Re: Heaven and Earth Magic

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 04:51:56 PDT

Blu-Ray players are slated for release September 19th in Europe.
10,000 players have already been sold in the US.
We have a dozen hi-def masters so far, but it
costs 2-1/2 times more to produce a Blu-Ray disc
than to produce a DVD, and DVDs cost 2-1/2 times
than cassettes to produce.
And since we are only selling cassettes, we don't
have quite enough money to produce our first
Blu-Ray! Hopefully before the end of the year we
can bring out one or two.

>"As soon
>as we can feasibly produce and distribute Blu-Ray
>discs we will start converting our complete VHS
>line to disc."
>any timeframe for this?
>Björn Lundgren

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