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Date: Wed Aug 23 2006 - 17:46:30 PDT

Thanks very much for this info Eric. This will be of great use.


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> Hey Adam,
> Amazingly, I found the letter I wrote back in October 1988 to Angela
> Greiner at the Goethe Institute in Chicago, specifying the date of
> our screening and the dates when we'd pick up and return the (16mm)
> print of Triadic Ballet. I also found--
> "Equally lush and saturated is the centerpiece of tonight's show:
> The filmed reconstruction of Oskar Schlemmer's 1922 Triadic
> Ballet. Schlemmer taught performance and painting at the Bauhaus.
> He was also responsible for the distinctive Bauhaus logo, displayed
> several stories high on the Weimar compound... The piece employs
> one female and two male figures dressed in elaborate, geometric
> costumes, appearing in permutations of one, two, or three against
> backgrounds of varying colors. The curious masks and costumes
> were reconstructed in 1985 using modern, lightweight materials,
> and the ballet was performed and edited to a new score by Erich
> Ferstl. (The score used at the ballet's 1922 Stuttgart premier
> was by Paul Hindemith.) A German dance troupe toured the United
> States several years ago and performed Triadic Ballet in the
> dance space at Columbia College. For those of you who missed
> it, we are pleased to be able to screen this documentation of
> Schlemmer's resurrected masterpiece."
> --from the program notes, written by me and John Schofill. The
> show was our Bauhaus Christmas Show (!), an Experimental Film
> Coalition screening at Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, 16
> December 1988.
> The film is 32 minutes, color, sound, 16mm.
> If I were you, I'd contact your local Goethe Institute, and if that
> fails, contact the one in Chicago.
> Cheers, Eric
> P.S. A long time ago, I deposited sets of notes from all the
> Experimental Film Coalition screenings at the Pacific Film Archive
> and at Anthology Film Archives.
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