Re: Withouabox

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 15:58:41 PDT

> As for a common submisison form, I think that's what
> WAB is trying to
> do. But for experimental venues, I don't see it

Well yes that's a part of it, except it is controlled
centralised and comes with rules.

I think another part of it is online billing and
payment for fees etc.

> working well. There
> are so many format oddities, it would be hard to
> work out.
> Some places care about more info than others. I
> didn't care about
> production format, but now I do, and I want to be
> able to search
> titles that are at least shot on film, even if they
> are not exhibited
> on film, etc.

I would have thought that formats would be a fairly
basic question for most festivals. I've not come
across a submission form that didn't ask this.

Also as I say if there are additional weird questions
specific to the festival, they could be included on a
seperate sheet, it would still mean less paperwork for
the filmmaker.

It could be an option like withoutabox, whether you
accept ssf's or not, or you could accept ssf's as the
usual submission form for the festival. It would be up
to festivals.

I think it could be done. Maybe not THAT difficult
either, it just depends on whether people are
interested in it or not.



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