Karel Doing in person Sat / NYC Films MON -FREE-

From: Stephen Kent Jusick (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 08:37:45 PDT

Hi Everyone....

I have 2 free-ish film shows coming up, and I'd
really like people to turn out for them!
First, on SAT Aug 26 at 8 PM KAREL DOING is in NY
from ROTTERDAM, to do a FREE show
of his work. Karel hasn't been in NY for 10 years
so this is a rare opportunity to see his
work and talk to him. Please support an artist visiting from afar!
(Full descriptions of his work are below!)

Then, on MONDAY AUG 28 at 7:30 PM
I have curated a show of films about NYC at Collective: Unconscious.
This series, The Collective for Loving Cinema,
has been struggling to find an audience.
I stepped in to do this show at the last minute
when someone cancelled, so please come try to
support this too. If you can't pay, we can waive
the admission fee. And we're offering free food
and drinks too, so please, give Collective:
Unconscious & Le Petit Versailles a try this Sat
and Mon.


SAT Aug 26 2006 8 PM
Le Petit Versailles Garden
346 E. Houston St.
F / V trains to Second Ave. Walk east on Houston St. or
J / M trains to Delancey. Walk northeast to Houston St.
Rain or Shine. FREE or voluntary donation.


Karel Doing makes film poems in various forms;
personal documentaries, visual music, fairy tales
and expanded cinema projects. Many of his films
are shot on Super8, with small budgets and
dedicated friends in crew and cast. His most
remarkable screenings were in Guggenheim Bilbao,
Mc Murdo Station Antarktika and Hotel Indonesia
Jakarta. This time he presents a short film
programme mixed with musical intermezzos.

1994, 16mm, B&W, 4 min.
A girl dancing, repeating movements. Two layers
of film superimposed and shifting in a complex
rhythm, accompanied by an African drum.
The making of MENI consisted of an obsessive
unraveling of a series of dance movements. The
movements were cut into very short fragments (0,5
to 1,5 seconds). These fragments are edited into
repeating patterns. Through exchanging fragments
and double exposure the film becomes an
intriguing and complex rhythm.

Energy Energy
1999, 16mm, B&W, sound, 7 min.
Found-footage film, compiled from industrial,
instructional and promotional films from the
first half of the twentieth century, presenting
progressive thought and technological
development. But did everything really go so well?

1998, 16mm, color, silent, 9 min.
Performances utilizing light, lenses, projections
and bodily interventions were the source for this
film. By means of stop-motion, long shutter
speeds and opticals these performances are
manipulated and intensified; resulting in a
labyrinth of spaces, reassembling levels of
consciousness. The essence of cinema, writing
with light, is represented in a hallucinatory way.

1991, Super8, color, 7 minutes,
In modern warfare mass murder is just another
number in the papers. The count-down for the next
war already started. A film and an installation
made as protest against the first gulf-war.

Betacam 11'30'' b&w 2006
Directed by: The Trottas
Produced by: Karel Doing for Studio n
Two women have a rendez-vous in Rotterdam, the
city they chose for their wedding. Their personal
approach towards the traditional ritual,
undermines the established stereotypes. They
evoke the atmosphere of the twenties, and
simultaneously parody the topics of the hour.
They enchant with their comical and lovely

Rve Rive
2003, 16mm color, 6 min.
Dreamy images, often in slow motion, stirred or
stirring, filmed along the banks of the Seine.
Close-ups of water, blurred outdoor shots,
shadows and silhouettes of people. Doing weaves
an illusion of the city, in a joint project with
Andrea Emonds, whose voice adds lilting sounds.

2005, Betacam, color, 9 minutes
Jinx is a bad spirit or a hopeless situation. In
this short dancefilm the jinx is stronger then
two breathtaking women, dancing their last dance.
A telephone and a car are the only attributes, a
lonely road between sea, sand and wind is the
location. The world seems to be empty, the
landscape is artificial, the elements rage. A
short, rough film in vivid colors.
Jinx is a collaboration of Karel Doing and the
Rotterdam based dance-group Lieber Gorilla.

2005, Mini-DV, b&w, 5 minutes
A dreamy document about finding a fragile
treasure amongst a hasty crowd, the drinking of
water, some wandering between stones, and the
vulnerability of human life.


Jewels and Gems from the Filmmakers Co-op Collection
7:30 PM * Monday August 28, 2006 * $5 (or free)
Collective: Unconscious
279 Church Street (below Canal)

Summer in the City: New York Films
Curated by Stephen Kent Jusick

Paradise Now
Fred Safran, 1968, B&W, 10 min.
A magical trip which considers the possibility of seeing New York City in a
new and different light. You are taken out of the Spirit World and brought
back alive. Come with us on a guided tour through Fun City.

Transformations on a SoHo Street
Bob Parent 1973, B&W, 20 min.
Shakin' it in Soho, before all the shoppers arrived.
An attempt at extending the documentary film away from traditional
institutional mentality and into a candid, intimate experience and
commentary of the event. The film is titled after an improvisational,
environmental dance event conceived and organized by Ruth Heller Coron and
company, that was celebrated on Prince Street, October 1973.

Rudy Burckhardt, 1975 13 min.
Where Charles Simonds is building strange structures of tiny bricks in the
crumbling walls of New York's Lower Eastside, for his 'Little People,' as
the astonished neighborhood kids look on.

Jeff Scher, 1976, 3 min.
A little tribute from the master animator.

Default Averted
Rudy Burckhardt, 1975, B&W, 20 min.
When New York was about to go bankrupt, all construction had stopped, and an
architect tried to become a wrecker. The story of a demolition of a large
factory building on 23rd and 6th, while daily business, grimy or funny,
money or no money, goes on as usual al around. In stark B&W, with music by
Thelonius Monk and Edgar Varese.

Free Popcorn, Food & Drink (i.e. beer, at least!)!!

Collective: Unconscious www.weird.org

$5 admission -- no one turned away
279 Church Street
Subway: N R Q W 6 A C E to Canal Street

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