abjectleader in sanfrancisco (needs some help)

From: joel stern (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2006 - 07:55:12 PDT

hi frameworkers,,,

abjectleader is an expanded cinema project by sally golding (16mm films) and joel stern (sound). we are from brisbane australia where we regularly perform live, organise screenings, events and festivals (as otherfilm with our colleague danni zuvela), and generally live, work and teach our time away obsessed with experimental film, music and art. i guess this sounds familiar to many frameworkers.

between september 12th and october 2nd, sally and i will be in san francisco visiting the city for the first time...the madcat women's international film festival have kindly invited us to perform on their closing night at 'el rio' on september 27th. its a big thrill for us to be invited to perform in a city with such a rich and unique cultural history..

now, madcat have very kindly organised accomodation for us from the 24th onwards but between the 12th and 24th of september, sally and i are looking for somewhere in sf to stay. so this is a call to any frameworkers out there who might like to host two australian experimental film fanatics for any period during that time. in return we can share our films, our music, our good company and our cooking. sally and i have hosted hundreds of touring artists in our house over the years and we have always enjoyed this, so it would be a shame for us to be cooped up in a hotel somewhere. we are also a little tight for funds as the USA is quite a lot more expensive when you are spending australian $$$. (altho by all means feel free to thro recomendations for affordable and interesting hostels our way).

apart from this call for assistance, sally and i are looking fwd to meeting filmmakers and artists who might be interested in having their work shown in australia at our festival or in other programs. have a look at otherfilm.org for details on these programs..

sally is also interested in creating a print from her original reversal master reel while we are in town. this is a ludicrously expensive thing to do in australia..
if anyone has any tips for good labs in sf, do tell...?
to all others, please feel free to contact us and say hello....

the best email to contact us is email suppressed
(the one being sent from is used mostly for mailing lists)

well, hope to see some of you soon,

artist site - www.abjectleader.org
film - www.otherfilm.org
sound - www.naturestrip.com
blog - www.halftheory.com

joel stern, po box 5392, west end, qld, australia 4101

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