Re: rooftop at navy yard sat 26th - nyc

From: Adam Trowbridge (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 10:14:32 PDT


I know I said I was done, but this is too much to resist.

For this specific show, the fees were (listed on WAB):

New York Non-Fiction

Earlybird Deadline
Standard Fee $8
Regular Deadline
Standard Fee $10
Standard Fee $12
WAB Extended Deadline
Standard Fee $15

Tickets for the event seem to be free. That's not the case for other
events they charge for:

For the summer series submission fees were the same.

The deadlines for submissions for Summer Series 2006 have passed. (KEEP
READING to find out what happens with post-deadline submissions)

Thank you for your patience. We have received more than 2,000 films this
year and we are still evaluating the submissions and making our final

2000 * $8 (min) = $16,000, minimum, probably closer to if not over $20,000
unless there was some way many of those 2000 skirted the fee.

A general question:

Is a series more like a festival and that makes fees okay? It's called in
various places a festival and screenings but something that runs from June
through September is more like a set of regular screenings than a
festival, no?

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