Re: Heaven and Earth Magic

From: Michael Kemp (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 16:08:51 PDT

there is archive Frameworks stuff about this (those who know will doubtlesssly bring to light/confirm/deny) - but I do recall someone, onlist, saying that, circa 1964, Smith sent some would-be-soundtracker down to Tower Records (or whatever it was then) to pick up a copy of the then-contemporary "With The Beatles" to accompany those images...

Which makes me wonder, if there were a DVD release of "Heaven & Earth", or a contemporary touring print, what would be chosen? I seem to recall whispers of versions w/Coltrane and the like, what would be the perfect soundtrack for these fragments, these finished films?

ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

Hu Stone <email suppressed> wrote: Hi
Can anyone shed some light on the soundtrack of Harry
Smith's "Heaven and Earth Magic". I've noticed the
prints out there (maybe the video from Mystic Fire
too) have a soundtrack and I'm pretty damn sure its
not the beatles or butthole surfers... Did Smith
create it himself? It's been years since I've
seen/heard it - thankyou in advance. Hu

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