IRA COHEN & SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN / live / Brussels / Sept 24

From: Xavier Garcia Bardon (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2006 - 08:12:20 PDT

September 24, 2006 / 20:30
Palais des Beaux-Arts / Centre for Fine Arts

The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda / live

Poet, photographer, and traveller, IRA COHEN (New York, 1935) was part
of the mythical counterculture generation. Besides photo portraits,
poems, and a "Hashish Cookbook", he gave us "The Invasion of
Thunderbolt Pagoda" (1968), one of the Underground's best-kept
secrets. This psychedelic ballet, with its fantasy creatures in
smoke-filled sets, caught the essence of a hallucinatory time; it has
recently been released on DVD with a new soundtrack by SUNBURNED HAND
OF THE MAN (USA), leading lights in the psychedelic / avant rock
movement labelled as "New Weird America" by The Wire magazine. The
band is known for its legendary, primitive concerts and its impressive

This evening orchestrated by Ira Cohen will feature Sunburned Hand of
the Man performing a live score to "The Invasion of Thunderbolt
Pagoda" (European premiere of the restored version), a screening of
"Brain Damage" (a new film created from outtakes for the DVD, European
premiere) and a reading by Ira Cohen.

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Palais des Beaux-Arts / Centre for Fine Arts
Rue Ravenstein 23
1000 Bruxelles
+ 32 (0)2 507 82 00

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