Sun), the other negative (The Moon) – that are superimposed on one
  another in projection, creating a kind of "additive eclipse." A richly
  rewarding visual experience and an homage to the pioneers of scientific
  filmmaking, The Zone of Total Eclipse evokes any number of metaphoric
  interpretations. It is awesome in the true sense of the word. One of the
  great cinematographers of the city, Jim Jennings returns to Wavelengths
  with Silk Ties, a kinetic, chiaroscuro study of partial views –
  buildings, people and objects half-glimpsed in mirrors, and from behind
  cars and trucks. The film returns repeatedly to images of the sky seen
  between looming buildings, suggesting that the clutter and density of
  urban life generates an urge towards another kind of space. Olivo
  Barbieri, two of whose visually confounding site specific films we
  presented last year, has embarked on a new series entitled Seascapes.
  Seascape #1 Night, China Shenzhen 05 is comprised of high-definition
  nighttime video images of a very busy oceanfront beach in Shenzhen, the
  high waves and circulating crowds of swimmers echoed in the rhythmic
  shifts of speed used in editing. The Toronto International Film Festival
  presents Wavelengths. For ticket information please call (416)968-FILM
  or go to All Wavelengths screenings will be held
  at the Al Green Theatre.


Berkeley, California: Pacific Film Archive
7:30PM, 2nd Ave and 2nd Street

  Abraham Ravett's recent film, LUNCH WITH FELA (2005), 59 min. color &
  B/W. sound, will be screened along with THE MARCH(1999), 25 min. sound,
  16mm, at Pacific Film Archives. For more details, please see:

San Francisco: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
8:30 pm, El Rio 3158 Mission Street at Precita

  Founded in 1996, MadCat is the longest running women's film festival in
  San Francisco and the only avant-garde women's film festival in the US.
  MadCat celebrates a milestone 10th birthday this September 12-27 in SF,
  Berkeley and Oakland. With over 85 films screening, from 17 countries
  MadCat presents a unique and expansive look at women's filmmaking
  internationally. See avant-garde and documentary films and videos, live
  music, viewmaster presentations, 3D films and more. MadCat 10 kicks off
  with THE DWELLERS — An ode to dwellers everywhere, whether in the city,
  the country or the dry plains of the desert. Documentary and surreal
  images explore home and how we place ourselves in this world. Greta
  Snider premieres new Viewmasters from her 3D documentary series. Also
  screening works by Maryam Kashani, Kerry Laitala, Angela Reginato,
  Chelsea Walton. With live music by Paper Boats and Silian Rail.


New York, New York: Package Deals
7:30pm, The Tank, 279 Church Street btwn Franklin + White

  Package Deals.03: Daydream Nation // 9.13.06 The Tank, 279 Church Street
  btwn Franklin + White, 7:30pm, $7 Advance tickets can be purchased
  through SmartTix ( New Swedish video lands at The Tank
  ( in Tribeca on Wednesday, September 13th at 7:30pm.
  "PD03: Daydream Nation," a curated lineup of animated shorts, music
  videos, and artist films rarely seen outside of their native Nordic
  kingdom, showcases work from some of the best and most creative Swedish
  imaginations around. A far cry from the beloved Saturday cartoons of
  mornings past, Daydream Nation's roster of animated video offers a
  vision of Sweden all grown-up, bringing unorthodox and often unsettling
  imagery to life. Taboo intimacies, couples on the brink, lonely mopers,
  and more than a few decapitation and dismemberment scenes find
  themselves juxtaposed against the nicer things in life: colorful
  origami, toy cars, dancing ladies with parasols, horses, and pretty
  blonde party girls. So is Sweden, then, a nation of dreamers? Well, this
  program, featuring vibrant work from the cosmopolitan streets of
  Stockholm, the up-and-coming communities of arty Göteborg, the maritime
  landscape of southernmost Malmö, and various expatriate outposts,
  suggests so. Daydream Nation's diverse program includes art world
  favorites Nathalie Djurberg and Cecilia Lundqvist, whose works are more
  commonly found in galleries and museums, as well as films by well-known
  music video directors and filmmakers, such as Andreas Korsár and Jonas
  Odell (whose award-winning ode to the pleasures and pitfalls of losing
  one's virginity, "Never Like the First Time," took home a Golden Bear at
  this year's Berlinale). Likewise, Sweden's world-class contemporary
  music scene is ably represented, running the gamut from the macabre
  electronica of The Knife to the saccharine pop of The Concretes, the
  Envelopes, and El Perro Del Mar. "Kullaberg," Jacob Stålhammar's
  pastoral performance piece featuring Sweden's favorite Burt
  Bacharach/Stephin Merritt mashup, Jens Lekman, provides
  installation-like viewing as the evening's pre-program offering. A
  one-night cultural smorgasbord, "Daydream Nation" will feature an
  after-party immediately follows the screening. Complimentary cocktails
  will be served courtesy of Svedka Vodka, and decks are to be manned by
  DJ Anja Degerholm from Malmö. Artist magazines by the Loyal and Hockey
  Rawk collectives will also be available. "Daydream Nation" showcases
  artist films by Cecilia Lundqvist, Jonas Odell, Jens Lekman and Jacob
  Stålhammar, Nathalie Djurberg, Henrik Åkerberg, Johannes Nyholm, Peter
  Larsson, and Björn Renner. Music videos by The Knife, The Concretes, El
  Perro del Mar, Envelopes, The Radio Dept, Jose Gonzalez, Erik de Vahl,
  and Peter, Bjorn, and John. Package Deals is a multidisciplinary music
  and film screening series bringing the best in film, art and music from
  selected cities and places around the world to New York City. Following
  a program's premiere, it then evolves into a Touring Package, which
  travels to diverse sites in the months to come. "Daydream Nation" will
  begin touring in early 2007. Package Deals is curated by Kelly Shindler
  and Deirdre Corley. For more information, please visit or email (address suppressed)

