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Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 08:53:04 PDT


Jonathan Schwartz is a Boston filmmaker whose sound work is pretty
amazing and covers a lot of ground on a few different fronts. He did
the ambient collage/barrage audio design for Mark LaPore's Kolkata, and
the sound (and image) work in Jonathan's own 16mm films is equally
dynamic. "Den of Tigers" is an experimental documentary that he made
while working with Mark in West Bengal, and it follows a similar
strategy of ambient layering that actively engages in an interrogation
of image and sound relations. He's also made/is working on a number of
collage films, some of which employ entirely mouth-made sounds,
recontextualized sound effects ("Post-Hibernation News"), recordings of
fireworks ("For Them Ending"), Mexican pop songs ("Sunbeam Hunter"),
etc. As if this weren't enough, he's in the process of making a
"concept album" of 11 "songs" (films) that will be 33.3 minutes long
(an RPM that was created for cinema...). I'm pretty sure all his films
are on DVD, and I'll send you his contact info off-list.

-Ben Russell

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> Frameworkers, I'm looking for innovative uses of sound in films -- =
> experimental or mainstream narrative, but they must be on DVD. By =
> "sound" I mean primarily non-musical ambient/diegetic or extradiegetic
> =
> collage, etc. It can include speech. I have already thought of Godard =
> and early Viola.
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