Re: Anthology Film Archives and Newfilmmakers Series and Withoutabox

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 09:15:31 PDT

> i don't get it how is adam swinging you?
> is it that u don't feel/think it is ok for festivals
> as well as series
> to charge a submission fee?
> that it is double speak to not hold festivals to the
> same standard?

Well not just Adam but also the other fellow who was
suggesting we should all be grateful that we can pay
someone for the suffering of having to look at our
work and other things too. Just a few things that have
been said have been making me consider my viewpoint on
it all.

I'm starting to think that maybe I SHOULD be
idealogically opposed to entry fees. I've never really
had to think about it because entry fees don't exist
in my universe because I can't afford them and each
festival with an entry fee is I guess one less I have
to send to as well so it saves me on postage as well
as all the hastle of having to send anything to that
festival. In fact from that point of view entry fees
are kind of handy because it makes it all a bit easier
to cope with. You just send to all the nice festivals
that don't have any.

But maybe entry fees for festivals are just wrong, as
an idea. It seems bad to charge the filmmakers. Then
again if the filmakers have loads of money and can
afford to pay entry fees then maybe it is a good means
of supporting the festivals. OTOH maybe it is not fair
on the public if they end up going to a festival in
good faith that ends up just being full of wealthy
filmmakers doing their thing, or maybe that's okay
because the people don't have to go to those festivals
if they don't want to, but then they may not know
anything else or judge things on that festival.

I've no idea right now, I have lots of these thoughts
and more. I guess I'm just being swung in the
direction of being opposed to fees for filmmakers of
any kind whatever the event is. However I should
probably be worrying more about how I'm actually going
to finish some work for a change.

Very big aside -- [I just had a hard disk failure
recently (on the computer in my studio) and while I
didn't lose any of the songs, I lost samples that were
key to finishing the album the way I intended. I may
find another way of finishing it but right now I have
yet another unfinished album. (I already have about 4)
This is the way a lot of things are right now.]

Withoutabox is just wrong tho. It's obviously wrong.
It always was and I'm sure always will be. It has a
really bad smell around the whole thing. It's like
this squat I was at the other weekend and someone was
looking to see if they could find a sandwich in this
bin bag that had been dumpstered the previous night
and I tried to warn them not to go in there and that
even if they found anything they wouldn't want to eat
it and that anything good was already in the fridge
(although in my opinion the stuff in the fridge was
mostly bad too), but I didn't blurt it all out fast
enough, or maybe, well you know, often people don't
listen to silly Freya what does she know? and they got
a whiff of the smell. The awful, awful horrible stink.
I felt bad for them as I could tell they felt really
sick, (someone in the squat had misgidedly suggested I
look for goodies in there earlier so I knew how it
felt). It is a very bad smell indeed, however it might
be useful for dieting.

Withoutabox is like the smell of bad rotten
dumpstered, decomposing, deli sandwiches.

Just my personal opinion of course. ;)



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