Providence, RI: Magic Lantern
9:30pm, Cable Car Cinema, 204 S Main St.

  Summer is gone and the trees shall be emptying their branches soon
  enough, but before you start growing your beard long(er) and digging
  a(nother) root cellar in anticipation of Cold Days To Come, pause and
  take a look around you. Do you feel that electric charge in the air? Is
  your arm hair standing on end? That's the spark of Danger, my friend,
  and it takes but a tiny falling leaf (on fire) to Set Things Ablaze.
  We'd say "Take Warning," but we at Magic Lantern reckon it's better to
  throw you directly to the wolves. We're sure you'll come out unscathed,
  and when you emerge from this 8-part celluloid-gauntlet of cut-out eyes,
  cut-off tongues, industrial safety films, the threat of Communism,
  horses on fire, skyscraper tilt-walkers, a pinhole apocalypse, and
  people not having sex, you'll never have a thing to worry about again.
  And if you don't make it? Well, I'm afraid that the same statement
  applies. Featuring: I Know What I'm Doing and Other Shop Myths by the
  University of Illinois at Chicago (5:00, 16mm, 1970), Paranoia Trillogy
  Part One: The Chemical Bath by Xander Marro (6:00, 16mm, 2001), Dream of
  the Wild Horses by Denys Colomb de Daunant (9:00, 16mm, 1960), NOEMA by
  Scott Stark (11:00, 16mm, 1998), Spills and Chills by the Vitaphone
  Corporation (10:00, 16mm, 1949), Seventy-Nine Spring Times of Ho Chi
  Minh by Santiago Alvarez (25:00, 16mm on video, 1969), T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G
  by Paul Sharits (12:00, 16mm, 1968), Last Days by Ben Russell (5:00,
  16mm, 2004) TRT 83:00 $5

San Francisco: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
8:30 pm movies. 6:30 pm Free BBQ, El Rio 3158 Mission Street at Precita

  Local Ladies: A MadCat Retrospective A selection of some of the best
  16mm film from the past TEN years of MadCat. Experimental and
  documentary works by: Donna Carter, Anna Geyer, Samara Halperin, Greta
  Snider, Chelsea Walton, Chris Willging, and others. Also see Transfixed
  by Kerry Laitala and premiering Jeanne Liotta's lush Kodachrome film


Brooklyn, New York: Monkey Town
6-10 PM, Monkey Town, 58 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg

  PIGS is a 4-channel video projection. The viewer will have a chance to
  become intimate with the trials and tribulations, joys and terrors, that
  constitute a pig's life. Much of the camera work is at a close range, so
  one gets to sense the almost palpable presence of those wonderful,
  magical animals. At the same time the pig farm can be conceived of as a
  stand-in for our own human society. In this case, the farm is Bob Combs'
  RC Farm, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pigs on the farm are treated
  humanely. They are provided with ample space, good facilities, and
  leftover food from the buffets and casinos. Under those conditions pigs
  can truly revel in their nature. Exquisite vegetarian food will be

Chicago, Illinois: Conversations at the Edge
6:00 pm, 164 N. State Street

  Ben Russell in person! Senses co-mingle, past becomes present, and
  geography is turned upside down in filmmaker and SAIC alum Ben Russell's
  short films and videos. Shot throughout South and North America, these
  works play on the history and fantasies of the New World, mixing
  photography, ethnography, psychedelia, and ceremony to chart a
  kino-atlas of the west's collective unconscious. DAUMË (2000, 7 min.),
  THE TAWNY (2003, 11 min.), the quarry (2002, 4 min.), MICHOACAN: LA
  MUERTA (w/Sabine Gruffat, 2006, 8 min.), BLACK AND WHITE TRYPPS NUMBER
  ONE (2005, 7 min.), TERRA INCOGNITA (2002, 10 min.), MICHOACAN: EL
  TRAIDOR (w/Sabine Gruffat, 2006, 8 min.), BLACK AND WHITE TRYPPS NUMBER
  TWO (2006, 9 min.), and THE RED AND BLUE GODS (2005, 8 min.). (2000-06,
  Chile/Mexico/USA, various formats, ca. 75 min.)

