GIRL GANGS! movies Sept. 13 Wednesday

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 09:13:48 PDT

Hey y'all, I'm curating this awesome night of rare and gorgeous GIRL
GANG movies, please come!
It's the Opening Night of my monthly Indie Queer Movie Salon -- "Pink
Eye" -- at Atlanta's cutting edge Eyedrum Gallery.
- Kiki Carr

Here's the details:

"Girl Gangs!" at PinkEye indie queer movie salon. An evening of
movies about tough girls,
plus burlesque by Good 'N Plenty, DJ Hawg-Tied, food by Ria's
Bluebird and beer and wine.

What: PinkEye new indie queer movie salon
When: Wednesday Sept. 13th, 7:30pm-11:30pm (Debut Night)
Where: Eyedrum Gallery, 290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr S, near Memorial
& Hill St.
Cost: $6 (sliding scale $3-8, no one turned away)
More Info:
or join the MySpace group at
Email: email suppressed

Pink Eye promises to be a true art salon environment, with a full
evening of entertainment from
7:30-11:30pm, including DJ Hawg-Tied, burlesque, delicious food
sponsored by Ria's Bluebird, beer and wine, and of course
scintillating conversation.

"Girl Gangs!" is the first in the monthly series, scheduled to screen
Wednesday September 13th at Eyedrum Gallery in Grant Park. This month
features movies about tough girl gangs: 'YoYo Gang' by G.B. Jones
(Toronto), 'Gang Girls 2000' by Katrina del Mar (NYC), and
'SuperStarlet A.D.' by John Michael McCarthy (Memphis).

'YoYo Gang' (1992, 29 min.) is a half hour Super 8 tale of young punk
fags and dykes taking to the streets. When the Skateboard bitches
kidnap one of the YoYo Gang, the girl gangs riot, while their fag
roommates get it on. Filmmaker G.B. Jones (J.D.'s zine, Fifth Column
punk band) is credited as a pioneer of queercore, along with fellow
Torontans filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, Donna Dresch (Team Dresch) and
Leslie Mah (Tribe 8), who all appear in YoYo Gang.

(See an unofficial preview of 'YoYo Gang' at )

Katrina del Mar's gritty 'Gang Girls 2000' (1999, 25 min.) is
gorgeously filmed, and has a rockin' soundtrack. As it should,
considering that it stars a stable of New York punk celebs like
Runaways cofounder Kari Krome, performance artist Kembra Pfahler (The
Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), Squid from all girl punk band the
Lunachiks, Viva Knievel, and others. Four girl gangs rumble, or are
they making out? It's not clear who ends up on top at the end the
knife-weilding Sluts or the adorable bike-riding Glitter Girls.
B-movie bible Film Threat gives 'Gang Girls 2000' 4-and-a-half stars!

'Superstarlet A.D.' (2000, 70 min.) by Memphis sleaze-cinema director
John Michael McCarthy is a gorgeous romp through post-apocalyptic
burlesqsploitation. Pouting starlet Gina Velour roams the wastelands
of Femphis, braving Neanderthals and vicious all-female beauty cults
descended from burlesque stars. Only sturdy 1950s lingerie has
survived the apocalypse, so that's all the gang girls wear as they
search for dwindling supplies of lipstick and ammunition, and rare
burlesque film reels of their mothers.

Time permitting, the encore may include Katrina del Mar's 2005 short
'Surf Gang', or G.B. Jones' 'The Troublemakers'. Upcoming programs
include "XX Boys" Oct 4th, "Tricks & Treats" Nov. 1st,
"Fagsploitation" Dec. 6th, and a "Dirty South" program of local queer
indie erotica in January.

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