New York, New York: 6th St. and Ave. B Garden
8:30 pm, corner of 6th St. and ave B - East Village

  GARDEN OF LIGHT Film Series: Sane/Insane - Who Decides? You? - YVONNE
  RAINER'S "Journeys From Berlin, 1971" weaves narratives relating to the
  Baader-Mainhof gang's capture and possible brainwashing to commit
  suicide, Russian anarchism in the 19th C., and modern psychotherapy,
  investigating the use of institutionalized psychology as a tool of
  social control. Excerpts from Barbet Schroeder's "The Charles Bukowski
  Tapes" also included. Mature Audience. Thursday, September 14th, 8:30pm
  - FREE.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Public Pictures
TBA, Toronto International Film Festival

  REMEMBERING ARTHUR World Premiere The life and work of multi-award
  winning and Oscar® nominated Canadian filmmaker Arthur Lipsett is
  remembered in this intimate documentary. Martin Lavut, a close friend of
  the innovative and legendary Montreal-born artist, explores Lipsett's
  creative genius and influence on the world of filmmaking before his
  tragic suicide in 1986. REMEMBERING ARTHUR will be preceded by Lipsett's
  bold and brilliant first film VERY NICE, VERY NICE (1961), a wry and
  cynical commentary on modern life told in a rapid-fire montage style.
  Producer: Dennis Mohr, Director: Martin Lavut


Estes Park, Colorado: SDI Entertainment
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM, 130 Moraine Ave

  Celebrating our inaugural year, the 2006 Estes Park Film Festival will
  showcase 9 feature-length films and 26 short films from across the
  country. The festival will take place at the Historic Park Theatre in
  beautiful Estes Park, Colorado from September 15th - 17th, 2006 with an
  awards ceremony on the final night. In addition to the films, the Estes
  Park Film Festival will also serve as a fundraising event to help
  renovate and restore the Historic Park Theatre to its original cinematic
  elegance. Advance Tickets and Festival Passes are available to purchase
  on the festival web site:

Kansas City, Missouri: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
7:00 p.m., 4525 Oak Street

  Future Past. Photographs, films, videos and DVDs all contribute to the
  spatialized dimensions of an ever-expanding present. Many of the people,
  places and events that we see in these images no longer exist, yet they
  potentially endure into the future as traces within image dataspace and
  as mute artifacts of an incomplete historical context. The artists in
  Future Past explore archaeological aspects of these subjects and
  experiences and create varieties of non-linear works where different
  phases or conditions of time become material, and future, present and
  past co-exist along with sound and image in layered simultaneous
  dimensions. Bill Morrison's films present a unique material index of
  cinematic time through his interactions with self-generating, eruptive
  presences of the deteriorating emulsions of film footage that he has
  collected from various archives. Films whose future was almost past are
  now taking on another life in Morrison's new works. Anri Sala examines
  the construction sites and time sinks of socio-political utopias and
  dystopias in relation to everyday life. These are places that the
  imagined future's aura still enfolds even when their vectors into the
  present have apparently been interrupted or not understood. William
  Kentridge traces the temporal simultaneity of subjective reality where
  memory and possibility are encompassed by the hazardous conditions of a
  dynamic and multi-layered present existence. Tacita Dean investigates
  the future's ruins as alien presences masked as part of the present. She
  searches for and discovers sites of utopian projection at the outer
  limits of culture, habitation and survival. Michael Snow's spatialized
  oscillations within the periodicity of cinema compress and superimpose a
  dynamic image of the present. Snow's recent works, such as *Corpus
  Callosum, make humorous and ironic incursions into the architecture of
  dialectical form within the continuum of the layered dimensions of many
  of his previous works. –Patrick Clancy. Light Is Calling, Bill Morrison
  (USA), 2004, 8 min., 35mm film shown on DVD. Music by Michael Gordon.
  Who By Water, Bill Morrison (USA), 2006, 17 min., 35mm film shown on
  DVD. Music by Michael Gordon. The Highwater Trilogy, Bill Morrison
  (USA), 2006, 31 min., 35mm film shown on DVD. Music by David Lang and
  Michael Gordon. Libretto by Deborah Artman Before I Enter How To Pray
  What We Build. Gotham, Bill Morrison (USA), 2004, 26 min., 35mm film
  shown on DVD. Music by Michael Gordon.

New York, New York: Penetration Films & Television
9 PM, Pioneer Theatre, Ave A between 3rd & 4th St.

  The Adventures of Electra Elf : Vile Buddies starring Saint Rev Jen,
  Brenda Bergman, Alison Gordy, Faceboy, Joseph Mauricio, Angry Bob.
  Episode 14 in the groundbreaking tv series written & directed by Nick
  Zedd, Vile Buddies stars Alison Gordy (Sopranos; singer for Johnny
  Thunders) as Tantalus, masked queen of fetish wear who wreaks havoc
  flying on a giant bat as an agent for a terrorist organization using
  weather as a weapon. When Fluffer (Rev Jen Jr.) crashlands in Gramercy
  Park, getting arrested for trespassing, Electra Elf (Rev Jen) must raise
  her bail by competing in a wrestling tournament against Tantalus and
  guest star Brenda Bergman! A collossal mismatch? Action, adventure and
  scathing satire with guest appearance by Angry Bob as Biff Hitler! Also
  screening: LORD OF THE COCK RINGS by Nick Zedd AVE. X by Joe Gallant.
  Porn feature starring Nick Zedd

San Francisco, California: MadCat Women's International Film Festival
7:30 pm, Artists' Television Access 992 Valencia Street @ 21st Street

  These unique documentaries depict women with entirely different
  approaches to gaining independence. Water and Atefeh by Nahid Rezaei —
  In a water-deprived Iranian village, Atefeh stands alone defending her
  fields from Mother Nature's arid whims. Unafraid of hard work and tough
  negotiations, Atefeh stands her ground, a lone woman, to save her
  livelihood. The Angelmakers by Astrid Bussink — several women in a small
  town in Hungary change their fate and that of the town through a series
  of irreversible acts of desperation.


Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Filmmakers
8:00 pm, Chicago Filmmakers (5243 N. Clark St.)

  With a Live Performance by Roommate of Songs from the Original Film!
  Filmmaker (and Roommate Member) Kent Lambert in Person! Inspired by a
  film artist's recent discovery that his 16mm collection contained
  multiple copies of Marlo Thomas' celebrated 1974 television film Free To
  Be...You and Me (which featured Alan Alda, Carol Channing, Michael
  Jackson, Mel Brooks, Harry Belafonte, and others), Brooklyn-based
  Ocularis devised a scheme to put his reels to good use. More than twenty
  film and video artists were invited to rework, restage, respond to,
  satirize, criticize, or in their own way create short works inspired by
  the original's all-too-memorable segments, including "It's All Right to
  Cry," "William Wants a Doll," "Ladies First," and "Parents Are People."
  Recognized as an important cultural document of the shift in values our
  country experienced during the 1970s, Free To Be...You and Me
  (originally a book and concept album) stirred conversation among people
  of all ages on hitherto unspoken issues like divorce, media awareness,
  and, maybe most cohesively, the identity politics of gender and race.
  The results of the invitational address these and other concerns in
  fascinating, entertaining, and unexpected ways. Filmmakers include Peggy
  Ahwesh, Lynne Sachs, Michael Gitlin and Jacqueline Goss, Ximena Cuevas,
  Kent Lambert, Bradley Eros, Darrin Martin, Laura Parnes, Jason Cortlund
  and Julia Halperin, Seth Kirby, Spencer Parsons, Jennifer Matotek,
  Mighty Robot, Stephanie Gray and Kelly Spivey, Nao Bustamante, Ben
  Coonley, Big Noise Films, Joshua Thorson, Tyler Coburn, and Ray Sweeten.

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia

  OCD's newest DVD release, Anxious Animation, features six contemporary
  media artists who take us into surreal worlds of delirium and paranoia,
  and tonight we'll be showing the films in their original 16mm format. In
  Altair and Pony Glass, the reigning prince of cut-and-paste, Lewis
  Klahr, nourishes intensely private visions on the compost heap of
  collective unconscious through old magazines, comic books, and cocktail
  iconography. Complex, poetic, and pervaded by themes of loss, Janie
  Geiser simultaneously creates and deconstructs fantasies through
  doll-like figurines, cut-outs, and found objects in her cryptic
  narratives Immer Zu and Lost Motion. In the Bats and Moschops, Jim
  Trainor's handmade animations explore the inner lives of animals that
  appear strangely self-aware even as they instinctually copulate, feed,
  fight, kill and die. The Bay Area collective of Rodney Ascher, Syd
  Garon, and Eric Henry (in person) conjure diabolical visions with
  digital savvy in Wheels of Torment, Somebody Goofed, and Sneak Attack,
  accompanied by the manic music of Buckethead and DJ Q-Bert.

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